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Germany has the most powerful passport in the world that gives them a visa free access to 177 countries. The sixth place is shared between Canada, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, South Korea and Switzerland.
Greece and New Zealand passport holders can visit 171 countries worldwide without applying for a visa.
Meanwhile, Maltese passport gives access to 168 countries and Czech Republic, Hungary and Iceland on the tenth spot gives visa free entry to 167 countries.As for the the world’s least powerful passport, it belongs to Afghanistan.
This man quit his job and traveled 12,000 km in 150 days across northeast India and Bhutan! When going on trips tracing the beautiful scenery of Karlovy Vary’s downtown or periphery you do not have to wander in the streets and look for indicators. Simply take a bus and get off at the right bus stop within convenient distance from your destination leavefroma stop marked as TrA?nice (Market Place) in the center of Karlovy Vary.
The public transportation company operates 18 regular lines, 2 night lines, 5 special lines and 2 cable cars.

See bus lines and routes below.Click Here for Maps of the Daytime and Night Routes Click here for Bus timetables, Tarrifs, routes and much more. TrainIf you plan to go for a trip in the nearby or more remote retreats of Karlovy Vary, you can travel by train.
The next railroad station in Karlovy Vary - Dvory is situated near the horse race track and can be accessed by PT buses No.
United Kingdom, France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, Luxembourg This map shows the countries of Western Europe.
Your passport not only serves as a proof of your identity but also allows you to travel overseas.
The United Kingdom had topped last year’s rankings, however because many other countries relaxed their respective visa restrictions, it came down to the second spot.
Although this mode of transport is somewhat slower than road transport, the atmosphere of many an outing would not be complete without it. Among them: Britain, France and Italy are members of the Group of Eight, the Benelux countries (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) and Switzerland are small industrialized countries of Europe.

Since March 1995 according to the Schengen Agreement created a single space for the majority of EU countries, within which a simplified border crossing regime for which a visa obtained for entry into any country party to the Schengen agreement, gives right to move freely across all EU parties to the Agreement. In addition to these, a group that includes Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Austria. For instance Indian passport holders can arrive in just 52 countries without a visa. (ALSO READ 25 countries Indians can visit without a visa) but an American one will grant you access to several more. The good folks at Henley & Partners, a citizenship firm, drew up this list of the most powerful passports in the world by just taking account how many countries can be traveled to without applying for visa. Italy Malta Stonehenge - the most famous prehistoric (age, approximately five thousand), a monument to Britain In European countries, assuming increasing importance of environmentally friendly modes of transport The main room of the company BMW.

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