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Wallpapers of Incredible India – As we know the fact that our India is Incredible from history, culture, technology to anything else and we are proud to be an Indian. Finest collection of beautiful wallpapers of Incredible India from Taj Mahal, are available in high resolution. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. This is the National Army Museum's list of the 20 battles it considers the greatest in British history. Blenheim (War of the Spanish Succession) 13 August 1704 Blenheim, Bavaria (in modern-day Germany) Fought between a Grand Alliance and the French-Bavarian Army. Post World War II the Norwegian Army took advantage of the huge piles of German material and supplies, including PzIIIs and StuGIIIs. Back in 1953 the army built a defensive fort at a hill very close to the airport of Bardufoss. At a later stage in the 1960s these guns were rendered obsolete due to their limited range.
The area I searched was inside the Air-Force perimeter at Bardufoss, and Bardufoss was one of the 4 places the army’s light troops were at.
I believe very strongly that these PzIIIs belonged to Pz Abt 211, that came from Finland to our area of Norway in the autumn of 1944. That’s great to know that they are being dug up and saved, it would be a shame to lose them. Armchair General is the INTERACTIVE history magazine where YOU COMMAND and decide the course of action! Every issue brings you articles on military history, analysis of current military and political events, and stories of real heroes among us today. We have several things to be proud from culture,  strongest Indian Army etc.And today I am dedicating this post to our Incredible India and below you can find beautiful picture collection in high resolution. Blenheim has gone down in history as one of the turning points of the War of the Spanish Succession.

The left-over German PzIIIs were refurbished by Norwegian army depots and the majority of them were Ausf N. The purpose was to have close range heavy weapons with the range to cover all entrances to the airfield and the airfield itself in case of enemy forces trying to take over the place. We have interviews with crews of these tanks, and even one man who was part of the team digging them into the ground. Only the last two we uncovered have the chassis-numbers intact, so we have no history at all on the first tank we uncovered. Our authors include leading historians and analysts who lend integrity and credibility to this fresh presentation of historical and contemporary events.
The overwhelming Allied victory ensured the safety of Vienna from the Franco-Bavarian army, thus preventing the collapse of the Grand Alliance. So these PzIIIs were half buried in defensive positions, using wooden covers for the turret as protection for weather only. Another opening was taken into the left rear side of the panzers so the ammo-tunnel could be used to bring ammo to the new guns. Great article, I had heard that they also employed German Panzer 38(t) Hetzers but that’s not really a solid piece to bet on.
PLUS each issue contains unique interactive articles based on actual historical events in which YOU are the commander who must choose the best course of action for victory!
Allied casualties were 4,500 killed and 7,500 wounded, whereas the enemy suffered losses of 38,600 killed, wounded or taken prisoner.
I’ve seen pics of PzIIIs in these units with the 5 cm KWK, and some units had only 1 spare StuG, no spare Panzers. All of the interior parts of the panzers are gone including the engine, transmission and almost everything in the hull. In this process the whole of the PzIIIs were totally buried These tanks were almost forgotten about until a few years ago. A hole was also cut into the bottom for use with a tunnel that would allow ammo to be hoisted straight up into the tank.

The whole fort was disbanded sometime probably in the 1970s or 1980s so therefore it wasn’t a problem getting the permits to release these PzIIIs. GD re-arming with heavier panzers post-Kursk, handing in their PZIIIs to overhaul by factory and upgrade to 7.5 cm infantry-support gun.
Four of these light units were established at different air-bases in Norway, but very soon the Marshall aid plan started to come into effect.
By approximately 1951-52 the army took delivery of M-24 Chaffees, which replaced the German tanks in service.
More interesting to know is what happened to the State of the art Panzer III with 50 mm type 1942 gun! This momentous event has taken on an almost mythical quality in the American consciousness. The violence turned a colonial revolt against British economic policy into a fight for political independence. The Charge of the Light Brigade led by Lord Cardigan against Russian forces during the Battle of Balaclava was the result of a miscommunication which saw the Light Brigade charge, unsupported by infantry, into the mouths of massed Russian cannon. The campaign was considered one of the greatest victories of the Turks and was reflected on as a major failure by the Allies.
The Allies quickly advanced, taking Damascus and Aleppo, before the Turks sued for peace in October 1918. Battle involved skilful series of manoeuvres and use of aeroplanes, artillery, infantry and cavalry.

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