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Late last night we received an email from 17 year old Justin A, who is a fan of the site and classic cars. He thought it looked like an Eliminator, so he brought it to his dad’s attention and soon they were pulled into the gas station to talk to the owner.
It originally belonged to the owner’s father, but after he passed away the son decided to restore it.
Thankfully, the original motor is still with the car and will hopefully get restored as well. We are glad to see there are at least a few young people who are interested in the hobby enough to get excited about seeing an old car on a trailer!

Justin has a few more barn find sightings in his home town of Topeka and we look forward to seeing them. My children could care less… I tried to teach my children to drive a stick shift, but they were not interested. I tried to teach them basic mechanics, however they always had something else that would rather do.My kids trashed some cars. Consider yourself lucky or blessed if no one is injured while they polish their skills and gain responsibility.. During the time my children were in their teen years I owned an 83 Trans AM that I had bought new. I caught a lot of crap from the kids and from my first wife because I would not hand the car over to them.
My children have zero appreciation for cars, and were pretty spoiled.I worked cutting grass, dumping the garbage in the school cafeteria, and delivering news papers to buy my first car, a 1957 BMW Isetta 300.
Also when they find out how much blood, sweat and frustration (sorry for the cliche although it fits) I have put into it, They’re like “Why?! They’de rather have the latest, greatest technology rather than old, project hot rod.

I drive by teenagers and they aren’t even remotely interested in a cool old classic as rare at an 1800s. I should have noted that, I too, destroyed a few hot rods in my day, including ’40 Mercury Cvt with chopped Carson top, bored and stroked to 296+-CID.
Rallyed and raced and never destroyed another car, did spin a ZR1 (not mine) at SIR (drop throttle oversteer bit me on the butt). I have to fight off cringing when my nephew tells me all about the Supra he wants and what he plans to do with it. I smile and wish them luck, even inviting them to bring their car around so I can have a look at it. I’ve found that those kids who are encouraged about the hobby are more likely to stay in the hobby.
Not all are as great as that Cougar, that was just right place right time, but there are a few I know of.

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