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I wanted to create a character that was a bus, or bus-like, but I didn't want it to be anything similar to Molo from Vigilante 8 or that bus from Rogue Trip.
I like how I did this on Microsoft word at 12am hoping it would turn out half decent, but I read two lines and it sounds retarded. While most sports cars at the time were designed with sleek, curved lines, the TR6 was squared off at both ends, making it stand out from it's competitors. Triumph produced a range of TR models, from the TR1 right up to a limited run of the TR8, but it was the sixth car in the range that really stood out from a sales point of view. Unlike its predecessors, the Triumph TR6 was more reliable mechanically, which means that there are many original models still on our roads.
The Triumph TR6 was offered as a convertible only, with a factory steel hard top available optionally.
Bucket seats sat on pile-carpeted floors, and the luggage compartment was fairly roomy for a two-seat sports car.
An optional overdrive unit was offered, and gave drivers close gearing for aggressive driving, with overdrive available on 2nd, 3rd and top gears on early models.
The Triumph TR6 remained in production for a relatively short period of time, but has became one of the most popular and instantly recognizable cars in the company's stable. When Triumph TR6 production ended in July 1976, it was the best-seller in the TR series (this record was surpassed by the TR7). Of the many classic and torque cars made in Great Britain, it remains as one of the most popular. Starting with the first post-WW2 vehicles, up to the fuel-injected cars of the eighties, this site was written for motorheads of all ages. You'll find everything from flatheads of the forties, to muscle cars of the sixties, to the computerized machines of the eighties.
Mark Trotta has been in the automotive field for over 30 years, and has owned and restored many classic cars, including a 1965 GTO, 1966 Corvette, and 1968 Jaguar XKE. In 2010, while trying to find information on one of his project vehicles, Mark noticed a lack of quality, historically-correct classic car sites, prompting him to start his own. If you're looking for information on your favorite classic ride, you've found the right place! Classic-Car-History is an informational site supplying history of unique and classic cars and trucks. Whether you own a British sports car, restoring an American muscle car, or perhaps thinking about buying a classic American pickup, you'll find something of interest here.
February of 1953, just one month after GM debuted their Corvette Dream Car at the Motorama in New York. But similarities ended there - Ford's answer to the Corvette was not a bare-bones sports car, but rather a stylish and practical personal luxury car. Designed for straight-line speed, muscle cars lacked sophisticated chassis, brakes, and suspension, but they were durable, affordable, and fast. Starting in the early sixties, both Ford and Dodge were building cars specifically to compete at the drag strip. Chrysler's 426 cubic-inch Hemi motor was first seen in 1964 and offered in street trim in 1966, including the new Dodge Charger.
Designed to be a world-class performer while still retaining past heritage, the fourth-generation Corvette's body, frame, and suspension were all new, with spectacular results. After delays and much anticipation, C4 Corvette production began in January of 1983, and were sold as 1984 models. Hij is 56 jaar oud, maar heeft nog steeds een fikse longinhoud, deze Jaguar D-Type, die we op Villa d'Este tegen het lijf liepen.
Als je het over klassieke Jags hebt zal bijna iedereen over de E-Type beginnen, maar zijn voorganger was ook geen stakker, zeker niet de racevariant. Het herkennen van een D-Type is niet zo heel erg moeilijk, met zijn enorme vin achterop de koets. Het model dat in Italie stond te pronken (combo met een AM DBR1) was oorspronkelijk een model dat Jaguar aanvankelijk gebruikte als exhibition car, tot deze in handen van een verzamelaar viel.
Die XK120 en de XK (1996) en natuurlijk de E-type mogen dan nog zo mooi zijn maar de XJ13 ziet er beter uit. The Ford Thunderbird was now a four-seater, measuring eleven inches longer and weighing nearly 1,000 pounds more than the original two-seater it replaced.

