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Status : Claim Form 19 for PF Settlement AGAINST Member Account No (DSNHP00300290000000011) has been approved. Status : Claim Form 10C for Withdrawal Benefit AGAINST Member Account No (DSNHP00300290000000011) has been approved. Thereafter i check everyday but the status remain same on web, I have not receive the amount till date.
Manish Chauhan 339 CommentsA lot of us do not have even an idea on how much money we have in our Employee Providend fund account (EPF) and how to check EPF Balance online or offline.
You will see a drop down there to select the PF Office State ( like Maharashtra, Karnataka , Delhi etc) . You will be taken to the page where you will have to fill in EPF account number , Your Name and mobile number and Submit. In that case 62345 will be the Establishment Code (which will be first blank column) and 876 will be the account number (third column) . The office and state have to be selected properly , In a single start there can be many offices , make sure you choose the right one.
In the epf balance message, what is the difference between balance as on and account updated up to. Since my PF is being maintained by trust , i believe that’s the reason i am not able to fetch the data from PF site OR my details are wrong there on my PF account.
This does not show our name, moreover i got same information on two diferent mobile no with two different names I entered on website.
To know the PF balance you have to visit the Know your EPF Balance Page. On the page, click on the know your EPF balance link.
In the PF account number row the first two columns must be pre-filled according to your choice of OF office. In the fourth column normally you should not fill anything unless there is extension number in your PF number.
Note that amount is divided under two heads, The first one ‘EE’ is the employee contribution.
I have few questions of my own for which i was looking answers and this in tern lended me on this page. Hai Sir , My PF UAN num i dont know how can i get it my employer is not giving it is showing as above can u please tell m how can i know UAN num, and how can i get my PF amount with out asking Employer??
Hello sir, My mobile number has been revoked so that i am unable to login or create new password in UAN Account. I switched from TechMahindra to IBM 5 years ago and while switching, I transferred TechM to IBM. I checked the same with my the 2 companies and they said every thing is done from our side. What is the best option and process I have to withdraw my PF till date considering I am out of country and now its more then 3 years since there is no amount deposited against my PF accounts?
I had old PF account with registered with my mobile number, Now I have join another company so how do I register different PF account with same mobile number? I am applied PF in the last only till now i did not get any information from pf ofc even passbook also not available,how to know the update of pf ? Universal account number or UAN is a unique number given to every member of Employees Provident Fund. These new members without UAN will be intimated to the employer through the OTCP (Online transfer claim portal).
If the employee doesn’t have UAN previously, then the employer can generate the new UAN for him through the portal. If the  employee has the UAN, then the employer has to verify it from the previous employment. However, If you don’t have PF account number or your old company is shut now, even in this situation you can track your old PF account and link it to the UAN.
If for any reason you are not able to link your previous account with UAN, you can use old online process of PF transfer.
Step 3- Now you have to give your personal details such as name, father’s name, date of birth and establishment name. Due unawareness of UAN policies, i activated UAN for old PF account as well, which was already allocated to me. Till today, my present employer approved the request, but old employer is not able to approve it. I have left a company around 6 years back and have not withdrawn or transfered the PF from that company. Hello mishra sir, I got a uan from my new employer & when ever I tried to add my old pf number it says name mismatch? I had got UAN from my previous employer, my birth date is not correct, month & date are reversed in DateOfBirth.

