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Are you tired of your snoopy coworkers and friends lingering over your shoulder as you type in your security passcode?
Step 1: Install WinterboardAfter jailbreaking, head into Cydia, then search for and install Winterboard. Enjoy Your New Beefed Up Passcode SecurityWhen your device restarts, you'll see that the numbers are gone from the passcode keypad. BitLocker Drive Encryption provides protection for operating system drives, fixed data drives, and removable data drives that are lost or stolen. This tutorial will show you how to turn on or off BitLocker to encrypt or decrypt the operating system drive in Windows 8 and 8.1 with or without a TPM. NOTE: You will not get this step if you do already ave at least a 350 MB system drive partition. If you forget the password (step 14) or lost the USB flash drive (step 13), then you can still use this recovery key (a string of 48 random numbers) to get back into the OS drive at boot.
If you saved the BitLocker recovery key to your Microsoft account, you will be able to log in to your Microsoft account online at the Microsoft's site below from any PC to view all of your saved recovery keys at anytime. NOTE: Running the system check is one more recommended way to make sure that BitLocker works smoothly for you, but it can take longer, and it requires your PC to restart. If you selected to enter password in step 14 above, then you will be prompted to enter the password at boot when the computer restarts. NOTE: This may take a long time to finish, but you will still be able to use your PC during the encryption process.
NOTE: This may take a long time to finish, but you will still be able to use your PC during the decryption process. My question is if I encrypt the entire HDD using BitLocker, meaning encrypt my one and only drive which would mean encrypting my entire HDD, how would my laptop's performance will be affected? Once I enter my password for BitLocker and OS is loaded and I am on my desktop using it normally, how will BitLocker get in my face? Other than having to enter the BitLocker password at startup to unlock your OS drive, your computer's performance will not be affected at all. Once you enter your BitLocker password at startup, your OS drive will remain unlocked until you either restart or shut down the computer. 350 MB System Partition is not a problem, since it will be self created and I've enough space for it.
When you encrypt the OS drive, it and everything you have on it will remain always encrypted until you either temporarily suspend BitLocker or turn off BitLocker for the drive.
When you could login with local administrator account, change Asus Windows 8 password is easy. However, if you couldna€™t login Windows 8 with any accounts and password, how to change four kinds of Windows 8 password for Asus PC or tablet? Step 2: Find a blank USB device or CD and insert into computer as password reset disk burning device. After the computer restarts successfully, you can access Windows 8 without local account password.
Turning Safe Search OFF may display content intended for mature audiences.You must be at least 18 years old to continue.
Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. Once you’re done entering the required information, click Start to create your WiFi hotspot. Confirmed working on the Intel Centrino Wireless N-1030 network card in my Dell Inspiron laptop.

