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THIS PASSPORT SHOULD BE IN THE CUSTODY EITHER OF THE HOLDER OR OF A PERSON AUTHORISED BY THE HOLDER . Search through Frequently Asked Questions about the whole process from I-129F - K1 Visa - AOS - ROC and other processes. The articles found on this blog are applicable to all I-129F Petitions, K1 Visa Applicants, AOS (from a K1 Visa), and ROC applicants unless otherwise noted. Country-specific Note (Philippines): Though it is not required, it may be less of a hassle for your beneficiary to have actual confirmation from NVC regarding your Case Number.
Sometime after acquiring your case number, your case will be shipped to the beneficiary’s consulate.
After you acquire your case number from NVC, you can check the whereabouts of your case on the Consular Electronic Application Center or CEAC website.
When a file is misrouted to a different Embassy (other than the one specified on the I-129F) and the request from the target Embassy (i.e. When Washington, DC receives your file the CEAC will still status show IN TRANSIT but the date will refresh to the date (Update Date) DoS shipped it to the target embassy. After the petition, exams and fees and interview a 14month process we became the luckiest and happiest people on the planet earth.
Never being more than 100 miles from her home, she was super excited and super nervous but our love helped her to get on a plane for a 20hour flight to LAX, CA then transfer to a local plane to Miami. Then they asked her about my ex-wife who still maintains the same mailing address as me but lives with her family in Russia now. The said and I quote, “you’re a liar, you’re coming to the US to find a job then divorce your husband”. And finally asking her to sign a paper, shes said “NO” they kept pushing her to sign and said this will make it easier on you SIGN!
Fragile girl who never travelled on a plane before at 28 honest god fearing, no totally in tears and emotionally distressed finally gave in and signed off on a 5yr ban not to return to the US without understanding at the time what she was actually signing. Not provided any communications with outside world, taking away her cell phone and locking her up in a closet for 15hours till her next plane ride for returning back to Manila, making a connection in Shanghai China. I wish I had prepared her better and gave her money to take with her as she messed up due to the initial Philippino airport departure tax which is 1650php not 550php. In shanghai, China eastern put her in a locked room till her next plane was ready for manila.
Mind you I paid for a 1way ticket to Miami $900, she didn’t complete the trip and they couldn’t even give her water and some stale bread as a courtesy. So she left on Monday 5am (their time) and returned at 8am on Thursday, a 4 day flight and prisoner holding.

California will start making all benefit payments - state disability, paid family leave, unemployment - on the debit card. Per EDD,California's benefit programs constitute a much larger volume than any other state.
This is also what you will in the future to check the status of your Visa after the interview. They bluntly said he is married, and she replied no divorced otherwise the petitions would never be approved. NEVER EVER FLY with them, this must be an example of how in humane that airline is to it’s passengers.
The worst part of your experience awaits you when you land in the US by their Gistapo squad.
Because immigration law is federal law, our office can represent clients anywhere in the United States and abroad.
Some K1 Visa Process articles are written specifically for applicants from the Philippines. It arrived on May 30, 2013 when I was already done with my K1 Visa Payment, Scheduling my K1 Visa Interview, Medical Exam and CFO Seminar. This happened because his fiancee worked in another country before coming back home to the Philippines. The letter can be scanned and email to the Target Embassy and they will direct the receiving Embassy to ship the file.
It may not be accurate for your case, but it is accurate for others that has the same category as mine. The petitioning process, while appearing simple, can be daunting, especially if a petition is based upon a marriage that occurred after the alien spouse was placed in deportation or removal proceedings. Therefore, no matter in what state or country you are located, our office can represent you in US immigration courts, before the U.S.
In our case Kuwait received our NVC file 17 Nov (READY) and we had the request to ship in CEAC by 27 Nov (IN TRANSIT). Ask questions if you want, but make sure you've read all the articles I've written and searched both the Facebook group and KnowledgeBase for answers first. Additionally, if the permanent resident card application is not prepared properly and fails to disclose the truth, consequences can be severe.The Process of Obtaining a Green CardThe Immigrant Visa PetitionThe first step in obtaining a green card is to obtain an approved immigrant visa petition.

Even if the NOA2 says it has been forwarded directly to the beneficiary’s consulate, ask them for a Case Number. Your green card application will only be adjudicated after your visa petition has been approved, so the visa petition is a very important part of the process. Because immigration law is complex, you should always consult an experienced immigration attorney.
An immediate relative (spouse, parent, or child over the age of 21) or an employer can file a visa petition on behalf of an alien.
Depending on who is filing the petition, the form will be either Form I-130 (from a relative) or Form I-140 (from an employer).
There are numerous documentation requirements attached to a visa petition for it to be considered properly filed. If proper documents are not submitted, you risk triggering a request for additional evidence, significant delays, and a possible denial of the petition.Depending on your case, the visa petition may be approved without an interview.
Citizenship and Immigration Services or defensively as a form of relief from deportation or removal before an Immigration Judge.To obtain adjustment of status, the alien must be a beneficiary of either an approved visa petition or a visa petition that has been filed on his or her behalf and is pending. This application may be the most important part of the adjustment of status process and USCIS routinely scrutinizes this more than anything else.The petitioner who has filed the visa petition is always required to submit this form, regardless of income.
If you do not have a social security number and cannot obtain one, you must obtain and use an IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). Within 90 days of your second marriage anniversary, you (the alien spouse) must file Form I-751 to remove the condition on your residency. This requires submission of significant documents establishing that you and your spouse maintain a bona fide marriage. Typically, this application is filed jointly by the two spouses if you two are still married at the time.
In the event of a divorce, the alien spouse can file the application by himself or herself. However, he or she must prove that the marriage was entered into in good faith at its inception.Contact me if you wish to discuss your specific situation about a family-based petition or adjustment of status, including preparation And filing of petitions and green card applications.

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