While I try to get my UAN number the above mentioned website says that mobile number already used.
If the UAN no got to know by self without employer how the employer know about the UAN of specific person is activated?
I switched my job in September 2014,I have UAN number there with Incorrect DOB(It is activated currently).
I’ll be switching job to a psu without showing my past experience since I will not get NOC.
Also, I don’t remember the password to login, if I try with “forgot password”, the message will be sent to the lost phone number. How to get the password of UAN portal.When I click the forgot password it is asking the registered mobile no which is deactivated.How can I get the password now?
It still remains the same page, I requested to reset the password, and i tries with newpassword too, nope, again the state still. Hi, I know my login details, but when I login either it didn’t go to next page or show any error.
My current organization is facing problems in linking my UAN number to the current pf account number. Im unable to find my UAN number in the portal got this error message : Member ID GNGGN0005*2*********** does not exist in member master. I have allotted my UAN number,showing with the status.To get UAN ,while on registering process,it is showing that, YOUR DATE OF BIRTH DID NOT MATCH. Use the form below to delete this Cheque Printing & Management Software Print And Manage Your image from our index. Use the form below to delete this Others Cancelled Cheque Attached Pictures image from our index. Use the form below to delete this Cancelled Cheque How To Cancel A Pictures image from our index. Use the form below to delete this Pin Sample Cancelled Cheque Pf On Pinterest image from our index.
Use the form below to delete this Cheque Printing Software Images And Photos image from our index.
Use the form below to delete this Pin Blank Cancelled Cheque Sample On Pinterest image from our index.
Use the form below to delete this ICICI Bank Credit Card Customer Care Icicijpg image from our index. Use the form below to delete this To Apply For A New Cheque Truncation System CTS Type Book image from our index. Use the form below to delete this Abduls Bolg Anything & Everything Sample PF Withdrawl image from our index. Use the form below to delete this Choosing Right Funds From Available Schemes Is Always A Tedious Job image from our index. Use the form below to delete this How To NominateBank Account Mutual Funds Be Money Aware Blog image from our index.
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So in this post we will see how one can check his EPF balance online and get the details back through sms . The second column will be blank in most of the cases , it’s actually the sub code or extension of the establishment code. Are you facing problem in getting right information on why your EPF money has not reached you ? It may be that you are working in Tamilnadu office, but registered office of the company is in Delhi. In case of company switch, how much time the new company takes to link employee’s new PF account with UAN and how much time the old company takes to intimate UAN that the employee has left.
For the first time after Googling for 100 hundreds; I was able to know my EPF balance with the help of this article. Becuz the PF status show that u already have this mobile number registered with another account so I cant register? If your employer din’t tell you the universal account number, You can get UAN online. You have to also choose an alphanumeric password. After submitting these information you can login at UAN portal.
These documents will help you for EPF withdrawal in future. For KYC You give any or all of the below listed documents.

On one hand it has to assure the security of your hard-earned money, and on the other hand it has to make the whole process user-friendly. I am not showing any gaps in my career.I got experience certificate from knoen company.Will itbe a problem??Can the new employer create new pf number for me? Before i activated this 2nd UAN number, i raised the PF transfer request through the portal from old PF account to new PF Account. My new employer is not able to allocate the new PF to the existing UAN as the date of birth does not match. Will remain same if I apply for pf amount will I get or d amount will be in account itself plz help me out…. But in current organisation, they also generated the UAN number(I have not activated it till).
After your money get transferred, You can apply for the rectification of KYC information through the present employer. Just enter in your work address and we will show you how long it takes to get there on every property you look at. Earlier I used to search a lot on checking EPF balance online and I came across some links , but most of them never worked.
The UAN portal not only gives tells you the PF balance status, but also the entire PF passbook. Now my PF is still sitting there in two PF accounts as I never transfer the PF while switching jobs.
Can you please tell me why I did not get complete amount which should be somewhere around 70,000? EPFO is trying hard to establish direct connection with employee and reduce the role of employer. Therefore, despite allotting UAN to 5 crore employees, only few lakhs people registered at UAN portal. I think this time EPFO is seriously trying. Soon EPFO will also make the process of  loan from EPF much easier. Also, I have misplaced the registered mobile number due to which I am unable to reset my password and log in through.
In Accenture, got another PF number(But, not sure whether the PF from TCS to Accenture got transfered or not !). Is it possible to create a new UAN Number with the new employer without them knowing about my past employment.
But the new employer copy pasted the same account as part of KYC, will that be a issue ever in future, because bank accounts mentioned may not last long.
It may not be used for any purpose other than to identify prospective properties consumers may be interested in purchasing. Unfortunately my form received by epf department 21st december as mentioned on wbsite epfindia. I sent an sms EPFOHO UAN ENG to 7738299899 but it reflects that my latest contribution is zero and total contribution is zero. This is because some amount of its contribution goes towards a pension scheme (maximum 541 rupees per month).
Job with CNBC Awaaz also helped me to explore the world of Investment, Saving, Insurance, and Tax.
You can change many jobs, but this number will be with you. This number does not replace PF number. Document used for KYC is the bank account where account number is correct but IFSC code is incorrect. When I contact the respective CA of our company they told me due to the online update form receiving date has been delayed. Because there are many PF frauds happening where employer did not submit the PF amount.  That is why you should check your PF balance online regularly. At not even one place can you easily see the actual PF balance as you can see in your bank account.. If you KYC details matches with the old PF accounts, the linking will complete within a month.
I have no uan no when i submit the details then reply shows that your UAN no is under process with ECR. Extras include keyless entry,security system, LED lighting, Misting system, Storage Building! The first two alphabets is the code for region and next three alphabets is the code for PF office.

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