The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

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It will assist the residents of Lewes District to know that should they have any concerns as to whether a vehicle is abandoned or causing a nuisance any person may check the tax status of any vehicle by using DVLAa€™s Vehicle Enquiry System. We work with Sussex Police and the DVLA to remove abandoned vehicles and prosecute the owners of untaxed cars and lorries. Once a report has been submitted, the Abandoned Vehicle Officer will inspect the vehicle and determine if it has been abandoned or not.
During the period of investigation, you can contact Customer Services for the latest details.
Assignment Fee - When transferring a number plate from retention to a vehicle- the DVLA charge and assignment fee.
Donor Vehicle - When transferring or retaining a number plate- the car from which the number plate is transferred is known as the donor vehicle. DVLA Registrations - The name of the DVLA service allowing members of the public to buy unissued number plates directly from the DVLA.

Grantee- The Grantee features on the V778 retention document - the Grantee is the only person entitled to transfer or assign the number plate. Local Identifier - New style number plates have 2 letters which indicate the local tax office at which the number plate was registered. Nominee - A nominee appears on both the V750 retention document and the V778 retention document.
Purchaser - Appearing on the V750 retention document- the Grantee is the only person entitled to transfer or assign a number plate.
Registered Keeper - The person named on the V5 registration document as the legal registered keeper of a vehicle. Retention - If you own a number plate but wish for it not to be transferred to a vehicle then you can hold it on retention - a 12 month certificate confirming your entitlement to the number plate. Retention Certificate - The document confirming your entitlement to a registration number.

V778 - The retention certificate issued when a number plate is transferred from a vehicle to retention.
This is where all the rights of property and possession have been given up and no one else is responsible. A nominee is a person who has no entitlement to a number plate; but the plate may be transferred to a vehicle in their name.

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