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Mobile Check Deposit is that cool feature you see in television commercials where you take a picture of the check and it's deposited to your account from your smartphone.
The updated version of the Bank of America app also has Live Tile support and notifications for your Bank of America alerts. Remember to take advantage of all the Bank of America app features you need to be enrolled in their Online Banking services. Sarcasm aside, mobile check depositing is the one thing that users of Bank of America's mobile app have been craving more than any other. And while the US works to improve check processing, the rest of the world have given up checks entirely. I haven't written a check in at least 5 years, and it would have been longer if not for a single utility company that required a check to handle just the very first payment.
I did notice, however, that the thumbnails it shows on the first page DO NOT match what is submitted. I have an AT&T LG Thrill android and haven't been able to use the Bank of America app for over a month.
I have downloaded this and tried it at least a dozen times on my Galaxy III tablet and it just locks up and crashes. They obviously "lied" or fed a party line at tech support when they told me they have known about this issue since 4th July 2013 and are working on it!! I too bought the tablet mainly for depositing checks, it is another nail inn the coffin for BOA. The deposit process using Android Jellbean on my Samsung Galaxy S4 gets hung up on "processing image" then app stops working entirely. I have Samsung galaxy S2 and I have been using this app to make deposits and never had any issue. Probably not, I would look seriously at other options, specifically those with headphone jacks. Mobile Check Deposits are subject to verification and are not available for immediate withdrawal.
A nice feature to keep you informed of your banking activity when you're not in the app itself.
No longer do you need to sit in embarrassed silence as Chase Bank and PayPal users show off the ability to deposit checks magically through their smartphones.
The rest of the now standard features are still here, including transfers, bill pay and the new ability to transfer money to others by simple phone number or email exchange. The problem, if you want to call it that, is that employers and the government tend to pay money to people by check.

I honestly can't think of a single thing we can't do with a combination of direct deposit and credit cards. I bought the tablet, versus a cheaper product, specifically to be able to deposit into my BOA account without waiting in long lines at the bank or the atm. When you take a picture of the check, it just says "processing image" and will do so until your phone battery dies. Same issues with the check deposit, showing black screen with either front of check or back of check. But, about a month pr two ago, I was trying to make a check deposit and while I was taking the front checks picture. The restrictions make sense but the feature can come in handy when you need to make a deposit on the run. Get helpPassword recoveryRecover your passwordyour email A password will be e-mailed to you. Now you too can revel in the futuristic technology of 2011, having waited only a year for the largest banking institution in the country to update its Android app in line with non government-subsidized competitors. Not sorry I won't be sharing the experience with you and your insane fees-for-fees-for-fees on top of fees. I suspect plenty of people in your country are still paid by check, you're just one of the people who chooses not to. It kicked back errors saying the mobile network was down try again later, or it would say that it could not find a signature on the back of the check and would not process it. I have uninstalled it and then installed it again and it still comes up with a box saying connection error. By some fluke I got one to deposit a few weeks ago, but they must have fcked shit up again cuz now it don't work.
I would review it on Google apps, but, THEY demand that I sign up for Google+ before I post a review & that ain't agonna happen! They also sent me a check scanner - which I worked with their tech support for an entire day and it never worked. The app's still not much to look at and there's certainly speedier options out there (like using the mobile web site) but it's good to see that Bank of America is at least trying to move with the times.
Of course, if you don't trust your employer completely, you're taking a big risk with direct deposit. You don't write checks and that hasn't had a negative effect on your life - in fact it made it easier - congrats. I signed the back of the check and placed my company name extremely large on the back so you could not miss it and the stupid app still would not work for me.

You just need to make sure your picture of both sides have all four corners in site when taking the snapshot, and that the snapshot is as close and clear as possible. Its as if the app is not talking to the camera software to view and take a picture of the check.
Take some stationary or thick printer paper and rip a lil corner piece off big enough to cover the led bulb on your cam. After we talked, I resumed taking the picture but my camera light automatically flashed, which make the photo too bright and impossible to make the deposit. You deserve a cookie for being "progressive." I swear, people find the most moronic things to complain about. I've just talked to BOA customer service about this and they've confirmed there is no way to turn off the flash- which renders the app useless. Then within days they started threatening to charge me for the scanner if I didn't return it.
I wouldn't be surprised if you look down on people who still use top load washing machines or don't use dish washers.
One layer wasnt enough so I took another piece and licked I and stuck It to the piece already on the glass to double up and I filtered the light far enough down to take the perfect shot of thechecks.
So now, using Mobile Check Deposit feature of bank of America’s Holder can check his or her Total amount USD (US Dollars) instant via iPhone or iPad App. The few places checks are still used are usually an issue of personal preference by the payee or the payment is only happening once and a check remains a shortcut.
I uninstalled the app and reinstalled again, hoping that that might fix the flashing, but to no avail.
I called up a representative but was told to make sure that i turned off the flash on my camera again. My phone, on the other hand, although other features work just fine, would not still allow me to make any deposit. But if you’re depositing a check, you would usually have to go to a branch to make an over-the-counter deposit (or encashment). If you need faster clearing, then it might be worth driving to your bank to do an encashment or deposit.
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