The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

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To sell a car in California, you need more than the pink slip and the registration; test and title transfer documents must be provided as well.
You will need to bring a California Certificate of Title or Application for Duplicate Title (REG 227). The owner must also obtain at least the legal minimum amount of liability insurance coverage and the vehicle must always display the designated license plates.
When filling in the transfer form of the Title, take care to complete it accurately and remember to always note the odometer reading.
It is a commercial vehicle with a declared gross or combined gross vehicle weight of more than 16,000 pounds. The California Lemon Law for used cars enforces vehicles that were returned to the manufacturer due to vehicle defect(s) that could not be resolved at the dealership. Synesthesia is a condition in which perception in one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. There are two numbers embedded in the big circle of numbers, in a similar way to a common color perception test. The comic playfully suggests that if you have synesthesia as well as colorblindness, then some of the colors might appear identical and so one number would not be visible, only leaving the other number.
The Title text brings in two more conditions: diplopia, or double vision, and myopia, or near-sightedness.
The numbers are four and two, forming the number 42, which is the famous "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything", according to the book The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
While it makes for a good joke, there are three reasons this kind of test wouldn't work in real life.
The first is that there is no one set of colour-number associations seen by all synesthetes.
The second reason it wouldn't work is that synesthetes do not (always) automatically see a 1:1 overlay of colour on top of a number - they still need to read the number legibly.
The third reason the test would not work is that colour-blindness is an inability to distinguish colours of light hitting the retina, it's nonsensical to imagine a synesthete would perceive two separate colours that they cannot normally separate anyway. Keep in mind, as noted above, that synesthetes do not all see the same colour-number associations.
In the original b&w image, I keep seeing an 8 on the right and a vague 0, 9, or 4 on the left. I'm not an optometrist, but Chexwarrior,'s explanation of the alt text seems correct to me.
I was thinking the explanation of the descriptive text (not alt-text) is as follows: the synesthesia is seeing numbers and associating colors with them.
Maybe if the synesthesia is as follows: Even numbers get one color and odd numbers get another color. I seriously doubt ANYONE have so "hard" case of number to color synesthesia it can "color" a bunch of randomly placed digits like this. I don't think myopia actually makes sense, unless you're reading the comic on a large screen 30 or 40 feet away. I am not colourblind and my synesthesia STILL gives me colours that don't exist, so I'm sure colourblind people's colourblindness wouldn't necessarily translate to their synesthesia. As a colorblind person, I would like to point out that it is not obvious to everybody that a normal person sees neither large number.
I might do some fiddling with various colour palette overlays, but I think that if there is a large cluster of a few colours which don't appear elsewhere in the image, the synaesthete could probably pick up the pattern.
Reading it on an iPad, by zooming right out, I can get occasional brief flashes of the number while moving my eyes - though I initially read it as 92, probably because I couldn't look directly at it.

