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Thanks to all who attended Fitzgerald’s 2nd annual Customer Appreciation Day on Friday April 27th! I'd like to receive useful tips, tools and resources via email from Kelley Blue Book and affiliates.
Keven McDonald rebuilt the Kennedy limo also a few years ago and it was used for a Discovery Channel special.
Fitzgerald Salvage & Recycling is making our community a clean and green place to live, work and play. Kevin did go and consult the Hess and Eisenhardt owner after the owner retired to look over his rebuild and to get correct information for his project. It was awesome to see all the shoe donations for the Shoes for Water project as we filled up an entire box truck during the month of April, with many of our donations coming during Customer Appreciation Day. We buy many types of metals including copper, brass, aluminum – if it’s made of metal, we pay cash for it! On November 22, 1963, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, was shot and killed by Lee Harvey Oswald as the president’s motorcade passed the Texas Book Depository building in Dallas, Texas. We are blessed to have so many customers and great friends at Fitzgerald Salvage & Recycling. The Lincoln Continental limousine in which Kennedy was riding, officially known as SS-100-X and now in the collection of The Henry Ford, likely will never come up for sale, but a clone of it and another Kennedy limousine will head to auction in the coming weeks. I knew about this other car in France I only read a few small bits of info on it that it was ordered by the Secret Service as a back up car while SX100 would be out of service and for logistic reasons. I do not know if that was true but I may have a chance to Meet Mr Hill or Mr Landis both retired from the Kennedy Detail agent again and I will ask them.

I imagine the rebuild must have been expensive enough to approach almost the cost of a new limo; the entire interior probably also had to be replaced as well. Originally constructed by Hess and Eisenhardt as a limousine, the midnight blue convertible replicates a number of features that were unique to SS-100-X, including bumper steps and grab handles for the Secret Service security detail, the United States Presidential Seal on both sides of the body and on the floor mats, and the bumper-mounted red flashing lights. And if one of your predecessors died in the thing, would you really want to drive around in it? Those observant of details will also point out that SS-100-X was a 1961 Lincoln fitted with a 1962 front end, while the Lincoln being offered by Bonhams is a 1963. My grandfather, John T Fitzgerald, grew up hanging around there, helping pump gas, and learning how to work on cars.
He started acquiring and collecting cars and using the parts off of them to fix whatever it was he was working on at the time.
He stored the cars on the family farm until they started getting in the way and he knew that he was going to have to find a better place to store them. Then in 1935, when the acre of ground across the intersection from the gas station, the north-west corner, came up for sale he bought it and moved his cars there and started Fitzgerald’s Junkyard. He used the bottom floor as a garage where he worked on cars and the second floor was used as office and storage space.
He continued acquiring and collecting cars, sometimes taking them in exchange for farm animals or in lieu of payment for some type of service. He expanded the business to include selling auto parts and selling the old rusted hulks of cars for scrap metal.Sometime around 1944 he became ill and got progressively worse. By the time the doctors figured out he had a brain tumor, he didn’t have very much time left.

Since none of the children were old enough to take over the business, his wife, Lillie Fitzgerald, gave the job of running the business to one of the employees who had been working there. Also like SS-100-X, SS-297-X remained in presidential service well after the assassination, though it appears SS-297-X was never fitted with armor and bullet-resistant glass as its predecessor was.
Officially retired from the presidential fleet in 1970, it then went to The Henry Ford, where SS-100-X joined it in 1978, but The Henry Ford then sold the limousine in 1985 to the Imperial Palace collection.
After running the business for several years, he, along with his wife Karen, eventually bought it from his mother.The business has since grown to occupy about 40 acres and presently employs about 75 people. This time around, RM’s pre-auction estimate for SS-297-X ranges from $750,000 to $1 million.
The name was recently changed to Fitzgerald Salvage and Recycling to better reflect the broad array of services that we now offer.
We have expanded from just junk cars to where we now buy all types of metal including aluminum cans and electronic scrap. In 2011, a Pontiac ambulance rumored to have carried the body of JFK from Andrews Air Force Base to the Bethesda Naval Hospital sold at auction for $132,000 including fees, despite significant pre-sale evidence that the actual ambulance used had been crushed in 1985.
If you have a business or factory that generates a significant amount of scrap metal or you simply have a single clean up job that involves metal, we may have the solution for you.We can offer 20, 30, or 40 yard containers dropped off at your site for you to fill. And in 2012 a 1964 Cadillac hearse also reported to have carried the president’s remains sold at auction for $176,000 including fees.

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