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One of the benefits of being a nurse is that there are a number of career paths in which to be successful.
Nurses may become credentialed through professional associations in specialties such as ambulatory care, gerontology, and pediatrics, among others. Be Adaptable: No day is quite like the next when you work as a nurse, so they need to be able to adapt to circumstances. Be a Quick Thinker: When a nurse notices something is not right with a patient, they need to be able to make decisions quickly and put their plans into action instantly.
Have Great Judgment: A nurse must be able to look at a patient’s current state and accurately assess what is or is not needed. Soliant has earned the Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval for excellence in healthcare staffing.
Nursing is not like being a psychologist where the career path is pretty much set in stone.

Although certification is usually voluntary, it demonstrates adherence to a higher standard, and some employers may require it. Long hours and the strain of working with ill and stressed people on a daily basis can make it a very difficult challenge. People are unpredictable at the best of times, but under stress become even more unpredictable, so a nurse’s typical workday will require flexibility and adaptability.
Nursing is not the career for someone who needs time to think about a situation before responding, because even a fraction of a second can mean the difference between life and death. To become licensed, nurses must graduate from an approved nursing program and pass the National Council Licensure Examination, or NCLEX-RN.
Certification is required for all registered nurses serving in any of the four advanced practice registered nurse roles. Being an organized detail-oriented person is therefore crucial for someone in this career field.

It’s also unusual for a hospital or medical center to be overstaffed, which of course means more workload on each nurse in the unit.
There are licensed practical nurses (LPN’s), which take their direction from registered nurses and train for about one year.
Certainly, the more of the traits above you have as an individual, the more likely a travel nursing job is right for you. Then there is the registered nurse (RN), who can choose a degree program in a university, which is the BSN and then there is the diploma nurses that leads to the RN but are mostly trained in hospitals and take three years to complete.

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