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Keeping it plain and simple has worked wonders for Google, and I think that’s what helps make it so popular.  It’s plain white background and search box is all that is needed.  After all, what else do you want a search engine for? Those photos do take some time to load, and I’m looking for an instant home page.  Even though Bing’s search is improving every day, for all the reasons stated above, I still prefer Google’s search result to that for Bings’. So if portals are out, and Bing’s a close second, why not go with Google’s own custom home-page service, iGoogle? Yes, it’s different from most other portals in that I can customize it however I like, but that doesn’t change the fact that it takes longer than a second to load and features widgets I’m not really interested in.  Additionally, iGoogle has a habit of preventing me from seeing Google’s famous doodles. Very interesting i didn’t know what the difference is between a portal and a home page. I just want to make google my homepage without all the confusion of which one of Google different homepages. If you are looking for an alternative to Skype on your mobile phone we strongly recommend you Nimbuzz . With a growing community of over 30 million users across the most popular mobile operating systems (iPhone, Nokia Symbian, Android, Blackberry), PC and Mac there is a big chance that  your friends are already using Nimbuzz ;). Nimbuzz strongly believes that you should demand more from your mobile phone and as new-generation mobile service, designed for the online age, Nimbuzz is the perfect tool to make you more mobile. Select an IM buddy from your contact list (Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk, and Nimbuzz) and choose the Call option.
As always, we’re keen to receive feedback, please feel free to contact us if you have any more questions or comments. We do not have plans in the near future to implement Chatrooms on Blackberry, we will consider it. You can download the compatible version of Nimbuzz for it, directly from the Android Market. We do not support calling on BB yet, we will inform you as soon as we do and we include NimbuzzOut. I have Sony Ericsson K790i First time i installed nimbuzz skype is worked, i don’t know which version once i uninstalled the nimbuzz then i installed there is no skype option on that, I need skype i am using very much. Add the type directly on screen feature as well as receiving files via yahoo messenger on your next update for java phones. I found that old nimbuzz symbian version was more friendly, better connectivity was available in last version.
We do not proxy SIP Voice Streams, which means that Nimbuzz just connects you to the SIP servers and the audio and voice portion of the call, is managed by your SIP provider.

In regards of Maemo devices, no changes on that yet, still considering to develop a version for it.
2.When calling a phonebook contact or dialing a phone number, your own phone number will not be visible. In some cases it is even possible that a random number may be shown, depending on the operator and country you are calling. Third:import contacts that using nimbuzz from hotmail,facebook,yahoo and gmail so we can reach them easily so nimbuzz become poular like skype.
Six: supporting proxy setting so we can access on restricted network inside connection setting like skype has on skype for windows. Nimbuzz you still have a lot of work to do first look ino skype then say it is alternative to skype. You can see your friends updates on FB (personal message) but it is not possible to update yours yet, we are considering implementing this in the future. That is because your device runs the Nimbuzz Java version in which we do not support VoIP calling. Your device is using a Java version of Nimbuzz which does not support calling, hence you cannot call neither receive calls via Nimbuzz. Your device uses a Java version of Nimbuzz which due to technical limitations does not support calling. Yes, Skype was available on Nimbuzz until the 31 of October 2010,  but they asked us to remove the connection. We will continue to focus on providing Nimbuzz users access to the highest quality gateways and networks. When I choose the buddy according to ur advice, it offers followings: Continue chat, Send (Text message, File, Take photo, Voice message, Contacts), Profile.
One thing more i noticed that new version do not have features like, text messege and voice message player in application. The feature i would like to have in nimbuzz are Notification when someone came online, friend request ignore option (without informing him) i.e. But I am willing to switch to Nimbuzz when you have an equivalent monthly subscription scheme… any development plan ?

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