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Believe it or not, most infections are triggered by users deliberately installing software.
Opera rather than Internet Explorer. Now, let's see what you need to know about security in Windows 7. Similarly, for users of older versions of Internet Explorer, version 8 is offered as a critical update.
Like I said, I am in favor of keeping your system up to date, but you can manage this manually, every few days. Of course, this will once again awaken the Action Center, as it may complain about missing security. OK, so far, everything I've suggested seems to run counter to "healthy" logic of Windows fear and panic. One horrible thing that Microsoft continue doing is hiding extensions for known file types. Autorun can be dangerous, because it will execute arbitrary code that you may not have any control over. That's it, a very simple formula to sane security for users that are not inclined to ruin their computers. Without drivers, the devices you connect to your computer—for example, a mouse or external hard drive—won't work properly. For hardware that you've connected to your computer in the past, updated drivers might become available at a later date; but those drivers aren't installed automatically. Windows can download high-resolution icons for many hardware devices that you connect to your computer, along with detailed information about them, such as product name, manufacturer, and model number—even detailed information about the sync capabilities of a device. NOTE: Access Start>Control Panel>Windows Update> Change Settings to change the Windows 7 update options. Note: The device Manager tool is a central place to manage all the devices your system has and devices which are connected via different ports (Serial, Parallel, USB, Firewire and eSATA ports).
The Update driver software tool compares the current driver software version and install newer version. Check out some of these related tutorials and articles to learn more about updating your computer's drivers. Disk Check is a free utility that can help you scan your disk drives for errors and fix them. This article explains the top 10 in built booster tools and applications in Windows 7 that will help to improve the performance of the Windows 7. Top 10 booster applications in Windows 7Windows 7 is far better than Windows Vista in all aspects. This is one of the most common tasks, especially if you hazard into the world of dual-booting your Windows XP and Linux. 7 actually create their own 100MB recovery partition, which stores the critical system data.

Now, after you're convinced that it works, let's see what else the recovery console can do.
Windows can automatically check if there are drivers available for new devices you connect to your computer. This is much more detailed device information than was previously available in earlier versions of Windows. This could include drivers that become available after you finish installing hardware or devices.
The Update driver software will search for the drivers files in the folders and sub folders selected in the previous step.
If the current driver software version is newer then the tool ignores the update and displays the following screen. These details can make it easier for you to distinguish between similar devices that are connected to your computer, such as if you have several different portable music players and mobile phones.
In order to improve the performance we need to disable or modify some of the Windows 7 features. Windows 7 is an operating system created by Microsoft to be installed on computers and laptops. To get all the available updates for your devices, periodically check for optional updates. In this article, I have given detailed steps about how to install Windows 7 in your home PC.
To install these optional updates, go to Windows Update in Control Panel, check for updates, and then view and install driver updates that are available for your computer.
Adjust power settings in windows 7 Adjust the power settings to save the energy and as well as improve the performance of the operating system.
In Control panel open the Power settings icon it will show 3 options in preferred plans as Balanced, Power saver and soma additional planes such as Maximum performance, Maximum battery life and many more options available to save the energy and maximize the performance of the computer.
Create your custom plan by selecting the Create custom plan link on the left side of the power option window. If you encounter any issues in your power plan you can create a power plan report by using power configuration command. You can run powercfg –energy from the command prompt to create a report with errors, warnings and information.
Cleanup your Hard diskDisk Cleanup the hard disk will increase the hard disk space will improve the performance of the system.
Disk cleanup tool identify the temporary internet files, recycle bin, unused programs, Windows components, very old system restore points, hibernate space, system memory dumps, Thumbnails and many more can be identified and deleted from the system using Disk Cleanup utility.
Once the Disk Analyze is completed it will show a dialog box with defragmentation is required or not.Do the Defragmentation once it is required. Turf off Visual Effects in Windows 7Visual effect uses most resources, by modifying or removing some of the visual effects in Windows 7 will improve the performance of the Windows 7.

Use USB drive as your Memory DeviceIn Windows 7 we can use the USB drive as a RAM in addition to the RAM.
If Windows 7 is running slow one of the reason is not having enough memory to run the applications. 3 GB or more memory will improve the performance of Windows 7 system.Increase the memory in Windows 7 by using Windows ReadyBoost. ReadyBoost will allow you to use the additional storage space by adding the removable media to your system. In order to use the Flash drive as an additional memory to the system select ReadyBoost tab and select Dedicate this device to ReadyBoost will use the entire disk space as RAM to the system, otherwise you can select Use this device to select some space from the disk instead of the complete disk and click OK button to use the Flash drive.5. Enable write cache in Windows 7Write Caching will enable for an external device to optimize the connected removable storage device, includes Flash drives and other drives. Select and expand the Disk Drives and right click the mouse button on the USB storage disk drive to improve its performance and click Properties. After that in order to disconnect the External drive you should use option to disconnect the external device safely from the system to avoid data loss.4.
Check Integrity of the system using Error checking utilityImprove the performance of the system by identifying and rectifying the system errors using Error Checking utility. Due to the bad sectors, System errors and other hard disk related issues will reduce the performance of the system by writing the data to the disk slowly. By disabling a service might crash the system, but you can login in to the system in safe mode to enable the service and restart will boot the system in normal mode. To Disable Windows Program Compatibility Assistant in Windows 7Local Group Policy Editor is available only on Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise editions.Program Compatibility Assistant is a Windows utility which will monitor the user initiated programs and will check the compatibility issues will decrease the performance of the system.
It is a background service which will run in the background to check if the previous version programs like XP compatible programs will able to run properly.
Some issues may require you to run the application as Administrator.Open the Local policy editor from Control panel to disable or enable Program Compatibility Assistant. Open the Control Panel ? Administrator Tools? Local Security Policy will open the Local Security Policy and under Windows components check the Application Compatibility in the right panel right click the mouse button and Turn off Program Compatibility Assistant and click Edit and select Disabled to disable the Program Compatibility Assistant.1. Disable HibernateIf you are not using the Hibernate facility the disable the Hibernate facility will save disk space.
Enabling hibernate will occupy more disk space and it will resume the system faster without loading all the services, But it will affect the system performance and the new security updates and patches will not get installed until the system restarts.In order to enable or disable the hibernate feature in Windows 7 type cmd in the Windows Search box and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter instead of pressing the enter button. Ctrl + Shift +Enter is the keyboard shortcut to open the Run as Administrator.Press Alt + C or click Continue to continue the UAC elevation warning and type powercfg –h on and hit enter to enable the Hibernate feature in Windows 7. To disable the Hibernate feature type powercfg –h off and hit enter to disable the Hibernate feature in Windows 7.

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