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Consultez le profil de la compagnie Virgin Atlantic Airways, les dernieres actualites sur Virgin Atlantic Airways ainsi que ses promotions de derniere minute. A ce jour, la compagnie aerienne Virgin Atlantic Airways n'a pas communique d'information pour cet espace. La compagnie Virgin Atlantic Airways dessert donc principalement 20 pays: Afrique du Sud, Antigua-et-Barbuda, Australie, Barbade, Canada, Chine, Cuba, Emirats Arabes Unis, Etats-Unis, Ghana, Hong-Kong, Inde, Jamaique, Japon, Kenya, Mexique, Nigeria, Royaume-Uni, Russie, Sainte Lucie. AIR VALID® diffuse des informations conformement au Decret no 2006-315 du 17 mars 2006 et du Decret 2007-669 du 02 mai 2007, relatifs a l’obligation d’information des passagers aeriens sur l’identite du transporteur aerien, concernant les compagnies aeriennes regulieres, les compagnies aeriennes charters et les compagnies aeriennes low cost en agences de voyage et sur le site AIR VALID®.
This aviation blog post is part of a series on international flight planning for business jet operators. For business aviation operators flying internationally, airway and route planning is always a key consideration.
1.What’s the first thing a captain or aircraft dispatcher should do when planning a flight? Make sure you have the latest charts, your Flight Management System (FMS) is updated, and check for any new airways or airway alignments. When operating to international locations, it’s best to take a conservative approach and always plan to fly via airways (not using directs, also known as DCT’s). You’ll need 8.33 KHz channel spacing in Europe as well as enhanced mode S for some countries.
There are many restrictions, depending on the country, in terms of the manner in which you file flight plans, so it’s best to have your 3rd-party provider assist with this to avoid long delays.
For international trips, it’s recommended that a professional aircraft dispatcher with international experience create the route using an online flight planning system, or have your 3rd-party provider build the route for you.
A former Air Traffic Controller with more than 35 years’ experience in aviation, Universal Supervisor of Technical Planning Mark Miller has facilitated thousands of flight plans since joining the company in 1990.

SubscribeIf you enjoyed this article, subscribe to receive more just like it.Privacy guaranteed. SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. The reasoning for this consideration is a range of airway restrictions worldwide: one-way airways, timed airways, domestic only or airline-only airways, as well as routings tied to permits. A new Aeronautical Information Regulation and Control (AIRAC) is issued every 28 days and contains updates and changes to such items as airways, intersections, procedures, and SIDS and STARS.
Once in flight, you may be given direct routings in Europe and elsewhere, but this is not something you can plan on. When filing out of North America to Russia, a TKF message (airway slot reservation) is required prior to filing your flight plan. Prior to working for Universal, he served as air traffic control facility chief and battalion training manager for Korea Aviation Development and Research Command. Eurocontrol publishes a route availability document outlining airway updates and changes in the European region. While enhanced mode-S waivers are available, you’ll need a waiver for each country overflown, and this can be time consuming.
We consider it best practice to coordinate flight planning with a 3rd-party provider and check NOTAMs on a daily basis for closures or airway restrictions. Eurocontrol’s CFMU website provides daily updates of weather and volcanic activity for their region, as well as airspace adjacent to Eurocontrol, like parts of the Middle East.
TKF messages have become more of an issue in recent years due to increased traffic between Asia and North America. When operating from Egypt, they’ll want you to file with the local airport authority and not Eurocontrol. Recognized within the industry for his expertise, he has shared his knowledge of aviation and flight planning with several industry trade publications.

It’s always best to be RVSM, MNPS, RNP5, and RNP10 qualified, as operations and operational flexibility may be limited otherwise.
If Egyptian airport authorities find out you’ve filed with Eurocontrol, they’ll cancel your flight plan. Per the instructions given in the Egypt Aeronautical Information Publication, an operator may not file a flight plan with an outside agency. The objective is to make it easier for each ATC to recognize onboard equipment and the approaches an aircraft is capable of making.
In certain parts of the world, we consider it best practice to monitor NOTAMS on a daily basis.
In Brazil, you must file flight plans with each airport via Aeronautical Information Services (AIS). Testing for ICAO 2012 started in April, and by November of this year it should go ‘live’ for all ICAO members. Brazil, for example, is constantly publishing preferred routings throughout the country, and from Brazil to Europe or the U.S. Be aware that air traffic control (ATC) will rarely allow transition through RVSM airspace in a non-radar environment. When flying to Russia, monitor Anchorage Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTTC) NOTAMS as airway and altitude availability can change on a weekly or monthly basis.
For instance, you’ll run into this problem when operating from non-radar environments in the Aleutian Islands to join airways overhead.

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