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If you might be purchasing a LeapPad or Leapster Explorer for a child on your Christmas list this year you will definitely want to check out this deal over on Amazon!
This could be a great stocking stuffer for a child that already owns one of these LeapFrog systems as well. Use the code on the card to choose from 50+ games, books, videos and more to download to your Leapster Explorer or LeapPad Explorer. Apps that teach skills beyond ABCs, let you animate Disney characters, learn about dental health and hygiene or harmonies and musical parts.
Put a new spin on learning facts from animals to Spanish vocabulary, with interactive flash cards!
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A new Leap card app has been launched which will allow Android phone users to check their card balance and top up their card by simply touching it against their phones. The Leap Top-Up app uses near field communications (NFC) technology to communicate directly between the phone and the Leap card. Using a Leap Card on our services will give you a discounted price compared to that of a Cash Fare. A total of 280 new jobs have been confirmed at five separate companies in Galway by the Taoiseach. Gardai, the Coast Guard helicopter and rescue boats are carrying out the search, but the operation has been hampered by poor weather.
The Leap Card is the National transport Authorities new integrated ticketing system which allows you to pay for multiple transport services nationwide.

A Leap Card is a reusable, pay as you go, plastic smart card that can be used instead of cash fares. Take a look at the link to our website below for the timetable.Have a great weekend everyone!

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