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December 17, 2014 by Ram Leave a Comment Deep vein thrombosis is the formation of blood clot called thrombus in one of the deep veins of your body.
In rare cases a condition called pulmonary embolism occurs when the blood clot breaks off traveling towards the lungs or heart thus blocking the normal blood flow.
This condition also develops when the persona€™s blood has the tendency to coagulate faster than normal rate.
Surgery, injury or trauma to the veins of your legs can interrupt normal blood flow leading to formation of blood clots. Your doctor will observe the leg condition taking a closer look on the calf muscles, ankle and foot. The ultimate aim of the treatment for deep vein thrombosis is to stop the blood clot to grow big and travel further and to prevent further clot formation.
For more severe cases, clot-busters are given intravenously to break the big sized blood clots. In case you are detected with deep vein thrombosis, follow the instructions of your doctor in taking medications. Despite their sometimes fearsome appearance, larger or even giant dog breeds can make especially good family friends, loving and protecting your children as their own.
Not all big dogs are good for families – guard dogs or herders can be anxious or over-protective around kids.
The benefits of raising children with a pet are numerous – they teach responsibility, compassion and confidence, and they will protect your kids and keep them active. But the same blood clot may develop inside the veins due to prolonged sitting hours or inactivity.
For some people, it can cause sharp pain in the legs causing swelling on the ankle or foot.
Deep vein thrombosis (as the name suggests) is the condition when blood clot develops on the deep veins and not on the superficial veins.

Smoking, prolonged use of contraceptive pills, genetic predisposition, certain types of blood cancer and polycythemia vera can cause hyper-coagulability. If your job involves sitting for extended hours like that of driving or flying you are prone to develop this problem due to poor exercise to your calf muscles. But some small breeds are also unsuitable around children because of their tendency towards nipping and aggression. People whose job involves sitting for long periods are prone to develop deep vein thrombosis.
Some of the symptoms of pulmonary embolism are rapid pulse rate, excess of sweating, chest pain, shortness of breath and feeling dizzy. Immobility due to prolonged hospitalization, extended hours of travel (flight or train), surgery (which can make you immobile temporarily), delayed pregnancy and obesity can cause deep vein thrombosis. Sudden injury or trauma to the vein like bruises on the leg, fracture can cause deep vein thrombosis.
Long hospitalization or condition of paralysis can make your leg immobile causing this problem. Heart problem, using of contraceptive pills for long, using pacemaker in vein, being overweight and smoking can induce this problem. These drugs are called anticoagulants which would reduce the chance of blood clot formation. Filters are inserted surgically into one of the large veins permanently which would prevent clot formation and also prevent blood clots to travel to the lungs. In case you are taking warfarin, you need to check the dosage of vitamin K in your diet since it can affect the effective functioning of this medicine. Individuals who are taking blood thinners should immediately consult doctor if they have excess bleeding from any wound or injury.
In rare cases DVT may develop into complications like pulmonary embolism affecting the lungs.

Sometimes the area becomes tender and warm to touch and the skin may lose its original color turning into pale color.
If you experience any of the above symptoms, you need to visit your doctor without any delay. Blood circulation may get affected due to poor contraction of calf muscles which may cause deep vein thrombosis. Blood culture is to be done for detecting the level of D dimer (a substance that dissolves clot). It would also help in further development of fresh blood clots apart from reducing the size of existing clot.
Monitor your weight and blood pressure and wear compression stockings to prevent blood clots. But the problem occurs when the blood clot travels down and moves towards your heart affecting blood circulation.
For some people venography test is done in which dye like material is injected into the vein of your foot and monitored for clots.
But it is necessary for you to follow the instructions of your doctor once you start taking these drugs to avoid unwanted side effects.
For less severe cases like superficial thrombophlebitis warm compression is useful in addition to taking pain relievers like ibuprofen. You will have to do periodic blood tests for determining the time interval for blood clot formation.

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