The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

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Our intention is to pass your vehicle and in order to achieve this we will replace any small item like a bulb or wiper blade, so that your car passes the MOT at the first attempt. Should the car fail and require further work, we will contact you with an estimate and seek your agreement before carrying out the repair.
Once you have chosen Money-Save for this MOT we will remind you on each subsequent anniversary to help keep you and your family safe. For your information the following is a check list for you, with details of what is needed to be able to carry out the MOT. Check that wheels and tyres are undamaged.-Normal road wear is different as a very low tread will fail.
Check they click into place correctly and firmly.- We notice children like to put toffee papers into the belt stalk. Check headlights, sidelights, rear lights, hazard lights and indicators for correct operation.
Ask a friend to check that the rear brake lights come on when you press the brake pedal with the ignition switched on.
Please make sure your car is fitted with enough fuel and engine oil to enable the MOT test to be carried out. Regular car engine check-ups can help you spot any potential problems before you get slapped in the face with an unwanted bill. Unfortunately car engine issues can pop up at the most unexpected times – and it’s crucial once you’re aware of these to have them looked at ASAP, especially if you want to keep your car engine in tip-top condition. So without further ado, here are a few signs that may indicate your car engine needs a once over. Love them or hate the sight of seeing them – your dashboard warning lights are your first line of defense in protecting your car engine. If they flash up and don’t shut off a few minutes after starting up your car, then it could be a sign that something’s wrong with your car engine, your electronics or worse still – both. The thing is – (like so many) you could just ignore the warning lights, and just carry on like nothing is wrong. Popping sounds from your vehicle are an indication of the premature ignition of fuel in the combustion chambers. All of the above – are a big no, no for your car engine, so my suggestion is to try to track down where these noises are coming yourself, or find a man that can and have the car engine repaired. Although short and sweet – the indicators listed are probably the main contenders if your car engine is in need of attention. So if you notice any of these car engine glitches, waste no time in taking your car to a service professional, or feel free to get in touch, we’d be happy to help. There’s also the increased possibility of an accident occurring due to insufficient tread depth, improper tyre pressures and blow-outs. This section explains the necessary safety and legal requirements that each vehicle driver should undertake to maintain their tyres.
For passenger vehicles excluding motorcycles and vehicles not fitted with more than 8 seats. It is the police officers discretion that determines whether a Fixed Penalty Notice is issued or for more serious violations, the officer may wish to prosecute. The maximum fine that a court can impose is ?2500 per tyre and 3 penalty points.
The least of your concerns are if you get caught by the police if driving on illegal tyres. It isn’t a legal requirement to carry a spare tyre and the condition of the tyre has no consequence while it remains a spare.
Before checking the condition of your tyres, ensure you are on a flat surface, with plenty of distance from kerbs, the car is turned off and safely secured with the parking brake.
The correct tyre pressure for your vehicle can be found inside your vehicle hand book and should be done whilst the tyres are cold. Two tyre pressure are often quoted, one for normal use and another for heavy load.

