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Two different alumni of SEAL Team Six, the secretive group of highly trained warriors that killed Osama bin Laden three years ago, have been profiting off their role in the terror leader's death since leaving the military.
Former Team Six member Matt Bissonnette, who wrote a bestseller under a pseudonym about shooting bin Laden, is about to publish his second book about being a Navy SEAL. Neither man is the SEAL who was first up the stairs at bin Laden's Pakistan compound and fired the first shot at Osama.
Bissonnette, who left the Navy in April 2012, was the first SEAL from the bin Laden mission to cut a business deal based on his participation. Bissonnette had not submitted the book, which gives his account of the bin Laden raid, for prepublication review with the Department of Defense. The Pentagon sent him a letter threatening legal action, and said he had revealed classified information. His account did not match the story that O'Neill was telling Esquire magazine around the same time.
But when O'Neill left SEAL Team Six and began making motivational speeches, with part of the unspoken lure for audiences his central role in bin Laden's death, the goodwill began to ebb away. But another former SEAL, while acknowledging that public scrutiny of their actions was fair, defended both Bissonnette and O'Neill. Said Hatch, "The same leadership that promoted and produced 'Act of Valor' now want to punish people who did some heavy lifting. As Bissonnette notes, both he and O'Neill offered their versions of events long after other government employees had apparently spoken to journalists about the bin Laden raid. A Defense Department official told NBC News Tuesday that at the Defense Department's request, the Justice Department is investigating whether Bissonnette revealed classified information.

Lakstaki : De todas maneras puede que sea un impostor , porque LAden tiene mas pelo i la boca se le quedo un tanto rara al morir . Tina Fey hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend, and to milk it for as much as they could, this cut sketch from Fey’s previous hosting gig was posted online. If you’ve been wondering how to make an origami Stormtrooper helmet, you are in luck! But their dueling narratives are a sign of the backbiting and dysfunction that has roiled a once tight-knit band of warriors as former members violate their code of secrecy in search of the spotlight. Unlike O'Neill, however, Bissonnette is under investigation by the federal government, which is trying to determine whether he disclosed classified information in his first book.
The first SEAL in the stack, the point man, sees a tall man stick his head out of the bedroom door on the third floor.
At a debrief in Afghanistan, however, he says he took two shots and might have hit bin Laden once.
The encounter with bin Laden takes about 15 seconds, and only two men, O'Neill and the point man, are in the room. The second SEAL shoots bin Laden in the chest and the head and then reports, via radio, "For God and country, Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo. Some Republicans charged that the Obama administration had provided secret access to the filmmakers.
He has been traveling the country giving paid motivational speeches on the unspoken understanding that he's the man who killed bin Laden. 4, 2012, he used the pen name Mark Owen and pledged much of the proceeds to charity, but he still became persona non grata with his command and many former comrades.

There's how many former generals, how many former CIA directors, how many former secretaries of defense?
He also conceded that criticism from other SEALs, even if they're strangers, can be painful.
The New Yorker piece talks about three SEALs assaulting the bedroom, and according to the official, the first SEAL in the stack sees bin Laden through the open door, fires and misses.
Screenwriter Mark Boal said he had access to sources who had helped him with an unproduced screenplay about the 2001 raid on bin Laden's Tora Bora hideout, and that he spoke to people in the military and the CIA about details of the raid. A draft report of the internal investigation later showed that CIA Director Leon Panetta had revealed some classified details during an event at CIA headquarters.
After a teammate shoots bin Laden Bissonnette puts more bullets into him and helps finish him off.
O'Neill told Esquire that ultimately there were many more wounds on the body than the ones he inflicted. Both Boal and director Kathryn Bigelow, however, said they relied mostly on open sources for the details of the raid, and had received no classified documents.

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