The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

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Efficiency has become more important than ever to cost-conscious motorists, and the latest crop of new cars shaves even more off the carbon emissions figures.
The Fiat 500 is one of the most stylish cars around – which is probably why it was 2013’s bestselling city car. But there’s a new model out for 2015 that takes the original 500’s chic Italian looks and adds some slick 4x4 styling. And with CO2 emissions of just 109g per kilometre, you won’t be paying any road tax for the first year, either. As for CO2 figures, you’re looking at a low of 107g per kilometre, which means you won’t be paying car tax for the first year.
The 390bhp plug-in hybrid powertrain emits a meagre 60g per kilometre of CO2, which is great news for your car-tax bill.
If you’re thinking of buying a new car then Hitachi Car loans have some of the best rates on the market. Registered office: Hitachi Capital House, Thorpe Road, Staines-upon-Thames, Surrey, TW18 3HP.
What is it: The MoT is a certificate awarded to vehicles more than three years old that have passed a standard test to ensure theya€™re roadworthy. What has changed: Despite the digitalisation of the MoT system, the paper certificate has not disappeared – yet! What the check can tell you: As youa€™d expect, the online check will reveal whether or not the vehicle has a current MoT certificate. Use the following information to check if your vehicle has valid road tax or a Standard Off-road-Notification (SORN). What is it: Road tax must be paid for all vehicles that are used on public roads, while a SORN is needed to account for vehicles that dona€™t have tax but arena€™t kept or used on public highways.
What has changed: The familiar tax disc from your windscreen was axed in 2014, to be replaced by a purely digital system. What the check can tell you: The check can tell you if your vehicle is currently taxed and help ensure you avoid the risk of fines and having your vehicle taxed or towed.
How can I check it now: Simply head to the following address where you can enter the vehiclea€™s registration number and make. What is it: All drivers must have valid insurance for their vehicle if it is to be used on public road.
What has changed: You still need insurance, but there have also been some changes in how your vehicle insurance documentation is handled. What the check can tell you: Access to the Motor Insurance Database will tell you if a vehicle is insured on the day you check.

How can I check it now: Log on to the following website and enter your cara€™s details for an instant response. What is it: Your driving licence holds huge amounts of information about your life on the road, from the vehicles you can drive to endorsements you may have. What has changed: The paper counterpart that accompanied your photocard licence was axed in 2015, meaning there is no physical attachment to view your driving record. How can I check it now: Use the following website to check your licence details or generate a code for a third party to view it.
Use these resources to find other motoring-related information to help you save cash and avoid fines. Swerve the prospect of a A?1,000 fine by changing the address on your licence if ita€™s incorrect. Many motorists pay the toll for using the crossing only to receive a fine because the payment was not recognised. Are you looking for someone who hit your car, the owner of an abandoned vehicle or various other reasons, you can use the following website to download a form to request the details. Dona€™t let a blown bulb scupper your trip, simply use this tool to discover what bulb you need. APH Summer Competition 2016 – Snap and Win £500 in holiday vouchers and a Kindle Fire HD!
The new Jazz has a bigger boot, as well as flip-up back seats that give you enough trunk room to stick a bike inside. It’s a five-door number with contoured haunches, brightly coloured paintwork and a striking front grille.
It does not constitute financial advice, and you should always do further research when making any financial decisions. Driving your car on a public road without a valid certificate can result in a A?1,000 fine, but will usually be dealt with by a penalty charge notice of A?60. However, ita€™ll also reveal a history of previous tests, with information such as pass or fail, what it failed on, advisory notes and milometer readings. Third party insurance is the legal minimum, which means youa€™re covered if you have an accident causing damage or injury to any other person, vehicle, animal or property. The Motor Insurance Database (MID) must now be updated when any changes take place, meaning you wona€™t have to wait for a certificate to arrive before driving on the roads. However, it will not tell you the start and end dates of a policy, so regular checks will need to be made.
It can also provide a one-use code for hire car firms who want to check your licence when renting a vehicle.

You might be affected by the LEZ, which could cost you up to A?200 a day to drive in the capital. That means if you buy a car with carbon emissions of less than 100g per kilometre, you could see your annual road-tax bill cut to zero. It also has an optional four-wheel drive, plus an automatic mode that kickstarts on slippery roads. This could all be vital information when buying a car to check how it has been treated by previous owners and if the mileage seems genuine. For those vehicles that do need to have road tax, failing to purchase it could result in an initial fine of A?80, but failing to settle this could lead to prosecution and a penalty of up to A?1000 plus costs. The new system is further complicated by the fact that road tax cannot be transferred when a car is sold – as was possible with the tax disc system. In many cases you wona€™t ever receive a physical document, but will instead be emailed a digital version. Youa€™ll also need to visit this site if youa€™re planning to hire a car in the UK or abroad. Youa€™ll need the vehicle payment number (found on the receipt) and vehicle registration number.
Large numbers of faults and advisory notes will suggest it was not looked after and the former owner may have skipped regular maintenance. Some sellers still include a€?road taxa€™ in their car’s advert, which is irrelevant and can lull some buyers into believing they dona€™t need to buy it. It will no longer be a criminal offence to not return an insurance certificate if the policy is cancelled. Insurance brokers can also look up the information if working for a client who is defined under the former stipulations.
Driving without insurance can be punished by a fine of up to A?5,000 plus a maximum of 8 penalty points or instant driving ban. There is a separate service for looking up the insurance details and the owner of a vehicle involved in a collision with you. 3 days agoAPH Summer Competition 2016 a€“ Snap and Win A?500 in holiday vouchers and a Kindle Fire HD!

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