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This year Need for Speed is on vacation but that does not mean racing video games fans will not get new cars and tracks to race on. Driveclub vs Project CARS PlayStation 4 Screenshot Comparison: Which One is More Eye Catching?
Well now when it is clear that we will see no Need for Speed title this year, lets give attention to the upcoming racing video games that are reigning supreme over the gaming community. Developed by Evolution Studios exclusively for Sony’s latest PlayStation 4 console, Driveclub is a socially connected racing video game title that will allow players to join different clubs and race according to their likings. Driveclub Studio Evolution Shut Down by SonyBoth Driveclub and Project CARS have their own in-game environments and settings but both the games feature similar in-game sports cars. As this is just a fun Driveclub vs Project CARSĀ  comparison, head-to-head screenshots are not necessary. Just to see which game is more eye catching and stunning, below is the Driveclub vs Project CARS screenshot comparison. So far we have seen many spy shots of Hyundai i20 testing on Indian roads from time to time, some of them were left hand drive export models with daytime running LED lamps, but what we bring you today are India specific high resolution clear pictures of exteriors and interiors of Hyundai i20 Fluidic 2012 in India. In this article, we also talk about some of the visual elements and changes in the Hyundai i20 Fluidic 2012 new model compared the ongoing model which is one of the popular cars in premium hatchback segment along with other mighty competitors like Maruti Swift and and Volkswagen Polo.
Above picture is of Hyundai i20 Fluidic 2012 to be sold in India and below is the picture of the old model of Hyundai i20. The lower part of the bumper is also differently sculpted in hexagonal shape and looks much different when you look at both the pictures side by side. If you looks at the side panels of the new Hyundai i20 Fluidic 2012 (above) and old i20 (below), you will hardly notice any difference in the profile view of these cars except for new ally wheels. The front fascia of new Hyundai i20 Fluidic 2012 looks more upmarket and classy with the new headlamps, bumper, improved grille design and better looking bumper, bonnet and fog lamps design which you can easily see in the picture above and below. The rear of new Hyundai i20 Fluidic 2012 also looks better with new tail lamps and slightly enhanced rear bumper.

The interiors get darker in new Hyundai i20 Fluidic 2012 with use of darker shades in the interiors. The top end Sportz variant of Hyundai i20 Fluidic 2012 gets reverse parking assist camera with pin-hole added on the handle of the tail gate which is quite visible on the above picture when compared with the below picture of old Hyundai i20 tail gate. Across latest gaming platforms except PlayStation 4, Project CARS is currently the most hyped game but on PlayStation 4, Slightly Mad Studios’ racing simulator faces stiff competition from Driveclub. On the other hand, Project CARS is a racing simulator video game that focuses more on real-time on-track racing.
Gamingbolt came up with an idea to compare screenshots of both the games on PlayStation 4 featuring similar cars. Full extent of visual details will only be showcased in screenshots when both games are out and running side-by-side. Like us, tweet to us or +1 us, to keep up with our round the clock updates, reviews, guides and more. Hyundai has not been revealing any official information on the launch of the new Hyundai i20 in India, but since this car has been spotted in the Hyundai dealer yard, this is quite certain that Hyundai i20 Fluidic 2012 launch id just a matter of few weeks now. The first and foremost difference it quite visible in a new front fascia which is more fluidic on the new Hyundai i20. The fog lamps housings are also a total upgrade with triangular fog lamp design like in other fluidic designs including Hyundai Verna Fluidic and small cars like Hyundai Eon and Hyundai i10. The door handle designs, wheel arches, side contour lines, side windows shape and size all remain the same. The central console now gets a black silver combination with almost no changes in the structure or design of the interiors. You will receive an adblock detection screen on private window, even if you are not running any adblock plugins. Both the games are classified as next-gen titles so their visual fidelity really matters to the player, that is why we have a Driveclub vs Project CARS screenshot comparison here.

Of course this comparison cannot be used to distinguish between the games but at least we can see how beautiful both games look. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on the Terms and Conditions page. The headlamps are not more stylish and clear glass with a better aesthetic appeal, a new bonnet panel which is slightly smaller than the old model. Another thing which is slightly less noticeable is that the front bonnet panel has has more widely spaced lines running along from the the front bumpers till the end of bonnet panel before the wipers. A few changes which are visible on the outside clearly include the changes in the tail lamp cluster. Please whitelist us to continue reading and watching news from India's most trusted news source. Each screenshot is taken in different in-game environment so lightning and other elements vary with each scene. The front grille also drops some of the chrome on the horizontal strip and gives a different looks to the upper grille with chrome Hyundai Emblem in the middle. If you observe closely, the tail lamp cluster outer shape remains the same with the inner configuration has been enhanced to look better sculpted with the fluidic design language.
The Revotron engine can produce 84 bhp and 114Nm of torque while the Revotorq motor produces 69 bhp and 140Nm of torque.
Another subtle addition is the reflectors on the rear bumper of Hyundai i20 Fluidic 2012, which have been added in the Hyundai i10 Next Gen as well which not only adds to the visual elements, but also acts as a good safety feature.
The Tiago will be offered with a five-speed manual for both petrol and diesel variants with the possibility of an AMT also.

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