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An election worker checks a votera€™s drivera€™s license at a polling place in Charlotte, North Carolina, on March 15.
Dahlia Lithwick writes about the courts and the law for Slate, and hosts the podcast Amicus. The Voting Rights Act was originally enacted in 1965 to eradicate the racially tainted voter suppression that plagued the Jim Crow South. The 2016 election will be the first post–Shelby County presidential race, and it could come down to contested votes in some of the very same states that have fiddled with their laws in recent years. While voter ID laws seem to have suffered body blows last week, the ghosts of Shelby County will continue to take many forms. These courts, in other words, are now closely watching the efforts at voter suppression and finding that the myth of voter fraud does not justify the tangible harms these laws do to many voters.
But last week also saw a major voting setback when the Virginia Supreme Court ruled that Gov.
Still, the ruling also held that McAuliffe is allowed to lawfully restore voting rights for former felons, but only by individually signing the restoration orders on a case-by-case basis. The adverse Virginia ruling came on the heels of word from Reuters that the Justice Department was deploying the lowest number of federal election observers since the Voting Rights Act was passed in 1965. Find The Coolest Dresses Under The Sun Now at Rugged Wearhouse – Outfitting America For Less. New study shows how gun suicides plummeted in Connecticut after stricter gun laws, skyrocketed in Missouri after looser ones. The study, published by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research in the October issue of Preventive Medicine, found a 15.4 percent reduction in firearm suicide rates in Connecticut after the passage of a 1995 law requiring individuals to obtain a permit or license to purchase a handgun after passing a background check.
Researchers were careful to point out they couldn’t prove a clear causal relationship, noting that overall suicide rates in Connecticut went down at the same time that gun suicides did.
The study confirms similar findings by researchers at George Mason University that more guns result in more suicide, but it was the first to study whether policy changes actually impacted suicide risk over time.
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But Sanders neglected to mention one of the other worst Supreme Court decisions in the history of the country—one with tangible implications for the November elections and one that has gotten far less attention than his much-loathed Citizens United. Holder, the court issued a landmark decision that eviscerated core components of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.
When the court voted 5–4 to strike down Section 4 of the act, it was an enormous change to the law, freeing many jurisdictions with historical records of discrimination from having to get federal preclearance before changing their voting laws. Federal courts struck down draconian voter ID laws in Texas and Wisconsin, and a federal judge in Michigan struck down a rule that would have barred straight-ticket voting, a state system that allows voters to cast ballots for every candidate from a given party with a single vote.
The judges in them went out of their way to explain that voter fraud is extremely rare and that suppressing votes is one of the most pernicious forms of election stealing we have.
Terry McAuliffe’s move to restore voting rights to 200,000 disenfranchised felons violated the Virginia Constitution.
The Justice Department believes that as a result of the Shelby County ruling, it lacks authority to select voting areas at most risk of racial discrimination and deploy observers there. And while voter ID laws seem to have suffered some body blows last week, the ghosts of Shelby County will continue to take many forms, reminding us that Sanders’ point about the court is even more critical than he described Monday night.
That is the implication of a new study by researchers at Johns Hopkins, who found that gun suicides plummeted after a law in Connecticut requiring background checks for handgun purchases was passed.
In Missouri, though, there was no significant change in suicide by means other than guns after the state’s repeal of its handgun licensing law. Johns Hopkins’ Center for Gun Policy and Research had previously found a 40 percent decrease in gun homicide rates after the Connecticut law was passed, and a 25 percent increase in Missouri rates after the repeal.
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After Shelby County, several states took advantage of their new freedom to create voting laws with discriminatory effects without the feds looking over their shoulders. You’re picking the justice who will help determine whose votes can be discounted and whose are inviolate. The effort to do away with that long-standing system would have disadvantaged chiefly black voters, because there is a strong correlation in Michigan’s biggest counties between the size of the black voting population and the use of straight-ticket voting.
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Last week demonstrated the centrality of the courts to broader voting rights more than any other in 2016, with a bevy of critical court rulings that showed that the fight is a long way from done. Also last week, in one of the biggest voting right challenges in recent history, the 5th U.S.
The result of that ruling was to effectively disenfranchise 20 percent of the state’s black voters. OTHERWISE YOU CAN'T OWN ANYMORE A PROPERTY WITH HAVING GOOD LOCATION, VERY AFFORDABLE AND QUALITY HOMES.
And a federal judge in Wisconsin similarly ruled that the state’s voter ID requirement was excessively restrictive and that a voter who lacked the appropriate ID could thus still cast a valid ballot provided he or she signed an affidavit. Having good track records with enough experienced are better advantage comparing with those neophytes that might lead you get a wrong property instead. I know you won't gamble your hard earning money!NOTE:“NO OVER PRICING HERE” since all project prices were given by the office of the developer or seller.

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