The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

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In any event, don't jump to conclusions until you've made a thorough inspection of the steering gear, suspension, wheel bearings and tires to determine the exact nature of the problem. The best way to inspect a front mounted rack & pinion steering unit is to use the "dry park" check. You can't see looseness in the inner tie rod sockets with a dry park check because the bellows are in the way.
Lock the steering wheel, raise one wheel off the ground, then grab both sides of the wheel and try to rock it back and forth. The presence of power steering fluid in either bellows of a power rack indicates an internal seal leak, and unless you're adept at overhauling power racks yourself, a leak means a replacement rack.
If your inspection uncovers a problem with the inner tie rod sockets (or the rack itself), the next step is usually to pull the rack. One you've extracted the rack from the chassis and have it on your bench, mount it in a rack vice or clamp one of its mounting ears in a bench vice. Hard plastic bellows, on the other hand, are more resistant to ozone and oil contamination than rubber so it might be argued that replacing plastic bellows as a preventative measure is unnecessary. Jam nuts or staked housings can be loosened with a crowfoot wrench, pipe wrench or locking pliers (on the socket housing, not the rack!). On sockets held with a spiral roll pin, use an easy out tool or a small slide hammer to extract the pin from the housing. How the inner sockets are installed will depend on the type of rack and replacement socket used.
With OE multi-piece type sockets, however, the socket has to be torqued until the specified preload is established -- which you measure with a pull scale.
Thread the jam nut and new socket onto the end of the rack and tighten to the manufacturer's recommended specifications. Once you've finished your inner socket R&R, be sure to refill a manual rack with 90 weight gear. Center the rack, and position the new bellows so the rack has its full range of travel in both directions.
When the rack goes back in the car, most experts recommend installing new mounting bushings. On Ford racks with three mountings, tighten the center bushing first, then the two end bushings. The new V5C is more secure, customer friendly and highlights the need for buyers to check the legitimacy of the vehicle presented for sale. The revised V5C is red rather than blue but blue documents issued before the 15 August 2010 remain valid.
From early September 2011 DVLA will automatically send the registered keeper a new red V5C when a vehicle is taxed or declared off the road (SORN) if they haven’t already been issued with one. This means that by the end of September 2012 there should be no legitimate blue V5C registration documents still in circulation. Besides the obvious change of colour, the new certificate includes information to make it clear that the V5C is not proof of ownership.

Cars, light vans and three-wheeled motor vehicles (apart from motor tricycles) must be taken to an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) and a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) issued. Other vehicles should still be taken to an ATF to ensure they are destroyed to environmental standards.
A significant number of blank blue registration documents was stolen in 2007 and 2008 and some of these will be in circulation today – used to create a false identity for stolen cars. When buying a used car it's important to check the details on the V5C carefully including checking that the serial number in the top right hand corner of the document is not within one of the ranges for the stolen documents.
JoeMon Feb 02, 2009 pathie,the rear end on these pathfinders is a recurring problem (you may be aware by now). I to was told I was crazy when describing it.enriqueTue Mar 16, 2010 i had the same problem so replaced all 8 bushings plus the swaybar bushings, linkpins and shocks but the problem still there. Maybe coil springspanth62Tue Mar 16, 2010 did you replaced them yourself or you had someone do them for you?if you had someone i would make sure its someone trustworthy, i say this because replacing the bushings will solve the problemor you have a totally different problem all together.ElizabethSat May 29, 2010 I have a 2000 Nissan Pathfinder, and my truck has the same symptoms as the vehicle described. Mine were over a hundred dollars per control arm, and that is with my dealership employee discount!! I ALMOST got the poly bushings, but instead I found aftermarket NEW Trailing ARMS made my DORMAN Part # 905-803 and 905-804 for the (2) REAR Lowers which are the LONG BARS,and 905-802 for the 2 shorter Upper bars. I am not keeping the car for THAT much longer since it has 230K, but I bet this will fix it and be EASY to do as my mechanic friend will do it for me with his impact wrench.
I'm looking at doing the same thing but can not find one response on the internet if they do work.
Took it to a local mechanic and he wasn't able to find anything wrong with the upper or lower links.
He did notice the steering rack bushing was going bad and thought sloppy steering could be the cause.
This did not fix the issue, but did clear up a bad bushing that had been caught at another repair shop.
He finally agreed to replace the link arm bushings, but couldn't locate the parts from his distributors. One thing to note is that if you press these in yourself, it's advisable to have the correct tool, otherwise you can end up damaging the bushing while pressing in the sleeve.
Total cost $650.pastormjhThu Dec 08, 2011 I am currently experiencing this problem with my 2002 Qx4 Infinity, and I was told to get an alignment.
This information is helpful is gives me a starting place when talking to the mechanics.Jdow18Thu Mar 01, 2012 I have 98 Pathfinder. What happens if i continue to drive it and never get it replaced?BillSun Mar 18, 2012 I have been suffering from this issue for more than a year and its progessively worse. I bought the Dorman arms from AutoZone, had to prepay as they were special order (lower arms only) and cost $89 each.
Install: I tried to remove the first lower arm after work one day and i can tell you the bolt on the lower arm closest to the axle is impossible to get off even with my impact wrench. I had to put the car back together and attempt it on a weekend as i need to get my SawsAll back so i can cut off that bolt.