Under or over tyre inflation not only increases tyre wear but can affect the grip and braking of the vehicle.
Other than the usual tyre wear and tear, there are steps that can be taken to increase the life of a tyre. Having the correct tyre pressure will reduce tyre wear. Whilst driving, if there is any vibration that occurs, this is often a result of the wheels being out of balance. Radial and cross-ply tyres are constructed very differently and have a significant impact on how a vehicle handles. A radial tyres sidewall construction is very flexible, but has a very firm tread area. Mixing different brands of tyres providing they are the same construction type ( radial and cross-ply) is acceptable for many makes and models of cars. Essentially, if you are a safe driver, read the road ahead well and take bends at a sensible speed, mixing tyres is fine and little difference will be noticed. Bosch approved garage offering car and light commercial vehicle servicing, maintenance and MOTs. Invertire i pneumatici porta sia benefici in termini economici sia in termini di corretto utilizzo della propria auto. Un consiglio da tenere in grande considerazione e di controllare molto spesso lo stato degli pneumatici e verificare che non siano presenti strani ringonfiamenti, profondi tagli nella spalla, rotture varie o anche eccessiva usura del battistrada.
Ad ogni modo, se vogliamo ridurre al minimo l’usura degli pneumatici e garantire loro una lunga durata, e preferibile modificare le loro posizioni regolarmente.
Per essere certi di quando e il caso di invertire gli pneumatici e con quale frequenza, vi consigliamo di fare riferimento al manuale d’uso della vostra auto.
Una cosa da tenere sempre presente e che alcuni pneumatici ad alte prestazioni – soprattutto quelli con verso di rotolamento – hanno necessita di essere montati in una posizione specifica quindi non sono indicati per essere invertiti.
I nostri tecnici sono a disposizione per chiarire ogni dubbio su come e quando invertire i pneumatici; nel caso in cui i debbano essere sostituiti, sul nostro portale sono disponibili pneumatici, cerchi in lega, cerchi in ferro e ruote complete per tantissimi modelli di auto. The company’s leading position creates an intense sense of responsibility and alertness to respond to any challenges and expectation of market liberalizations that will mark a new era in industry. The result of this positioning is that the final client will have his car in low cost and limited time exceeding his expectation. They also give you a chance to fix any small mechanical car engine issues before they snowball out of control and cause real damage.
And day after day there’s a chance that you may not notice anything directly wrong with your car engine. The potential issues arising for neglecting tyres can not only lead to penalty points on your licence, but heavy fines in extreme circumstances. If you have an accident that is your fault and an inspection concludes that one or more of your vehicles tyres are illegal, it is highly likely that your car insurance will become invalid. When the tyre tread becomes level with the markers, the tyre is at its minimum legal limit.
If you no longer have the vehicles hand book, the vehicles manufacturer is able to provide you with this information as will a tyre replacement garage.
Under inflated tyres can potentially lead to overheating and possible breakdown of the tyre. An over-inflated tyre will cause the centre of the tread area to wear significantly faster than the outside shoulder areas. A cross-ply tyres construction is the opposite with much firmer sidewalls and a more flexible tread area. It isn’t economical to replace an entire set, if you just need to replace one or two tyres. Stesso discorso per i cerchi, che devono essere sempre in perfetto stato: un cerchio deformato o danneggiato in breve tempo rovina la gomma e mette a serio rischio la sicurezza su strada della nostra auto.
Ridurre la consunzione degli pneumatici, infatti, oltre ad allungare la loro vita, permette di mantenere prestazioni costanti e alti valori di sicurezza sulla strada.

Tenete presente l’immagine in testa a questo post per capire come variare la posizione degli pneumatici.
Va detto inoltre che e preferibile che l’operazione di invertire i pneumatici venga eseguita da un professionista, nonostante sia alla portata di tutti, cioe abbastanza semplice da eseguire. In ogni caso vi consigliamo di rivolgervi sempre per una consulenza ad un gommista prima di effettuare questa operazione.
Su sono inoltre disponibili inoltre i sensori di pressione TPMS, spediti gia tarati per il modello di auto richiesto.
Bethany will be collaborating with acapella music producer Mike Tompkins, and it’s unclear if he will be singing as well, or just producing the song. Be sure to check out her debut single, “Need You Right Now,” when it drops on iTunes Monday, October 13th! I love Disney movies (and Disney in general), music, and I don't care about what anyone thinks about me. At this moment the company holds a respectable individuals and dealers around the island of Cyprus.
All work is carried out by our own qualified and trained mechanics based in UK , so you can be sure the quality is of the highest standard. But trust me, those car engine warning lights have been installed and put there for a reason, so ignore them at your peril. White smoke is a sign that condensation or even antifreeze has found its way into fuel lines. Providing you pay within the date on the fixed penalty notice, no court action will be necessary. Whilst performing the tyre check, ensure there are no deep cuts on the sidewalls and no bulges. Opting for cheap tyres can lead to faster tyre wear and the way you drive can also have an impact. On average however, a more thorough check of the tyres, including tyre pressure, legal tread depth and damage should be checked at least once every month.
The inspection covers the legal condition, security, tyre size and type and tyre tread depth. Under inflated tyres cause the opposite where the outside of the tyre wears faster than the centre.
Especially for transportation vehicles, the tyre wear, traction and stability is very different for each construction type. Due to this, it is illegal to use different tyre construction types on the same axle. Each one will provide a different level of comfort and grip, the same can be said for tyres. Una gomma in buono stato non aumenta il consumo di carburante e ritarda il cambio stagionale. Il consumo della gomma varia in base al tipo di trazione del veicolo; quella anteriore comporta un logoramento diverso da quella posteriore. It’s also unclear if Bethany is releasing her song independently, or with a record label. Check out her cover of “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith, featuring her adorable niece, Marin! Tyres that fail to meet the minimum legal requirements will not have an MOT certificate granted for the vehicle.
Nelle auto con trazione posteriore, invece, il peso si distribuisce piu o meno equamente su entrambi gli assi e quindi sulle 4 gomme. Questo vuol dire che e preferibile che la rotazione degli pneumatici avvenga piu spesso in presenza di auto a trazione anteriore.

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