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This plugin takes in a process name and then uses the command ps to work out how much memory and cpu all the processes of that name are taking up in percentage. To monitor apache processes and warn when the CPU uses over 20% and critical when over 30% .
To implement an effective and easy to customizable monitoring of the size of a single file or an entire directory on a Microsoft based system, can be implemented a very simple check. Making use of the default NetEye monitoring agent for Microsoft, the NSClient++, a new NRPE command can be defined without mayor adaptations in the NSC.ini file.
Patrick ZambelliProduct Manager at Wurth PhoenixAfter my graduation in Applied Computer Science at the Free University of Bolzano I decided to start my professional career outside the province. March 2, 2013 by Sharad Chhetri 25 Comments In this tutorial we will learn How to install and configure nagios nrpe in CentOS and Red Hat. If you want to add any other command or plugin you have to edit the nrpe.cfg file in same manner.
Now adding web-node01 in nagios server so that we could monitor the server’s services.
OK, let me explain the scenario, here we will monitor the server web-node01 of company called companyA .

Would you love to give the info how can I get training on Nagios like recommenced book, video, web link etc.
Do you know if there are any implications in there being a missing square bracket in the nrpe.cfg? Download latest available nagiosql3 archive and extract in nagios document root using below commands.
After completing web installer, it will automatically redirect you to nagiosql3 admin panel.
This is the most important part of NagiosQL setup, It may be your setup is different that me, so be careful with below step.
Login to NagiosQL administrator section and navigate to Administration -> Administration -> Config targets and click on Modify button for Local installation.
At the below screen, you will find configuration file path, make sure all folder exists in first section and check the files path with Nagios core configuration file.
Good doc, some more info can be added for an L board like us, like permission, do and donts will help too. My issue is that when I try to save configurations or any other stuff by clicking on the SAVE button, it makes nothing, zero, nada.

It will output performance data for CPU Usage Percentage, Memory Usage Percentage, VSZ, RSS and the number of processes of that name.
We will also do some configuration changes in nagios server so that we could monitor the servers.
Read this article to install NagiosQL3 web interface for Administration of Nagios server using web interface. During this experience I had also the nice possibility to travel the world, while setting up the various production and retail areas of this company. Today, in my position as Product Manager, I aim to continuously improve our solutions and to adapt them to actual market requirements. Nous aborderons le sujet de la supervision a distance de la memoire vive (RAM) de nos serveurs.

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