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Up to version 2.1, Sonar was relying only on external coding rules engines such as Checkstyle, PMD and Findbugs to report violations on Java applications. Squid provides an easy to use visitor pattern to be able to visit dependencies between methods, fields, classes and packages. Unused protected method or Unused private method : Protected or private methods that are never used by any classes in the same project are strongly suspected to be dead code. To support those new functionality, a new Open Source library called sonar-check-api has been added in the Sonar toolbox. The team is proud to announce the release of SonarQube platform 3.6, the first version with the new name (it had been called Sonar). The two concepts of Violation and Review have been merged into one unified concept called Issue. Each action performed on an issue is now logged and the change log of an issue can be displayed at any time.
Improve their value: better implementation to get fewer false positives and false negatives, better description, code snippets, etc. 3.i?”e“? e?€i‚¬: i…?iS¤iS? i?”e“? i?? i‹¤i–‰ i?? i?”e“? e?„i??, i?”e“? e±°i??e?  e‹?i?„ i…?iS¤iS??
In Software, Quality is one of those badly abused term, which is getting harder and harder to define what it really means.
You can measure somethings about quality, but don’t fool yourself to believe that IS quality. Some might say things like code coverage, cyclomatic complexity and defect density is a good measure of quality.
On complex projects, forces a nicely decoupled design such that each modules can be independently tested.
Code coverage, cyclomatic complexity, coding convention violation, version control activity, bug counts, etc. Version Control, Project & Requirements Managements tool, Bug Tracking and Build system are completely integrated. However the ground reality was, my colleagues were not convinced about automated developer testing, they lacked basic knowledge and skill to do effective developer testing and the manager always kept them under high pressure. Now what do you expect to happened when managers push certain (poorly understood) metric down developers’ throats?
Code Coverage measures which line of code got executed (intensionally or accidentally) when you run the program or tests against the program. UPDATE: I strongly recommend looking at CppDepend (commercial), one stop solution for all kinds of metric.

In the past, I’ve used these graphs to show Before and After snapshots of various projects after a small refactoring effort. Majority of the code has coverage over 75% (Our goal is not to have every single class with 100% code coverage. You don’t see large black patches (ones you see are classes that were mocked out for testing).
Panopticode combined with CheckStyle, FindBugs and JDepends can give you a lot more info to check the real pulse of your codebase. Some time back, I spent 1 Week helping a project (Server written in Java) clear its Technical Debt. Something interesting to watch out is how the production code becomes more crisp (fewer packages, classes and LOC) and how the amount of test code becomes greater than the production code. Today I spent a good 3 hours trouble shooting issues with code coverage on a legacy project. After spending a good amount of time, I realized that we need to compile the source code with debug=true option, else Cobertura does not generate any coverage numbers. That’s when it occurred to me that I need to compile my source code with debug=true option. I knew there was some problem with the Shutdown hook not been executed correctly to flush the coverage numbers to the ser file.
Finally after 3 hrs, there was some ray of hope in my life when I saw a good 86% code coverage.
3 new widgets have been created that enable to embed hot spots into a project dashboard: most violated rules, most violated resources and hot spots on a specific metric. The events management has been greatly improved to make it easier to use from the History page introduced in Sonar 2.11. But since version 2.1, Sonar also provides its own rules engine to work on Java dependencies.
Using a deprecated method is a sort of technical debt that must be repaid earlier rather than later. This technique is useful to quickly get an idea of the general quality of a large existing code base. If we did not meet the targeted coverage numbers this sprint, then the whole team would face the consequences during the upcoming performance appraisals. In spite of trying to talk to her, she insisted. One fine Sprint demo day, I convinced the team to showcase our dirty little secret to all the stakeholders and management. Code coverage tells you nothing about the quality of your tests, hence nothing about the quality of the code.

Julias Shaw‘s Panpoticode is a great tool to produce useful design metric in the treemap format for your Java project. In this blog I want to show you a healthy project’s codebase and highlight somethings that makes me feel comfortable about the codebase. It turned out that if you have a server which is started as a daemon process in a forked JVM in the build, it needs to have a way to shutdown the server gracefully. This means that not only can the coverage by unit test be calculated by JaCoCo natively, but also that coverage by integration tests is now much better integrated.
This helps in maintenance by decreasing the maintained code size, making it easier to understand the program. When we see something in a specific context, we can say its high quality or low quality, but its hard to define (and hence measure) what absolute quality really is.
I would like to believe that the manager had good intent and was trying to encourage developers to write clean, tested code. One could find our manager showing off to her colleagues about how much the team respected her words and what a command she had on us. Code coverage along with Cyclomatic Complexity can be used by the team to guide them, but not by management to judge the team.
This server handles extremely high volumes of data & request and is a very important part of our server infrastructure. So I ended up writing a shutdown command for the server which would basically do a System.exit(0). It means that you can track usage of deprecated methods on Java API or any other external libraries. Protected methods that override a method from a parent class are not considered as dead code as those methods are most often used through polymorphism. One need to explicitly call the shutdown script before calling the cobertura report target.
But I was not able to generate any coverage numbers from the main Java application (server) that I was trying to test.

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