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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the national airline of Netherlands and one of the pioneers of civil air transport. The app also provides an overview of all the KLM destinations where your Facebook friends live. Customers with KLM’s Flying Blue frequent flier mileage account can access their profile information and manage their account through the app. The company was established way back in 1920 and is still successfully in business. I got to fly KLM in March 2012.
But your first flight was on a boeing 737-900 and not a boeing 737-800, you can check the reg.
The app features include advanced search functions for future trip ideas, online booking and check-in, an in-app boarding pass and seat selection capabilities.
Moscow-Amsterdam by Boeing 737-800 As could be expected of a modern European airline, KLM's online services left me satisfied.
This terminal was conveniently situated, being the closest to the Aeroexpress train line, from which it was only a few minutes' walk to the check in stands. My plane arrived from Amsterdam as I watched and began preparing for the return flight. I got to witness the entire process from the terminal window. Boarding began only half an hour after the plane landed. In fact, the whole cabin was decorated in different shades of blue - KLM's official colors. The first of the photos below show business class seats.

We were served food several times, but nothing I would call a complete meal; something more like a series of snacks.
On the other hand, the complementary drinks included wine, which you won't find with most airlines. And so, the first snack was a sandwich, with a choice of white or brown bread. Connection in Amsterdam I should note that this was the least pleasant part of the trip. According to schedule, we had only 1 hour to make the connection.
For a well-organized airline with a reputation like KLM's this ought to be enough, or so I thought when I was booking the ticket, though I had some reservations. I felt more confident after talking to a KLM representative in Sheremetyevo Airport, who responded with something along the lines of "Nothing to worry about". However, things didn't work out quite that well. First of all, KLM dropped the ball a bit with the sheduling. Not a big deal if you're just going to Amsterdam, but pretty crucial if your connection time is only 60 minutes. Secondly, the terminal in Schiphol Airport is pretty big, with two long wings.
The arrival gate for our flight from Moscow and the departure gate for our flight to Marseille turned out to be pretty much on opposite ends of the terminal. Running (as in our case), gets you there faster. Thirdly, in order to transfer from an international flight to a flight in the EU, you have to go through passport control, which tends to have substantial lines. We were further delayed because a Dutch passport control officer refused to believe that my wife and I were merely taking a vacation, and questioned us repeatedly on where we were planning to go and how long we were planning to stay.

I was finally able to resolve the issue by going into the migration control office, where I had to log into my email to prove that I had booked a hotel room and tickets for a return flight. Since that episode, I never travel without print-outs of all my paperwork, including tickets and hotel reservations. If there had been a computer problem, we might have been stuck there a while. The shenanigans with immigration control took another half hour, and by the end I had abandoned any hope that we would make our connection. However, it so happens that KLM flights are frequently delayed, and that the flight to Marseille was departing over an hour behind schedule. All in all, the action thriller "Connection in Amsterdam" had a happy ending.
Unfortunately, I managed to snap only one, blurry picture of the terminal while I was running around. We departed from the very last gate of the terminal.
This is because small airliners servicing short flights, such as ours don't get a ramp directly from the terminal, but instead are boarded out on the airfield. The livery, branding and interior were the same, however and prominently featured the KLM logo and colors. The seats themselves were a little more cramped than those on the Boeing 737, but the leg room was still sufficient, especially for a short flight. A distinctive feature of Embraers is the high positioning of the windows. Also, the food could've been better; flying all the way across Europe on nothing but bread and crackers wasn't very pleasant for me personally.

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