The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

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Laws and Legislation for Motorized Bicycles Share you knowledge of the laws in your state in this forum.
I know it is illegal to sell them and import them to California, but is it illegal to ride them?
I wouldn't go down to the local DMV - they probably won't even know what to do with your MB. Not that it's a bad question, just that there aren't any simple answers, and not just for CA. And it never expires, so you don't have to renew it every year - or ever again for that matter. I went down to the San Diego DMV (University Heights) and had no issues at all I was inspected and plated in about an hour. If you are a Connecticut resident, you are required to register your motorcycle with the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) before you can legally operate it on the road. Whether you're new to the state, want to renew your registration, or have just purchased a new motorcycle, follow these steps to make the process as quick and simple as possible. Once you've established residency in Connecticut, you'll have 60 days to register your motorcycle with the CT DMV.
If your motorcycle was purchased outside Connecticut, you'll need to bring your out-of-state registration and title*. Payment for the $42 registration fee, $10 administration fee, plus any other applicable taxes and fees. If your motorcycle was registered in your name for at least 30 days in your previous state, you will NOT have to pay sales tax on your transaction. If you purchased a new motorcycle in Connecticut from an authorized dealer, the dealership will typically register it for you.
In most instances, the dealership will issue temporary registration and tags until all paperwork has been submitted. When you purchase a used motorcycle from a private CT seller, you will be required to complete the registration in person at your local DMV office. Payment for the $42 base registration fee, $10 administration fee, and any other applicable taxes and fees. If you are a non-resident of Connecticut residing in the state temporarily as a member of the Armed Forces or because of university attendance as a student, you may be exempt from registering your motorcycle. For Connecticut military members stationed in another state, you may be exempt from registration fees at the time of renewal by completing an Application for Waiver of Registration Fee (Form B-276).
The exact fees to register your motorcycle in Connecticut will be listed on your renewal notice.

I acknowledge that is a privately-owned Web site that is not owned or operated by any state government agency. is a privately owned website that is not owned or operated by any state government agency.
Katharine went to the library and looked at the microfim of the Portland paper the day I saw the ad. From the beginning we haven’t been interested in making a pretty NCRS showpiece that only sees pavement from the back of a car carrier. My father talked somewhat believably early on about the lack of concern for award points where cheaper-but-just-as-good-parts were concerned.
While the seat belt question has been bothersome, our gray-blue ones don’t seem to lose NCRS points.
I have absolutely no doubt that parking next to a exactly color-correct ’59 would serve only as cruel embarrassment for the silver car.
You'll first need to have your motorcycle's vehicle identification number (VIN) verified at an approved inspection station.
Even though she knows this to be the caseĀ  (we spent more than 2 hours the other night dismantling the headlight assemblies and cataloging parts) her first response was silence. This is especially difficult for C1 Corvette owners who tend naturally to have very good taste and unusually high standards.
The first step in correcting this mistake is to have a police officer verify the correct number from the VIN on the car and then fill out and sign a form. It is a good thing that I don’t have much hidden away that would be embarrassing if found by the family as Katharine has ferreted through 60 years of my stuff looking for Corvette related and other collectables. What is cool to me is that although the price seems crazy low, $1500, when you check out the prices of the other cars listed you can see that a couple of hundred bucks would buy a decent used car in that era. Any worthy owner wouldn’t think twice about new old stock over new if they were priced the same. I was imagining in the beginning it would be no sweat to ferret out part numbers from forum posts. Internet sleuthing appears to reveal that the staggered pattern was correct until mid-59 (May, we think) then straight pattern was used from then on.
It is fair to imagine that both cars moved along the assembly line within sight of each other on the day they were made, probably on or about March 31, 1959. Click the History link for more information on our project and check out the Media link for more pictures. An impressive ability to conduct research online may be the only skill I will proudly claim for my generation.

Not that it matters but we haven’t found yet WHY Chevrolet made the change (may be in the Noland book), if someone knows please post a reply. I won’t even get started on original GM stock prices- mostly because this topic is dangerous territory to get into with any owner who may have been separated from an original part.
Don’t know yet how much the cylinders will need to be bored (they are not scored but are worn and have some surface rust). We have noticed on some of the repro sites selling valve covers that the straight pattern covers are the only ones listed for 59s.
I have personally found it necessary to warn people not to question my father about the location of our original carburetor because the reaction is so upsetting. There is absolutely no way I am punishing our corvette with a return to the birth color of silver when she has been gorgeously red-maroon since ’62. We are trying to be careful before buying anything and do lotso research but will probably screw up here and there (as authentic Murphy’s Law humans)! By mail.You are allowed a grace period of 5 days after expiration of your registration before you will be assessed a $10 late fee.
There are a couple of very slight scratches on two of the journals (OK, that’s our fault but seemed unavoidable when we pounded out the frozen pistons).
BTW, for now we will use the finned aluminum covers (no script) that were on the engine in 1970 when the car was purchased. Once your registration has lapsed for 2 years or longer, you will be required to submit a new registration application.OnlineYou can submit your motorcycle registration renewal online up to 30 days after your registration expires. Our collection of printed literature has only served to complicate this, especially Norland, who seems to have documented an exception to every single parts rule there is. We do want to use all the original engine components (that we can) even tho nobody would ever know that internal parts were replaced… we would know and it matters to us. It was recommended to me by my very good friend Paul Strout (Tower Specialists, Falmouth, ME) who has had several truck engines done there. Payment for the $42 renewal fee along with the $10 administration fee, plus any other applicable taxes and fees.In PersonTo renew your motorcycle registration in person, visit your nearest DMV. Paul is meticulous about what he does and you can’t do much better with a vendor if Paul gives his seal of approval! It is also a small family operation, been there for years and we prefer to patronize such businesses.

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