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Minh s? phan tich m?t s? cu?n ma h?i tru?c khi on thi minh co s? d?ng, do ch? la y ki?n ca nhan  nen co th? nhi?u b?n khong th?y h?p ly.
Trong m?i unit, s? co t? 5 – 7 bai t?p nh?, m?i bai s? giup b?n h?c m?t m?ng t? v?ng (Noun phrases, Phrasal Verbs, Collocations, …) c?a ch? d?. Tuy nhien vi m?c d? don gi?n c?a t? v?ng h?c du?c nen minh nghi quy?n nay phu h?p cho cac b?n m?i b?t d?u h?c ti?ng Anh ho?c b?t d?u h?c l?i. Vi b? nay da chia theo trinh d? nen minh nghi n?u nhu b?n nao on IELTS ma con thi?u nhi?u t? v?ng thi nen b?t d?u t? quy?n th?p d?n cao, vi n?u b?n nh?y th?ng len h?c cu?n Advanced thi s? khong hi?u gi c? vi quy?n nay kha kho. Quy?n nay theo minh thi kha hay va th?c s? minh nghi b?n nao luy?n thi IELTS nen h?c quy?n nay.
H?u nhu m?i unit s? giup b?n luy?n du?c c? 4 ki nang, co ph?n nghe, d?c, vi?t va cac ho?t d?ng noi theo nhom nen no s? giup b?n phat tri?n kha d?ng d?u 4 ki nang.
Quy?n nay r?t hay nhung vi m?i bai co lu?ng t? v?ng ph?c t?p cung tuong d?i nhi?u nen minh nghi hi?u qu? nh?t thi b?n nen co ngu?i hu?ng d?n cach ap d?ng cac t? v?ng do vao bai lam thi s? nh? lau hon. V?i lu?ng t? v?ng va ch?t lu?ng t? nhu quy?n nay, minh nghi ch? c?n b?n h?c du?c va ap d?ng du?c quy?n nay thi di?m Vi?t c?a b?n ch?c ch?n s? kha. Quy?n nay dung nhu ten, no s? ch? giup cac b?n h?c ph?n t? v?ng h?c thu?t, ph?c t?p va thu?ng s? d?ng cho ki nang Vi?t la ch? y?u. To develop coherence and cohesion, we need to use a variety of phrases to link one idea to the next, so that the reader can follow your thinking.  Today, I’m going to give you some of the most useful IELTS phrases to incorporate into your writing to keep that flow going and for your writing to be extremely coherent.  Let’s get started! Below are some common words and phrases you know, but which you often forget to use when linking your writing.  Try to incorporate some of these, where appropriate, into your writing.

Finally, whilst these are great words and phrases to use in your writing, don’t overuse them.  Not every sentence needs to start with a linking phrase!
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Trong bai nay minh s? ch? d? c?p d?n tai li?u cho duy nh?t ph?n IELTS vocabulary – ph?n luon lam cac si t? lo l?ng.
M?t luu y n?a la t? v?ng co trong quy?n nay ch? y?u phu h?p cho Speaking vi doi luc chua d? formal va academic. Sau m?i 5 bai thi l?i co 1 bai test d? xem l?i qua trinh h?c c?a b?n than nen dung cu?n nay t? h?c kha la t?t.
T? v?ng cung s? tr?i d?u t? m?c d? don gi?n d?n cac t? h?c thu?t c?a cac ch? d? nen b?n s? h?c du?c m?t kho t? vo cung phong phu dung du?c cho c? Speaking va writing. Sach du?c chia ra lam 2 ph?n, ph?n d?u la cac bai v? t? v?ng noi chung dung cho t?t c? ch? d? nhu la mo t? “Location”, “Opinion, attitude and belief”, “Reason and result”, …; ph?n sau la t? v?ng theo cac ch? d? l?n c?a IELTS nhu la “Education”, “Business and industry”, … ? ph?n t? v?ng theo ch? d? nay, m?i unit g?m 3 bai t?p, 2 bai d?u v? t? v?ng theo ng? c?nh con bai 3 s? giup b?n on l?i ph?n t? v?ng v?a h?c du?c ? 2 bai d?u.
Quy?n nay thi gi?ng nhu ph?n d?u c?a quy?n “Check your vocabulary for English for IELTS” ? tren, t?c la bao g?m t? v?ng s? d?ng cho nhi?u ch? d?.

Ngoai ra minh nghi ngoai th? tru?ng con nhi?u sach t? v?ng khac n?a nhung tru?c kia do khong co co h?i s? d?ng nen minh khong dam nh?n xet nhi?u . The Graduate Management Admission Council® does not endorse, nor is it affiliated in any way with the owner or any content of this web site. Cac t? trong bai cung khong h? ph?c t?p, d?c bi?t trong cac bai t?p ban d?u, t? v?ng con ? m?c c?c ki co b?n. Tren l?p h?c cac th?y giao cung hay dung quy?n nay d? d?y h?c vien, va d?c bi?t la no phu h?p v?i nhi?u trinh d? khac nhau. M?i unit s? g?m 2 ph?n, m?t trang v? t? v?ng va toan b? ly thuy?t con m?t trang la bai t?p ap d?ng cac t? v?ng do.
Trong qua trinh on luy?n thi IELTS, minh da di h?c trung tam, cung tr?i qua qua trinh t? h?c ? nha r?i nen minh nghi nh?ng kinh nghi?m c?a minh s? d? ap d?ng cho t?t c? cac b?n. Quy?n nay co vi d? minh h?a ng? c?nh va bai t?p kha sat v?i th?c t? minh s? d?ng nen minh nghi t? h?c cung kha ?n.

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