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How to test internet speed online with many methods, i am going to share top several ways to know what is our actual internet speed Now you can check internet speed very easy and simply, there is tools to just one click show you result that, what is your upload and download speed in a speed-o-meter. This is top of the one tool on internet and best way to find out or test your actual download and upload speed there simply you go and click on button Begin Test, it ill begin start and ill take almost 10 seconds to complete setup.
This internet speed test tool does not ask you to install anything on your PC, and runs from the server itself.
Now you can find out how fast or slow your Internet connection is with our Internet Connection Speedometer. My Name Umer, From Pakistan, Punjab i am passionate about blogging, and love to spend time with blogging and i am currently working on these 2 blogs. While working in a CloudDesk from home it might happen that your session becomes slow and unresponsive.
Step 2: The site will recommend you which provider to use for the test based on your connection. Step 5: This results page also contains information to compare speed with the speed you in theory could get using your internet connection.

Well , if you want to know how much downloading and Uploading speed you are getting by your Isp , there are lots of websites to know the bandwidth or simply Internet connection speed . If you have an internet connection at your home or office, you should check the download and upload rates frequently.
It is clean, safe, and fast enough to get you through the test without stifling a yawn of boredom.
Bandwidth speed-testing : It is another , much simplifies site and Calculates Downloading and uploading speed in seconds.
As soon as you click the option, the website will begin testing  your internet connection speed.
For checking speed , your computer or device must have latest version of adobe flash player. You need to choose a particular server among various given(All are of US) and click on start test to begin. After all, if you see that your download speed is looking good on one day and abysmally slow on the following day, then it is obvious that something is wrong with your broadband connection service.

If you ever witness a drastic change like that, make sure you call the help desk of your connection provider immediately. Though, you can check internet speed of Tata Photon and MTS but it will also work for checking speed of Broadband connections.
It shows your download and upload speed and also shows your ISP average speed after computing your results. Thus you can verify that you are getting the best  net speed as promised by Your Internet service provider.

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