Distinctive styling featured quad headlights, a large chrome grille, and prominent tailfins. The majority of today's modern cars are based on a unibody structure, but in 1958 it was new technology. A solid rear axle used coil springs, and front independent suspension used control-arms and coil springs. Conceived as a personal luxury car with distinctive style, Thunderbird interior had bucket seats in front with a full-length center console running into two rear buckets.
However, engineering issues with the retractable roof prompted the decision to reinstate the convertible.
The soft-top was also hydraulically operated, and when lowered, hid completely in the trunk. With the top down and the trunk lid closed, the appearance was clean and required no top boot.
Although the Thunderbird began life as a convertible, drop-top Birds accounted for less than a quarter of production in 1958. The big news under the hood was the availability of Lincoln's 430ci V8, rated at 350-horsepower. In 1959, many Ford stock-car teams went away from the Galaxy model to the Thunderbird for NASCAR competition. Many modifications were made, including heavier front and rear springs and shocks to help the 3,900 pound car handle better.
The accompanying photo shows a "zipper top" T-Bird, so-called because the hardtop could be removed for the convertible-series races, which were popular at the time. The T-bird was given another new grille this year, and tail-lamps went from four back to six. It isnt fair for something to instantly do 100 dmg with its status as a mid-weight vehicle.
At the age of 8, his father murdered his mother and sister, and attacked Travis within an inch of his life.
Maybe I'll do that later today for the hell of it.It'd be tomorrow for those with normal schedules. It was offered as an affordable, six-cylinder sports car, rivalling similar classics such as the MGB-GT and the Triumph Spitfire.
Less than 3,000 units were produced before the TR6 came in to improve on many of the specifications.
Construction was conservative - the body was bolted onto the frame, which featured a front anti-roll bar, semi-trailing arm independent rear suspension, and rack and pinion steering. The UK fuel-injected version was de-tuned to 125-horsepower in 1973 by camshaft alterations and revised fuel injection metering. Of the 8,370 cars sold in the UK, over 4,000 are still registered with the DVLA either as on the road or as SORN declared vehicles.
With unmistakable looks and powerful performance, the Triumph TR6 continues to be a hugely sought-after car. Coverage includes production statistics, engine specifications, model history and information, performance options, and more!
Onder de kap lag een 3,4 liter zes-in-lijn, die de racer in zowel 1955 als 1957 naar een Le Mans-overwinning reed. In its place, a power-retractable hardtop, like Ford's Skyliner, was slated for the Thunderbird.
Holman and Moody, one of Ford's most successful race teams, built a fleet of racing T-Birds with 430-cid engines. The unlucky bride and groom are raised out of the back through the sunroof, chained to the rear seat. From then on he has been terrorizing the Colorado residence with random disappearances ,and having numerous sightings across the tri-state area. On the front is a trap-like plough held open by a wires that are strung into the engine, and will snap shut like a mouse trap, putting whoever is unfortunate enough to be caught in its teeth in a vice grip. He wasn't actually sent into service but instead was selected to test the military's new attempt at a truth serum . Disc brakes were fitted at the front with drum brakes at the rear, and the iconic look of the car was completed by very distinctive 15-inch wheels and tires.

Daarnaast is de auto romdom van schijfremmen voorzien, allemaal vrij revolutionaire zaken voor mid-jaren-50. The seat is then cut in half, and the bride is catapulted at the opponent (ladies first), followed by the groom. He had good grades, he had a steady girlfriend, and was going to be on the football team when his life changed for ever.
The experiments went horribly wrong, he killed 3 doctors in his confused rage and his mind was in a forever fantasy state in which the world melts into a sea of madness. Calypso then gives Travis the spirit of his father, giving him all the rage his father had.
He lived in Suburbia when the first Twisted Metal Tournament took place and it ripped his city apart and killed his family and girlfriend. In the late 60's an old truck driver spread tall tales of a terrible creature attacking him and taking his plow truck. However, this vehicle will start to pick up speed, before slamming on the gas, throwing the car onto its rear tires, and releasing the target vehicle high into the air, where it will plummet back down to earth.
He was locked away in Blackfield asylum were in 1996 Calypso freed him and temporarily relieved his horrific world and asked him to compete in his Twisted Metal competition to truly be free. Tapping the attack button can send them crashing back down to earth, to explode on an unfortunate opponent or group, or keep them in the air for longer.
From then on horrendous mangled heaps of metal and blood have been discovered on the side of the road after large snow storms. Anyone hit by the falling vehicle will take 15% damage, while the the car tossed up into the air will take 25%Type 2: Auto-BracerIt starts the same as the first, the jaw opens up and catches a target. Tapping the attack button at the near end of their time in the air, will send them to earth ablaze; dealing extra damage, and exploding in an atomic burst of their now dead love. He caught wind that Calypso was the leader of these tournaments and sought out to kill him. However, instead of throwing the car into the air, it turns into a 6-second sprint, using the car in the jaw as a bracer. He soon found a scrapyard that had an old concept bus that would be scrapped, but asked the manager of he could have it. These occurrences went on until about 1996 when a young wealthy entrepreneur named Calypso was going back to Los Angeles after checking on his multimillion dollar skiing investments. At 1~2 seconds it will do 3% damage per hit, at 3~4 seconds it will do 9% per hit, and at 5~6 seconds it will do 15% damage. With his wish he will ask for the revival of the Soviet Nation; but not just in Russia, Across the globe!
Soon, he was able to turn it into a big, killing machine and prepared to enter the next tournament.
His limo was stuck on the side of a snowy embankment during a whiteout, HE came rolling at Calypso's limo only to come to a halt feet away. Calypso climbed aboard and with a brief exchange of words he had himself his first Twisted Metal competitor!
The automatic street-lights didnt go on because of the time, and most drivers were caught off guard. And the unfortunate case of a car slamming into a cosmetic hospital rung through the news waves.
With 3 full charges of the bar, it will open, load, and charge the blood missles, before firing all 32 missiles into the air in one quick launch.
18 people were killed when the car veered off course and slammed into the room where Ariel was having her operation, but she was lucky. Then a targeting circle, like that of the Napalm in Tm 2012 will appear traveling across the ground. With a tap of the attack button, all 32 missles will come raining down on the target position in a rain that lasts about a second.

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