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N?u la 1 ngu?i khong ranh v? di?n tho?i, n?u may m?n, no d? l?i dung (tru?ng h?p khong d? khoa man hinh b?ng m?t kh?u). Di?n dan WinphoneViet la noi chia s? thong tin c?a c?ng d?ng ngu?i dung thi?t b? Windows va Windows Phone t?i Vi?t Nam. While the Find My Phone services aren't new to Windows Phone 7.5--they were present in the original shipping version of Windows Phone as well--Microsoft has somewhat updated them for the new release and made them more easily available from the also revamped Windows Phone web site. The application downloads and syncs the latest news directly to your device and allows offline reading capabilities, sync options and font size adjustments. Senomix Timesheets - Senomix Timesheets for BlackBerry provides a handheld connection to your office's Senomix Timesheets system. As time tracking information is saved on your BlackBerry, it is automatically transmitted over the internet and stored on your office's server computer without any synchronization cables, e-mail data exchanges or BlackBerry Server hardware required.
Linking you and your staff to your own office server, Senomix Timesheets allows you to enter time both with an automatic stopwatch and in a full weekly timesheet grid, with a full 5,000 characters of descriptive comment text available for each and every timesheet entry you save. Ready to use with QuickBooks, Peachtree and MYOB Accounting, Senomix Timesheets integrates your desktop and BlackBerry computers to provide a simple solution to your office time tracking needs. StopMail Pro - Allows you to disable an email account without having to actually remove the account from the device (Helpful for work accounts). Allows you to schedule a different blocking period for each day of the week, or by groups (weekdays, weekends, or everyday) for each account.
Also stores the last 20 emails deleted for each account, since the last reboot, so they can be restored if needed. Home to Phone - Home to Phone is the fastest and easiest way to share links between your browser and your BlackBerry.

With “Find my Phone” you don't need somebody else to call you anymore in case you lose your phone. Hear Song Snippets if you're not sure if the song you just missed is the one you have wanted to download.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.
Bac b?t thi no cung ch?ng dung cai gi c?a bac dau nen minh nghi la no khong t?n pin nen c? b?t . The New York Times application allows you to enjoy news and information on your BlackBerry, wherever you are. 2 - This application promises to unite BlackBerry, iPhone and Android users in Chit Chat harmony.
Your phone will respond by ringing (even when turned silent), vibrating and flashing, hence you can easily locate it. Or, receive an email with links to buy the song on your PC, so you can always keep your music collection fresh! Rather then listing you all here, we'll have emails sent out to you all on Monday - Tuesday. Specifically designed to utilize the features and navigation of the BlackBerry Curve, Bold, Storm and Tour. Home to Phone also intelligently handles sending phone numbers from your desktop to your phone, making it the quickest way to make calls. You can even locate your phone in silent mode, “Find my Phone” will let it ring, vibrate and flash anyway.

With Nobex, you have access to over 6000 stations in the US, Canada, UK and around the world. Now featuring group chat, message confirmation, and multimedia support for photos, videos, voice notes, contacts, and maps, all in a beautiful new UI. In some cases, Home to Phone will automatically convert your links to mobile versions to make them even faster and easier to load on your device (such as App World and Google search links). Send and receive SMS messages from your phone through the Internet browser of a personal computer. This week we have 10 -one year subscriptions to Nobex Radio Companion up for grabs as well. That's handy if you're near the phone but can't find it: Perhaps you used the Find My Phone map to locate it and now need an audible clue to the exact location. This will erase all of the data on your phone and return it to its factory-fresh, original state.
Doing so can be useful if you can't get the phone back for whatever reason and you don't want your personal information stolen. But it will permanently erase your pictures, videos, apps, music, accounts, documents, and other data, and it removes the phone from Find My Phone.

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