I tried this, and as you said it installs 2 different toolbars, and revo uninstaller could only find one of them, even thouh i had it in hunting mode.
I know another free software named Virtual Hotspot can help create virtual WiFi hotspot on your laptop. After watching Hak5 when Darren Kitchen showed you how to set up Hostednetwork in windows 7, I found Wi-Fi hotspot creator and although HostedNetwork it’s just 2 lines in the CMD this program is so much easier. I am using windows XP SP2, with a USB ( dongle type) modem for internet connection on a desktop PC. The WiFi turns off when you shut down computer and you have to restart it the next time you need it. Save file, make shortcut, edit shortcut properties, click advanced, check box to run as administrator. AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems.
Unless you have the newer iPhone 5S with Touch ID that scans your fingerprint, you've only got a couple of security options—either a 4-digit numeric passcode or a cumbersome password.One way to improve your security, and in turn make it harder for people to crack your code, is to simply remove the numbers from the keypad.Sound easy?
It sounds like a Winter Olympics event (yes, I am hilarious), but it's actually a jailbreak app that you'll need to apply new themes.
From here, we're going to add a new source so we can acquire the tweak.Tap the Manage tab and select Sources. Make sure you can remember your passcode without the numbers being visible, otherwise you'll have a whole different problem on your hands. BitLocker does this by encrypting the contents of drives and requiring users to authenticate their credentials to be able to access the information. If you have not already, you will first need to do step 2, 3, 4, or 5 below for what you want to do. If you did not have the required 350 MB system drive partition, then BitLocker will now create one if able.
Do step 13, 14, or 15 below for what you would like to use to unlock the Windows 8 drive with at startup. If you like, you could use the Save to a file option, and select a USB flash drive to save the file to though. If the BitLocker system check was successful from step 18 above, then after a short moment you will notice the BitLocker icon in the taskbar notification area. Whenever you start the Windows 8 PC, you may be required to either enter a password or connect the USB flash drive depending on what you selected in step 12 above. If you have not already, you will first need to turn off auto-unlock for any encrypted fixed data drives. If you like, you could also do step 12 or 13 below to set the default setting to require BitLocker to only encrypt an OS drive with a TPM (step 2 and 4 in OPTION ONE) and not require additional authentification for a TPM (step 3 and 5 in OPTION ONE) if you like. If you only have one partition and do not have the 350 MB System Reserved partition (no drive letter), one will be created for you.
I deleted my system partition and recovery partition, combined all that and made one big partition, to manage my HDD space before I updated my Win 7 to Win 8. I just want to make sure that if my laptop gets into wrong hands, then there are no ways to bypass BitLocker encryption and get access to my HDD data without the password.
However, using BitLocker with 256-bit AES will sure make it practically impossible to crack. Just enter Settings - Change PC Settings a€“ Users, in that interface, Change your password, Change picture password, and Change PIN are listed for choice.
The following passage would introduce a Windows password recovery tool, Windows Password Genius Advanced, which would help you to crack Windows 8 password, and then you can change other passwords.

You can use it to crack Windows 8, also you can say reset Windows 8 local account or Microsoft account password. Move the mouse to the upper right of window, and click Settings, choose Change PC settings on the bottom right side of screen, and select Users option. Every device comes out today contains a Wifi, from your PC to smartphone, laptop to tablet and TV to Blu-ray players, it seems as if Wifi has now dominated our lives. To share your internet connection, the first  thing you need is to enter the name of WiFi hotspot and then enter a minimum 8-digit password in the Passphrase field.
You can minimize the application and the connection will still remain, however, clicking Stop button to the left stops the connection.
I was able to find the hotspot with my Iphone and enter passphrase, but it could not connect at all. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
It is, but first, get started by checking out how to jailbreak your iOS 7 device, if you haven't done so already. Encrypting the entire Windows 8 operating system drive on the hard disk encrypts all user files and system files on the OS drive, including the swap (page) files and hibernation files. When your PC restarts, it will prompt you to unlock your operating system drive with the method you just chose in step 12 above.
If you do not, then all fixed data drives that have auto-unlock turned on will also be decrypted at step 8 below. If there's not enough free space, then it will not be able to, and BitLocker will not encrypt the HDD then.
Or if you can sign in to Windows 8 with Microsoft account, other three passwords could be changed or reset too. The beauty of Wifi is that you can get instant access to the internet wherever there is a hotspot. It must be noted that if the application is not working on your PC, you might have to upgrade your network adapter, as older adapters do not support creating virtual WiFi hotspot. Most are by default.When using BitLocker with a TPM, it is recommended that BitLocker be turned on immediately after the computer has been restarted. However, sometimes we need to access internet in places where Wifi hotspot is simply not available. Go back to Sources and select you new source, mrfunderthuck, then install the iOS 7 Blank Keypad tweak. If the computer has resumed from sleep prior to turning on BitLocker, the TPM may incorrectly measure the pre-boot components on the computer.
Luckily, there are various tools available for Windows that turn your PC into a Wifi hotspot, so it would work exactly like a Wifi router or access point.
In this situation, when the user subsequently attempts to unlock the computer, the TPM verification check will fail and the computer will enter BitLocker recovery mode and prompt the user to provide recovery information before unlocking the drive. Just launch the tool, enter the connection name and passphrase to create your WiFi hotspot.

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