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Ability to play against computer in four different difficulty levels : beginner, easy, medium, hard. An important rule is that the regular pieces remains as a regular piece through out all of this combined move. In Dama each is obliged to take the move that captures the maximum number of opponent pieces.
In real life Dama game the referee of this is the opponent, and the opponent reserves the right to not correct this, but in this computer game the maximum number of captures is judged by the computer, and the user is always corrected and warned for the maximum captures. A basic draw rule that is forced is the following: when both sides only have one Dama piece, and nothing changes after 3 consecutive moves, it is a draw.
When junior players play Dama, they can agree to make the last remaining 3 pieces to be promoted to Dama.
In one player mode, the game can be played against the computer in 4 different skill settings : beginner, easy, medium and hard. In this mode, if the game is closed, when it is started again it will remember the saved state, and suggest to continue from where left.
The object of the classic board game Checkers is to capture and remove all of an opponent’s checkers from the game board.
ABOUTClassic Board Games HQ is the number one shop for all your classic gaming needs, with tons of classic board games for sale and all the information you need! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: At Mansion Schools, we want to be sure that the item you choose is the right one for you. 15" Red and Black Leatherette Backgammon SetYour Move Chess & Games is not only for chess.

Icing: When Player 3 (see diagram above) plays the puck from behind the center line to a point beyond the opponent's goal line (into the offensive zone). Each team plays six men at one time (unless someone has been put in the penalty box) and an active roster can include as many as 20 players.
Goaltender: The goalie's responsibility is to keep the opposition from putting the puck into his goal.
Defensemen: Defensemen try to stop the incoming play, block shots, cover opposing forwards and clear the puck from in front of their own goal. Wings: Moving up and down the sides of the ice with the direction of the play, the wings work with the center on the attack to set up shots at the goal. Although the board and number of pieces resemble western checkers and draughts, the similarities are not any further.
So even if it reaches to the last row, it does not get promoted to Dama in the middle of the move. Just like regular pieces, if there are more opponent pieces to capture after the capturing move, these movements should also be completed.
If a side makes a move that does not capture the maximum number of possible pieces, this move must be taken back.
This is not the normal Dama rule, so this option is provided in preferences menu, with default being it is turned off.
To remove a checker, a player must jump that checker in a forward diagonal direction and must land in a square that is vacant.
We have a huge selection of backgammon, poker and gambling supplies, Mah-Jongg, Shogi, the Game of Go, checkers, dominoes, cribbage, Chinese chess and checkers, game computers and much, much more!Backgammon is one of the oldest two player board games and combines strategy with luck.

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It is three inches in diameter and one inch thick and is frozen before games to minimize bouncing. Goals are worth one point each and are scored when the puck crosses the goal line and goes into the net. Offensively, he can start his team down the ice with a pass, but he seldom leaves the net for other reasons. On offense they get the puck to the center and wings and follow the play into the attacking zone to maintain the offensive momentum. A team that is guilty of an icing violation will be prohibited from making a line change prior to the ensuing faceoff. On defense he tries to break up a play before it gets on his teams side of the ice and continues to harass their play in the neutral and defensive zone. If there are more opponent pieces to capture after the capturing move, these movements should also be completed. On items over $275 shipping within the continental US, we will even arrange free pick up or pay for returns shipping.Carefully Selected for Teachers, Moms, Dads and Kids.

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