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In this post we’re going to cover another way of implementing IIS ARR (I’m calling this Option 2) for Exchange 2013. To simulate the failure of the OWA protocol on a server, we have stopped only the MSExchangeOWAAppPool on CAS1. Looking at the two options, we can highlight the advantages and disadvantages of implementing each individual solution. Since most of you would be migrating to Exchange 2013 from either Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2010 (or both at the same time), it is important to understand how each of these coexistence scenarios might work and plan how we need to implement IIS ARR in that particular situation. Reverse Proxy Solution for Exchange 2013 and allows you to choose the appropriate implementation option to suit your business needs. I would like to whole heartedly thank Greg Taylor (Principal PM Lead) for his help in reviewing these article. In Outlook 2013, click "File" tab, on the left, "Info" is selected by default (if not, click to select it), then click "Manage Rules & Alerts" button at the bottom.
A warning message pops up and asks you to confirm that you want the rule to apply for all messages. However just before that we need to understand the limitations of the previous posted solution (which we shall refer to as Option 1) so that you can see what we need to fix.

Thus EWS and OAB queries will continue to be sent to the server, even though the EWS and OAB endpoints are down. Since the Health Check is only against the OWA vdir, the whole CAS1 server would be marked as unhealthy. This table will help each of you evaluate which option would be the best suited for your Exchange 2013 environment.
We are again making use of the Load balancing capabilities of IIS ARR and thus only need the Exchange 2007 servers as members of the Web Farm. Don’t forget that if you create two web farms then you need to add these additional namespaces to your certificate and update the Legacy URL’s for OWA and EWS on Exchange 2007 to match the namespaces you have selected.
So you have to follow the exact same steps as above (specifically, the steps from the scenario Exchange 2007 + Exchange 2010), to allow redirection of OWA requests to the Exchange 2007 servers. Please be aware that forwarding or redirecting emails outside the university has the potential to put the user or the university at risk, as FERPA and other laws and university policies can apply to emails, especially from students or regarding student records.
At the bottom, type in the email address to which you want all your emails to be redirected to in the "TO" field, then click "OK".
You can give a more descriptive name if you want in "Step1: Specify a name for this rule" (recommended).

Co-existing Exchange 2010 and 2013 is pretty easy no matter how you publish Exchange to the Internet. So for example, if your organization does not provide OWA to users on the internet then you don’t have to perform the configuration steps for OWA. Choose "Apply rule on messages I receive" under "Start from a blank rule" in the "Step 1: Select a template" field.
You'll see it shows up in the "Step2: Edit the rule description" field with "people or public group" highlighted as a hyperlink, click this link. So what we can see is, just because of the failure of one protocol all other requests are being directed to the second server, which is a loss of server resources. Hopefully these articles have given you an idea of you can successfully implement IIS ARR for your Exchange 2013 environment.

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