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For some applications and Websites to run properly, you must have Java installed on your Computer, it allows to play online games, chat with people around the world and view images in 3D and lot more.
You can install the latest Java online from here, here is the offline installer for Java which you can download and install it on your Computer. Visit Java test page where page auto detects and shows itsĀ info in an applet in your browser. I know IE has been improved; even so, we recommend to our customers to use Google Chrome or Firefox as these browsers have proven to be more compatible with our web applications. More Related QuestionsJava Web Start – How to clear cache (or update the app from users perspective) After the JNLP gets downloaded in the browser it becomes cached so it doesn't need to be downloaded again, which is good. However, if I query a value of a input type="file", on some browsers (Opera) I get a full path to a […]Using Non-default Fonts in a Java Application Launched Using Java Web Start I have a Java application in which rendering of Unicode characters is failing because the default font does not support them. A simple way to check java version installed in windows is to issue command Windows Key + R , type cmd to start a Command prompt.

Please set the JAVA_HOME variable in your environment to match the location of your Java Installation.
It is recommended for the user to have the latest version of java installed in his Computer and also he should know which version he is using.
The page automatically detects java installed in your computer and shows the version installed.
After the installation, I cleared Java Cache, browser’s Cache, and logged into a secure website that uses an Applet to provide certain additional services to the user. Unfortunatelly, we can not force our customers to use certain browser due to the common organizational restrictions about programs usage, etc. I have tried several fixes (some of them based on posts to […]Java 7 webstart Legacy Java 5 application now throwing exceptions after moving to Java 7. The URL can either be a filepath or the codebase for the […]Why is Chrome returning null for sessionID?

I had a problem a while back where Chrome and Firefox were changing the sessionid when creating a connection from an applet to a backing bean via a servlet in JSF (see here). I got around […]Cant see LOCAL java applets in my browser So I setup the Java plugin for Firefox, and can see applets that are not stored locally. But whenever I try to run applets that are stored on my machine I get an "Application Blocked by […]How to force a Java Applet to Load out of Cache My friend and I are developing a little game and we want to share the development stages with our friends.

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