The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

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We are providers for the following vision insurance plans If you do not see your insurance plan below, please contact us, as this list is not all inclusive. Meet the the mini-me dolls: Matching freckles, plaits, even braces - the new chilren's craze is dolls customised to look like their owners but is it charming or a little sinister? There is even a doll with hearing aids, and recently they launched a doll without hair for those children unfortunate enough to have gone through chemotherapy.
Today, the London shop, which is overwhelmingly pink, sells around 50 dolls a week.a€?Our dolls are not for babies a€” they are companions for girls aged somewhere between seven and ten,a€™ Paul explains. Three of Anniea€™s friends already own dolls and are here to visit the storea€™s a€?hair salona€™ a€“ which, one Sunday of every month, styles the dollsa€™ hair and that of their owners. Expensive hobby: With designer outfits ranging from A?35 to an eye-watering A?200, who can possibly afford to indulge their daughters in this narcissistic pastime?
Both are wearing matching pink summer dresses and white sandals.Their hair a€” two identical bobs a€” are the exact same tone of golden blonde.
At 11, my own daughter, Annie, is in her final year of primary education at the Royal School in Surrey and is, strictly speaking, a little old to still be playing with dolls. Every time you buy an outfit for the doll, therea€™s pressure to buy a matching one for your daughter.

Girls can also learn to do a French plait and chignon their dollsa€™ hair.A  Another friend is selecting a doll to take home, and wants to buy a matching dress that she and her doll can wear together at a family wedding later in the year. And each of them has eyes of cornflower blue.Annie and Bella are not, as you might imagine, twins.
But shea€™s still obsessed with Bella, who was bought for her last birthday from the newly-opened My London Girl store a€” Europea€™s first doll cloning shop.
Please contact your human resources department with any questions prior to giving us your insurance information. For every Amy, Grace and Olivia in Anniea€™s year group, there is now a plastic version to match. Ia€™d far rather Annie identified with a doll that looks like her than wanted to play with some freakishly thin a€?womana€™ doll with a size-zero figure, big breasts and Dynasty-style hair.A  Still, I cana€™t help feeling the mini-me dolls are a little creepy. The store sells a€?Gracea€™ but her hair is in an Afro style, whereas Dorothya€™s hair has been straightened and plaited.In the doll cloning world, this is no obstacle. They watch TV, eat meals and go to the hairdressera€™s together.Welcome to the world of mini-me dolls. But Louise Gill, 39, whoa€™s married to Kevin, an accountant, and lives in Haslemere, Surrey, disagrees.

Their 11-year-old daughter, Charlie, owns a doll with the same long brown hair and cheeky smile as her owner.a€?I think ita€™s sweet,a€™ says Louise.
Ia€™m led to believe you can buy a doll with braces, too a€” but Ia€™d definitely draw the line there. In fact, Ia€™d like to have drawn the line a lot earlier, but you cana€™t help getting sucked in.a€™With her bright auburn hair and freckles, Amelia stands out. In the past, when her daughter has taken her doll out in public, theya€™ve been stopped in the street.a€?I think she likes the attention it gets,a€™ Maria says. Ita€™s all about claiming ownership.a€™Certainly, back in the store, Annie is begging me to claim ownership of another doll, called Pippa. I get to spend time with a girl whoa€™s exactly like my daughter a€” minus all the eye-rolling and back-chat.

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