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1967 ford mustang, inch , google search: The VIN is stamped on a metal plate that is on the rear of the driver s door.
Despite the obvious flaws and unknown issues, I would be surprised not to see this bike snapped up relatively quickly - if the reserve is set properly, that is. This is the second time around for this bike - the previous auction failed to meet reserve. I know for fact that the BIN is twice what they got that bike for and the missing speedo is nothing more then the race kit tach installed. Shouldn’t show the vin if your gonna lie on the year that is a VJ22A model which means it is a 1991 or 1990 in japan first year model and I would say it looks to be a jap spec bike that was imported none SP model. HAHA, thats funny 10K for a jap spec bike with china fairings, from the looks of the pics I bet its a real POS.
RSBFS 7 Year Anniversary Celebration!To celebrate 7 years online, we're bringing back the classifieds area of the site where we welcome you to post your motorcycle for sale -- any motorcycle! The bodywork was hand formed from the original Lotus plans and conforms closely to the original design. The aluminum bonnet has been louvered and the car runs cool with a 160 degree thermostat and an electric cooling fan controlled by a toggle switch on the dash. The 1600cc Kent Crossflow engine, 4 speed transmission, and 4.1 rear axle were sourced from a 1970 Cortina GT.
The current owner bought the car just as it was completing its break in period and has changed the oil and readjusted the valves.
The tube frame chassis was welded up by the builder using original Lotus plans and dimensions. Some practical improvements were added such as full triangulation of the frame near the steering rack.
The car was assigned a VIN by the Wisconsin DMV as a specially constructed car when first built, and is sold with a clear Arizona title.
Let me start off by saying this is motorcycle is a Japanese Domestic Model (JDM) with an 11 digit VIN - SJ14A100851 as opposed to the customary 17 digit VIN.
Arai Helmet has thrown its proverbial hat in the ring by signing up to sponsor the next two events of the new GEICO Motorcycle Superbike Shootout Presented by Yamaha.
Rain or shine, the second annual Ohlins USA Cirkus of Speed will take place tomorrow, Saturday, September 28, from 10 a.m. Suzuki has updated its GSX-R1000 sportbike for 2012 with Brembo monobloc calipers and a new single-pipe exhaust system. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the 2040Motos User Agreement and Privacy Policy. There are NO additional parts and the shell is completely stripped (no doors, fenders, glass, harness, motor, trans, - Nothing) .

Vehicle Identification Number Decoding Part, casting number, toploader, and Shelby VIN decoding Provide them with your VIN, and a complete list of options for your car Ford Mustang Color Swatches. 1974 Ford Mustang Every car is assigned a unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) before it leaves the factory. Pricing, availability, and circumstances pertaining to displayed materials are the sole liability of the individual seller. The builder was an experienced fabricator who welded up the tube frame chassis and formed all the body panels himself based on original Lotus plans rather than using a new style Caterham or similar replica kit.
The speedometer was a used Caterham part that showed 8800 miles when the car was new and currently reads 9369. The engine was rebuilt with a number of performance upgrades and matches the original Lotus specification including larger valves and ports, bowl-in-piston combustion chambers, and inlet and exhaust valves on opposite sides. The Weber carburetor is currently jetted for high elevation but jets for lower elevation are also provided.
The car starts easily and runs and drives well, and is said to closely replicate the Lotus 7 driving experience without the decades of wear and tear of an original car. This 11 digit VIN number was not compatible with the DMV system in Oregon (where the bike is currently registered and street legal) so they assigned it a special new VIN number - OR81640 go figure. Depending on what state you are in your local DMV may want this in order to register the bike in your state.
Last updated in 2009, the 2012 Suzuki GSX-R1000 also receives a number of updates to the the engine to the wiring harness to even the front tire to to reduce overall weight by 4.4 pounds. Ford Mustang Classic cars, antique cars, vintage cars and muscle cars- Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) for cars, engine codes. Ford, Ford Mustang, Mustang GT, SVT Cobra, Mach 1 Mustang Here is your guide to interpreting universal Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs). If you would like additional attribution for your work, or wish to remove your listing from our site, we are happy to accommodate.
The drivetrain was sourced from a 1970 Cortina GT and matches the original Lotus specification.
The fiberglass components were sourced from Curtis Unlimited with molds based on original Lotus 7 parts. The sale includes an intake manifold and throttle linkage to update the car to Series 3 specification with dual Weber DCOE carburetors, which would give the engine a significant performance boost. Please also note that this bike was registered, plated, and street legal in California under its original 11 digit VIN prior to it going to Oregon.This is an extremely rare bike in North America and the only JDM version in the US that I am aware of.
The Arai Pacific Nationals will be hosted by the AFM next weekend, May 3-4, at Sonoma Raceway in Sonoma, California.

The car has been driven fewer than 600 miles since completion and is fully sorted and ready to drive. I DON'T SEE ANY OF THEM FOR SALE NOW BUT SEVERAL MONTH BACK THERE WAS ONE ON EBAY FOR BUY IT KNOW FOR 10200 AND WAS SOLD IN COUPLE OF DAYS SO I WILL PUT SAME BUY IT NOW FOR THIS. A correct Lotus series 2? hood scoop is not installed but is included with the sale, as is a set of precut stainless steel sheets to use as fender protectors. Factory fully equipped for street use the bike comes complete with lights, turn signals, mirrors, speedometer, odometer, warning lights, keyed ignition, fork lock, and gas cap, steel gas tank, and oil injection, yes oil injection no pre-mixing required. Japan evidently made many street legal versions of its MX or dirt bikes and this one is obviously based on the RM250.Mechanically this bike is near a perfect 10. It runs flawlessly (although the jetting may need to be changed if you live in higher altitudes) and alwaysstarts with a few kicks. At the same time the bike was completely disassembled and the entire frame was powder coated. It has a very smooth linear power band (not peaky like a lot of two strokes) and makes its best power in the upper mid range. Although the bike is only a 250 don't be fooled, it is very quick and handles like a bicycle it is so light. It has a comfortable riding position, low seat,  the power delivery is nice and smooth, and it is just not as high strung as a lot of other two stroke dirt bikes (enduros included) like a CR500 for instance that just wear you down and beat you up.
It's also nice that it has factory oil injection so you don't have to worry about pre-mixing, just gas and go.
The bike needs nothing mechanically (at least that I can tell or am aware of) except the tires should be replaced sooner rather than later but are fine for now.
The RMX 250ST that you see here did not come with the super moto 17" wheel set up (high end Excel Takasago rims not the cheap Warp 9 stuff)  that this bike currently wears but rather with conventional dual sport knobbies and wheels. I will let the pictures do the talking in this casealthough I feel they do not do the bike complete justice. I am not a great photographer nor do I have a high end camera but I think you can get an idea of just how nice this bike is even with the less than stellar pictures I have taken.

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