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The D Series was a line of pickup trucks sold by the Dodge division of American automaker Chrysler from 1961-1980. The D Series used the familiar Chrysler Slant 6 engine in displacements of 170 cu in, 198 cu in and 225 cu in as the base models, depending on the year. Another innovation was the introduction of an alternator rather than a generator for electrical power. Yet another innovation, a "Crew Cab" (four-door) body style was introduced in 1963, a first for a factory pickup.
From 1965 until the early 80's, the D series were assembled by the Automotive Equipment Group (?????? ????? ??"?) in Israel at a new factory located at Nazareth-I'llit (?????? ??? ????-????), using straight 4 & 6 gasoline engines with manual transmission. By 1970, the Adventurer would be expanded into three separate packages: the base Adventurer, the Adventurer Sport and the top-line Adventurer SE. 1972 also saw the introduction of the 440 cu in engine as a standard option for the light trucks. The 1972 D Series was made famous in the television show Emergency!, where it was the featured paramedic rescue squad vehicle for the entire seven seasons of the popular show. Notable models produced during this era were the 1978-1979 Li'l Red Express, the Warlock, the Macho Power Wagon and the Adventurer (Note: All Li'l Red Express Trucks were Adventurers, though not vice versa). This final generation was facelifted in 1981 when the D Series was rebadged as the Dodge Ram pickup around when Lee Iaccoca took charge of the ailing Chrysler Corporation. A 1972 Dodge D-300 was used as a LA County Fire Department paramedic rescue vehicle, aka Squad 51 in the television show Emergency!. In the opening scene of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, the driver of a 1963 Dodge D200 harasses the Griswold family. In the Supernatural episode "Route 666", a racist that a black man killed in self-defense in the 1960s haunts a town as a phantom D300. In 2009, an episode of Criminal Minds featured a black 1979 D-100 step-side as the vehicle driven by the villain (or unsub). Dodge B Series — pickup truck, Australia, circa 1950 Chrysler s Dodge division has used the B Series name on two different vehicles, a pickup truck and a van. Dodge — Saltar a navegacion, busqueda Para otros usos de este termino, vease Dodge (satelite). All data is provided for entertainment purposes only, is subject to change without notice and is provided without warranty of any kind. Click the above picture to view full size.  Other obvious giveaways as to an axles origin is a leaf sprung car will be either a Camaro or Nova while a coil sprung car will be an A-Body or B-Body.
After 1980, the trucks were renamed the Dodge Ram and the same basic design was retained until the 1994 introduction of a completely redesigned Ram.

As default, it introduced the first Virgil Exner-inspired "Swept-Line" bed where the bed was the width of the vehicle and the fenders were inboard, as can be seen in virtually all modern pickup trucks.
A three-speed automatic transmission was a major advance — the truck used a two-speed automatic less than a decade earlier.
Big news was a wider tailgate and the replacement of the A series engines with the updated LA series. This factory also produced the Jeep Wagoneer SUV for the Israeli army, and UK Ford Escort & Ford Transit vehicles for the civilian market. A new Adventurer trim package replaced the old Custom Sports Special; basically, it included a padded front seat with vinyl trim (either full bench or buckets with console) and carpeting, plus other hallmarks such as extra chrome trim and courtesy lighting. The Adventurer SE included such things as a chrome grille, wood trim on the dashboard, the padded vinyl front seat with color-keyed seatbelts, full courtesy lighting, extra insulation, dual horns, full carpeting, luxury door panel trim, a vinyl-embossed trim strip ran along the sides of the truck, full wheel discs and a woodgrain-insert panel on the tailgate.
Another rare model is the Midnite Express which was available for the 1978 model year only. Such things including an embossed "DODGE RAM" name on the tailgate along with other obvious changes like the grille and hood, the taillights, and the entire interior. A combination of stagnant styling nearly two decades old plus brand loyalty primarily to Chevrolet and Ford during the 1980s and 1990s reduced sales volume for the first generation Dodge Ram.
The vehicle is extensively modified, particularly through the addition of two diesel smokestacks, and filmed in such a way that identifying features are hard to see. All of Chrysler's larger engines, with the notable exception of the Chrysler Hemi engine were available as factory options.
A "Club Cab" was also available for 1973, providing transverse seating for either a single third passenger or two small third and fourth passengers (most often, the Club Cab was used as extra cargo space). The optional High Performance Package could be ordered with a CSS truck or by itself on a base model truck complete with Chrysler's big 426 cu in wedge-head V8. The Dude's tailgate was unique, featuring a Dodge decal on a flat tailgate surface, without the typical tailgate’s embossed logo.
Styling cues, such as the scalloped hood and rounded fenderwells, were similar to the rounded, smooth look of the 1971 Plymouth Satellite. This truck was equipped much like the Li'l Red Express with exhaust stacks, wheels, and gold pinstriping. The diesel used standard Dodge manual and automatic transmissions via specially made adapter plate which had the LA V8 bolt pattern. The truck is most recognizable in a sequence where Sam and Dean Winchester pull the actual wreckage of the truck out of a pond. The models were D100 & D200 light trucks, D500 truck, and the D600 truck with the straight 6 engine and having on-demand 4 wheel drive.

The Dudes were only offered in the 1970 and 1971 model years and only 1500 to 2000 Dudes were produced. These trucks were built with a considerable amount of galvanized steel to resist rust and corrosion making them very durable. The Midnite Express was painted black instead of red and featured a "Midnite Express Truck" decal on the door. This rare factory option, VIN code H, was the result of fuel crisis and the collaboration of Chrysler and Mitsubishi. Beginning in 1981, even more corrosion-resistant steel was used in the construction of the trucks. The High Performance Package also included the LoadFlite automatic transmission, a 6000 rpm-rated Sun tachometer with heavy-duty gauges, power steering, dual exhaust and rear axle torque rods (traction bars) sourced from 1961 Imperials. Most Midnite Express trucks were powered by the 440 engine, instead of the 360 like the Li'l Red Express. The engine, while being trustworthy and having far better economy than any other engine in the Dodge lineup at the time, suffered from its low power output and was considered to be underpowered by American standards, even though it was previously used in the Japanese 3.5-ton cab-over Mitsubishi T44 Jupiter Truck and in industrial applications. This bodystyle continued until 1993 and needless to say, many of these vehicles are on the road still. The only thing that changed in the restoration was, a diesel engine replaced the engine used previously. All of these trucks were considered "lifestyle" pickups and were marketed to an audience that wanted specialty, personal use trucks. Because of the low sales it was phased out quickly and as a result it became practically a single year specialty. Many body panels are interchangeable for all models from 1972–1993, so it is not impossible to see a "hybrid" of a 1978 grille mounted with a 1974 hood and a 1991 cab.
There were 3 Dodge D-series vehicles used in the filming of Emergency!, a 1971, 1972 and a 1973 Dodge D-300. Dodge also saw a need in the market for a "Club Cab" pickup and released an extended cab version of the D Series with extra space behind the front seat while still having two doors on the cab — not to be confused with the much larger "Crew Cab" that had four doors. In most jurisdictions, the year is dictated by the year of the truck's chassis regardless of the body which has been bolted to it. Also kept was the Utiline step-side model that had the same truck bed that dated well into the 1940s.

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