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Give your completed playslip and wager to your Keno Retailer and receive your Keno game ticket. Give your completed playslip and wager to your Keno Retailer and you'll receive your Keno game ticket. Please note: You will need recent versions of Adobe Shockwave Player and Adobe Flash Player to view these animations. The Lottery would like to remind players that it is unlawful for anyone under the age of 18 to play. For the past few years there has been a fight going on between the different manufacturers of mobile computing devices. The biggest difference in the systems is the apps that you choose to use for your mobile device have to be compatible with your system. Online gaming is very popular and one of the most popular games that people are playing is Keno. Casino Keno – This is a version for the Android operating system that is great for the players that want to include their friends. Absolute Keno – If a player wants to play a traditional form of keno, this is the right choice. Mega Keno – While many other games offer only one version of keno for the players, this one takes it up a notch by offering 7 different versions to choose from. There are many other keno games for the Android operating system, but these are going to provide the players with hours of entertainment.

To see the live results of the current Keno and Packaged Keno To Go game, press Play below. Note: If you are using a computer with Windows XP, or older, you may experience issues when trying to download the updated browser. For confidential help or information at any time about gambling problems, please visit or call 1-800-GAMBLER.
Watch the Keno monitor for the drawing, and if your numbers match the numbers drawn, youa€™re a winner!
You are responsible for the accuracy of your Keno ticket(s) before leaving the Retailer location. There are some people that believe the Android operating system is the best while others will swear by the Apple operating system is the best by far. There are different versions of the apps and many people spend a lot of time trying to find the best version of the app for the operating system they are using. If you are looking for an app that allows you to play keno on your mobile device, you will not have any problem finding a long list.
The game allows you to share your scores with your Facebook friends or you can challenge them to play with you. It is a realistic version of the game that also offers a turbo play option that allows people to play the game at a much faster pace. You start in the lobby area where you are able to choose the version that interests you the most.

It is important to be careful when you start playing this game, because it can be addictive and you may have a hard time stopping once you start.
You can also get the results of previous games or find out which numbers have been hot or cold lately. If you choose your own numbers, the amount of numbers must equal the number of "spots" you have selected to play in Step 1.
Due to the frequency of Keno drawings, we may not be able to cancel your ticket(s) before the next scheduled drawing. This argument is going to continue on and no one will ever be able to convince everybody that one operating system for a mobile device is the best of them all. You may have some trouble choosing from the long list of games, but if you can narrow it down to the 5 bets keno apps for android, it may become a little easier.
That means that some people will choose android systems, some will choose Apple systems and some will choose another system.

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