Good luck!moscarSun May 19, 2013 Bill your absolutely right it's completely impossible to remove to bolts located on the lower control arm.
As for the upper control arms i was able to remove and replace them with an impact wrench, buy new bolts and nuts for these as well bc the old seem to be pretty rusted.i have a good friend that has a shop and was able let me use it along with all his tools so its was a little bit easier for me but cutting the bolts is the most difficult thing by far. Seems to really start rocking back and forth when there are bumps in the road while the road is turning left. Also notice it was especially bad when you get in the dips that are made from lots of trucks on freeways and road or freeway is turning left.
It is very scary as the Pathfinder starts rocking back and forth so much sometimes that it could easily get out of control. If you want this job done right by work and price your are going to have to do it yourself. I quickly identified the problem and went to Pic A Part to pull some bars off of a totaled Pathfinder.
I bought a 96' Pathfinder with the same issue,the Death Wobble,taking the advise from this link I bought the lowers with bushings for $75ea from a Nissan dealer and the upper bushing from Napa Auto parts. Just replacing the lower bars did the trick but I had the sway bar bushing replaced and the upper bushings replaced as well.
I'm thankful for the information you guys have provided.JohnitaWed Oct 03, 2012 I have a 2002 Pathfinder and noticed the wobbling a couple of months ago, will be getting it checked out this weekend. It would torque to one direction when i hit the gas and then rock back the other direction when i let go of the gas. After this.harryWed Oct 29, 2014 I, TODAY GOT A ESTIMATE FROM NISSAN DEALER HERE IN SAN DIEGO FOR 2002 PATHFINDER SE, REPLACE UPPER LOWER ARMS( DIFFERENT PEOPLE HAVE DIFFERENT NAMES ) TRAILING ARMS BOTH SIDES AND POSSIBLE SWAY BAR REAR OR STABILIZER BAR!! Anyone know where I can get one of this rubber?DonWed Aug 05, 2015 I had this same problem with my pathfinder.
Good place for inexpensive parts.DarrellThu Nov 19, 2015 Replaced the front shocks after a friend (whom I thought knew about cars) told me that was the problem causing the death wobble. I'm gonna buy the trailing arm parts from autozone dot com and have a real mechanic friend install it.
I don't know which end of a screwdriver is correct but I DO KNOW that dealer mechanics are expensive and do sh!!ty work.
I'll repost after the weekend and tell if that solved it.MaahMon Feb 29, 2016 Here's a comment from Fiji regarding Toyota Prado Landcruiser after about 15 trouble-free years. Twice have changed all the bushings and it rides without rocking side to side for a time, then again starts.

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