I can see the 2 vaguely (probably because the numbers making it up are a bit smaller and denser), and would have said "92" too, but only at gunpoint. In the last image, I think it would be better to have the background, the 4, and the 2 be made of different shades of 3 different colors to make it clear why someone who is colorblind would only see one of the numbers. I have heard from real synesthete people that there are too many chaotic numbers on the picture. I think it should say "one digit" or "two digits", rather than one or two "numbers", as 42 is just one number (consisting of two digits), though of course it _could_ be read as the two numbers 4 and 2, that just happen to be placed next to each other. Janisol Arte raam, buitenaanzicht, klik hier voor de brochure en hier voor de brochure van de deuren.
For every time phase that the registration is valid, the owner will get a decal (known as tags) that must be put in the top right corner of the back number plate. Disclosing the vehicle's odometer mileage reading is required by federal regulations for all transfers. If the title does not have a designated space for this information, a REG 262 reporting the odometer mileage must be signed by both the seller and buyer. Once the vehicle has been returned, the manufacturer must title the vehicle in their name, request the title be marked with "Lemon Law Buyback", and place a decal (that reads "Lemon Law Buyback") onto the vehicle's frame of the most frequently used entry point, typically the left door frame. California was the first and only state to have an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and had one before there was a federal EPA. The determination is made by the California DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) when the registration application is submitted. Common examples are experiencing colors when seeing numbers or words (Grapheme-color synesthesia), hearing tones or music while reading words or text, seeing sequences of numbers or month names in a distinct and fixed shape (Number form), etc. The number 4 is formed by digits 2, 3, 5 and 7 while the number 2 is formed by digits 3, 5, 7 and 9. So while some synesthete might see '2' as green and '0' as red (so a red-green colour-blind person would lose anything made up of '2's against a background of '0's), others might see '2' as yellow and '0' as blue, or any other association imaginable. They also do not necessarily see every number in a different colour, as depicted here, and may even see some numbers as purely black.
I'm not certain if the b&w actually has a definite "answer" or specific number(s) one is supposed to be seeing. So when you look at the numbers in the image, you see certain colors, so the large numbers stand out because they are different colors from the background. I was actually able to see the 2 because of this effect, while I was in photoshop, zoomed in, and coloring the 3's. I'm not sure how exactly how synesthesia works, but even if the perceived number (due to a perceived colour) further incites a perceived colour, you can still have a combined diagnostic. I've got coloured-grapheme synesthesia too, but all the colours were too different - I have no real pattern for even and odd numbers, so I never saw the big numbers. The comic is most probably near you, if you're near-sighted you should see it in focus without squinting. People with colorblindness and synesthesia do "see" some numbers in colours that they don't recognise from their everyday experience. I can't work out what it is that makes it jump out at me, though - maybe my eyes are catching the pattern of sevens, or something?
Just by painfully staring at the image my brain makes out lines and curves, till i found the 92.
I have sound-to-image synesthesia, so when I hear a sound, it brings to mind a certain image. I don't have any particularly special condition, though (that I know of), but I saw the '42' before I even read the caption.

Explain xkcd uses ads to pay for bandwidth, and we manually approve all our advertisers, and our ads are restricted to unobtrusive images and slow animated GIFs. When you dispose of a car, through either sale or transfer, you must sign the Certificate of Title and give it to the new owner. There are several different types of fees that can be included, such as the transfer fee, Use Tax fee (based on the new registered owner's city and county of record), the registration renewal fee, title fee(s) (if applicable), and the License Plate fee (if applicable).
Colour-blindness is one of a number of conditions in which a person cannot distinguish certain pairs of colours that other people without colour-blindness might find easy to distinguish. So, for example, if the background appeared in shades of red and the little number 2 was a shade of green, then the large number 4 would be less visible to those with red-green colour-blindness than to others.
For a synesthete the color is produced after the number is recognized by the brain and lost when the focus shifts to the next number. I seem to recall an xkcd with an Ishihara test before (but can't find it so it may just be a confabulation), in which case this one may be a reference to that and actually have a referential "answer".
But if you're colorblind, (hypothetically) then some of those number-colors might look the same and so the numbers (not sure why only one) would not be visible. I know from myself that I have number to color synesthesia, but (in my case) that doesn't apply to a bunch of randomly placed digits like here, but only to complete numbers like "144" looks yellow, red, and white (in no particular order), while "38" looks grayish dark blue. You just have to make sure that the big number is made up of little ones of the same number; or, atleast made of other numbers which are of the same colour as the desired big number. But the combining of all this things is hard to understand and it did last a couple of hours until the first people did understand.
The signature of seller and lien holder, if any, along with the signature of buyer and the transfer fee is required. Information on California DMV car sales and lemon laws are there to protect buyers from potentially disastrous purchases.
The California EPA and the United States EPA work together in deciding and forming the pollution regulations that are used throughout the country.
There are many different forms of colour-blindness; the most common is an inability to separate the colours red and green. However, the joke lies in the fact that those with one common form of synesthesia see colours associated with numbers.
However, some synesthetes may find if they pay attention to the numbers one by one they can make something out. Also, when examining numbers to invoke colors, you forget past colors, unless the subject has a photographic memory and won't lose the colors?
All vehicles leased or owned by any resident of California must be registered with the CADMV. California smog laws are strict, and the rest of the United States is quickly approaching the standards they enforce.
Therefore, a smog test is required unless the sale takes place within 90 days of the previous smog test.
Randall implies that a synesthete will see colours connected to each number, and thus a colour perception test will work after all - thus distinguishing synesthetes with colour-blindness from those with normal colour perception.
Anyway, even though I have a different type of synesthesia, it stands to reason that this type should work similarly. It seems to me that they would, when reading each digit, get an impression or be reminded of the corresponding color.

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