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J-2 (920)2012-11-14 17:07Looks like an Alfa 147, but it's not supposed to be in the USA at all.
Tycek (168)2012-11-18 12:13If they're going to reuse name if will be most likely Club or Flash. NismoR35 (0)2012-11-22 19:44I went through the trailer again in HD and the spokes have a curved, rounded edge to them, so probably not. The front end looks a bit like the current VW Scirocco, which leads me to believe this may actually be a new Club, as above comments have said. Also, like I said, there's NO story related footage in this video, it's just goofing around.

Also, after looking at the front a third time, the nose might be a mix between the Scirocco and the 2012+ Honda Civic coupe.
Anyway, I'm curious about other Dinka cars (Chavos, Hakumai, and Perennial) if they would be included in GTA V. Anyways, if it isn't in the game why was an Annis car mentioned on the official website then?
QANTAS -replaces nevadaGood looking texture based on the old Australian airline QANTAS DC-3. Each vehicle has information about the possibilities to modify, ID number and the short model name.

They finally get rid of the lumpy, awfully big CR-X style Blista, and give us a modern design of it!
I appreciate that they're adding a lot of new cars, but most of them seem to be modern sports cars and classics.

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