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This article was written to share with all you how to check iPhone carrier lock status by either using the model or IMEI number of your device.
This may not be complete (you may want to contribute by providing some feedbacks below) but it will be sufficient enough to identify quickly if the iPhone is locked.
If in case, yours is not in the above list, I know that with the right words or phrases you type in Google, Yahoo, or BING, you will get tons or results on how to check iPhone carrier lock status. You can actually try all of them to to check iPhone carrier lock status and get the consistency and confidence you need before buying the iPhone you wanted from someone whom you don’t know. If you have any other recommendations, feedback, or reactions, please feel free to shout in our comment box below.
Arsie also known as RC, professionally, is a Software Test Engineer (STE) from an outsourcing company based here in the Philippines. HI Mtich, as I’ve mentioned on my post I am not here to promote these website but rather to use them as a tool to check if the iPhone people are buying from suspicious people or store are original or fake. This article simple let you know How to get Version, Carrier, Model, Serial Number, Wi-Fi Address, Bluetooth, IMEI, ICCID and Modem Firmware of your iPhone 4s (should also be applied on other iPhone versions). Excellent information you have shared here and i got great and huge knowledge about this concept.. 4 Rapid Development is a central page that is targeted at newbie and professional programmers, database administrators, system admin, web masters and bloggers. Preorders for Apple's new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus open up in the early hours of Friday morning.
Whether you choose to go through Apple, your carrier or another major retailer, here's everything you need to know about how to preorder a new iPhone. Keep in mind demand will be high and Apple and other websites could be moving extra slow due to server overload.
Another good tip to speed up the process on Apple's website, as Cult of Mac notes, is to set your default shipping and billing information on Apple's website and enable Apple's Express Checkout prior to the start of the preorder period.
T-Mobile customers can also buy an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus directly from Apple without a contract.

If you aren't eligible for an upgrade, you're not out of luck as AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile give you the ability to finance a new iPhone in monthly installments over a period of one to two years. Best Buy, Walmart, Sam's Club, Radio Shack and Target will all be accepting iPhone 6 and 6 Plus preorders in their brick-and-mortar stores Friday. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will be available for preorder in the UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Puerto Rico and Singapore on Apple's website as of 12 a.m. Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company plans to make the handsets available in 115 countries by the end of the year, though the exact timing of subsequent international rollouts is unclear for now. Rumours that Apple is working on a cheap mini iPhone are once again doing the rounds of the Internet. Is it just us, or does a bored tech hack somewhere on the planet revive this tired old twaddle every six months or so? The mysterious secret source insisted that he or she had actually seen prototypes of the diminutive device, which the report guesses could sell for less than $200 without a contract, and with a multi-carrier universal sim card, despite using the same internal hardware and a smaller version of the current Retina Display. Aside from the fact that more than 200,000 iOS apps would have to be retooled, and removing the home button and using a slightly smaller display is unlikely to reduce the component bill by the 70 per cent that would be required to meet a $200 price tag, we just can’t envisage Apple bucking what is a firmly-entrenched trend. Steve Jobs has publicly announced that seven-inch tablets are too small to be of any practical use. As much as Apple would love to see an iPhone in the hands of everyone on the planet, we can’t see the Cupertino company sacrificing its healthy slice of the airtime contract pie, or its reassuringly expensive exclusivity, in order to obtain wider usage by the great unwashed. However, let me clear this with you that this is not to promote nor encourage any out-of-the box activities like unlocking your iPhone or any of your Apple devices – it’s entirely up to you if you want to. However, among them I only spotted 4 commonly used and which I felt helpful to get the status.
However, one of their online free tools is the iPhone checker which includes the information if your iPhone is locked by a certain carrier. On that note, Chrome Refresh is a handy Chrome extension to automate the almost-inevitable refresh process.
This reduces the amount of time you'll need to spend on Apple's website (and the likelihood of it timing out and crashing) to place an order.

While most of these retailers follow carrier pricing, Walmart and Sam's Club are also offering slight discounts on preorders. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. And we reckon he probably feels the same way about teeny weeny phones, as the chubby-fingered and myopic among us will agree. The main purpose why I’ve written this article on how to check iPhone carrier lock status is because most of us consumers don’t know if the iPhone or any Apple devices we are buying are stolen or locked by a certain local or International carriers. And all you need is either the model number or IMEI number which is in the iPhone you are about to purchase.
You will only need to check iPhone carrier lock status by either using the Model Number, serial number, or IMEI number.
After it checks your IMEI against their IMEI database then it will display the information you will be needing – and that is if your iPhone is locked or not. And if you happened to bumped into a locked iPhone and you wanted to unlocked it, you can order it from some of the online sites I have mentioned or here in MANILA, Philippines, Greenhills is the best place to scout for someone who can unlock your iPhone. If it is unlocked, is there anything else you need to do before you can add the phone to your mobile carrier?
Most especially if you are buying the iPhone from someone you don’t really know or from an un-authorized seller of Apple products. You can check from my other article (How to check if iPhone is original or fake) on how to get the serial number or IMEI number of your iPhone. Actually I have done my research and so far, they don’t have any negative feedback, only good ones. This is just another precautionary step for you to protect you from people who wanted only your moolah or money.

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