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Closed Thread vBulletin Message   Cancel Changes Cadillac Forum Service history, Maintenance log, Recalls All Cadillac Recalls and Your Car History 1 in 5 cars has an open recall.
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You may post new threads You may post replies You may not post attachments You may not edit your posts BB code is On Smilies are On [IMG] code is On HTML code is Off Trackbacks are On Pingbacks are On Refbacks are On Forum Rules Cadillac Ads Remove this ad -- vB4 Default Style---- ATS Style Contact Us Cadillac Owners Archive Privacy Statement Terms of Service Top All times are GMT -4. One aspect of buying a used car is the number of miles a vehicle has been driven, and vehicle’s odo or milometer meter is considered the best representation of that. Incase the steering wheel is masked with a knitted cover, the seller of course will not allow you to remove it.
This only works if the owner allows you to drive the car to the mechanic for some quick checkup. Unbolting the dashboard to tamper the odometer may leave some imperfections when fixing it back together. Though this point does not stands true in all occurrences of meter tampering but it is important to know the real cause of shaking needle on increasing the speed.
Let’s not argue that all these parts can be replaced with new ones before tampering the meter reading. Apart from the discussed points above, door panels, seats, handbrake or opening and closing of doors can help a lot in judging the close to real mileage of a car. A forum like Pakwheels making such claims in its content needs to be thoroughly verifiable, there is an increasing number of readers like me who rely and trust what comes from this site.
Though General Motors has been at the center of a well-publicized recall of 2.6 million small cars this year, many drivers remain either apathetic or uninformed that they may be driving a car with recalled parts. To check if a car you own or hope to buy has recalled parts, Nerad suggests checking the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) recall and defects website or, which is a one-stop shop for recalls of six separate government agencies, including the NHTSA and the Food and Drug Administration. Consumer Reports also has a free online tool that allows you to check for recalls based on your car year, make and model.
Jeff Bartlett, Consumer Reports' deputy editor covering automobiles, also advises car owners to notify manufacturers when they move to ensure they receive recall and other notices in a timely fashion.
In addition to recalls, which address safety issues, car buyers and owners should be aware of technical service bulletins, said Bartlett.
Carfax, an online car history service for used-car buyers, said there are an a€?alarming number that never get fixed and are sold without anyone knowing a recall exists," the Washington Post reported.

This week, an investigation by ABC News' "Good Morning America" found two car dealerships that didn't inform undercover shoppers of the ongoing GM recall. This year, NHTSA is requiring car makers to use distinctive labels on recall notices so consumers do not confuse them with junk mail.
I am very satisfied with the professional products and support very quickly and professionally.
Cadillac Pictures Upgrade Advertise Auto Escrow Advanced Search Cadillac Forum Service history, Maintenance log, Recalls All Cadillac Recalls and Your Car History 1 in 5 cars has an open recall. The uneven and partially shiny or non shiny vinyl surface of the steering wheel speaks of its excessive use.
Whether the floor paddles are protected with leather covers or not, there will be perceptible marks of wear due to feet abrasion. Though compression test has nothing to do with the mileage tampering but it gives you an idea about the condition of engine.
If you come across some missing screws near the dashboard panel, do consider this important piece of evidence. In most of the cases, the needle vibrates when the meter panel was unbolted for some purpose.
The question arises that how many sellers will really bother to get all these parts replaced? A main reason I do not entirely consider only the external condition of a vehicle as proof of actual engine condition of the vehicle are the Japanese cars. But unfortunately in Pakistan, we do not have a workable mechanism to record the mileage of a car periodically and verify it later on. And many people would not reverse the meter, they just remove the cable from the gearbox so the meter does not get any input.
The Government Accountability Office raised concerns about federal regulators' challenges related to vehicle recalls. People easily become a victim to odometer frauds just because they do not have appropriate comprehension about it. The vinyl surface of the gear knob shows similar signs of erosion as the steering wheel does. Obviously, a car with low odometer mileage but excessive wear signs on floor paddles would indicate tampering with the original mileage.

Running a compression test will allow you to measure the remaining life of the engine components.
Checking the heads of the screws near the dashboard can also help in identifying a fraud with the odometer. Almost 95% of meter tampering is done with Japanese vehicles these days which is further facilitated by fabricated auction sheets.
Consequently, we say that in Pakistan, it is not possible to trace the original mileage of a car. Sometimes they even include a warranty extension on certain elements and allow you to save money, he said.
Specially in Pakistan, people often mask their steering wheels with steering covers before selling their cars to hide the signs of deterioration. You might notice a significant difference of luster in the lower and upper part of the gear knob which is a good indication of high mileage. However, using modern meter tampering tools to tamper digital meters do not require opening the dashboard. A quick overall look of the car can be enough to judge if the car odo is original or tampered. In this case, it is also recommended to unmask the steering wheel to identify erosion marks. Secondly, if the vehicle was mostly used on highways and motorways, considering external condition might not prove much fruitful.
By and large, it’s not possible to check the accurate mileage of a car but there are numerous facets that says a lot about the original mileage of your car.
You will find several genuine sellers who have high mileage cars, but when you see the condition, the car looks great considering the high mileage. Similarly if the car was mostly used in crowded and congested areas, the external condition will probably be worse than the internal condition of the car.

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