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CE505X MICR - HP 2055 MICR Toner - P2055 MICR - Print your own checks with our compatible HP CE505X MICR Toner.
Check Both Cartridges are in the Correct Position: The cartridges used in these printers are very similar in appearance and you would be forgiven for getting them mixed up when it comes to installing them.
Check Ink Cartridge Codes for Compatibility: All HP printers require certain ink cartridges are used within the printer in order for them to be recognised and accepted by the printer. Wipe Contacts Inside the Printer: If the cartridge contacts mentioned in the previous point are clean, it may be that the corresponding contacts inside the printer are obscured and stopping your printer from recognising the cartridge. Try Another Cartridge: It may be that the cartridge(s) in question have a genuine electronic fault that can not be detected with a visual examination. HP Deskjet D1600, D1660, D1663, D2500, D2560, D2563, D2660, D5560, F2400, F2420, F2480, F2488, F2492, F4210, F4213, F4240, F4272, F4275, F4280, F4283, F4288, F4500, F4580, F4583, HP Photosmart C4610, C4640, C4650, C4670, C4680, C4683, C4685, C4688, C4740, C4780, C4783, C4788, C4795, C4798, Envy 100, 110 and 120 e-All-in-One inkjet printers. HP Officejet 4500, 4500 Wireless, J4524, J4535, J4540, J4550, J4580, J4585, J4660, J4680 and J4680C. You may also find the error code appears in conjunction with other Hewlett Packard ink cartridges and printers, but some points of this troubleshooting may not be entirely relevant. I have been involved in the printer industry since I was 18 and have been an employee of Refresh Cartridges since early 2009.
I have an OfficeJet 4540 and when I try to scan I get a message: HP PhotoSmart is not working or installed incorrectly. HP 96 Ink Cartridge - C8767WN - For use in a HP Deskjet 5740, 5740xi, 5743, 5745, 5748, 5940, 5940xi, 6520, 6520xi, 6540, 6540dt, 6540xi, 6620, 6620xi, 6830v, 6840, 6840dt, 6840xi, 6940, 6940dt, 6980, 6980dt, 6988, 6988dt, 9800, 9800d, 7210, 7210v, 7210xi, 7310 All-In-One, 7310xi All-In-One, 7408, 7410, 7410xi AIO.
PhotoSmart 2600 Series, 2610, 2610v, 2620xi, 2710, 2710xi, 8030, 8038, 8049, 8050, 8050v, 8050xi, 8053, 8150, 8150v, 8150xi, 8450, 8450xi, 8750. Search terms: hp 96, hp 96 ink cartridge, hp ink 96, c8767wn, c8767w, hp c8767wn, hp cartridge 96, hp 96 inkjet, hp 96 black, hp 96 cartridges, hp 96 inkcartridges, hp ink cartridge 96, hp ink 96 97.
Laserjet 4250 MICR - HP 4250 MICR - Q5942A MICR Toner - Print your own checks with our compatible HP Laserjet 4250 MICR Toner.
For use in HP LaserJet 4250, 4250dtn, 4250dtns, 4250n, 4250tn, 4350dtn, 4350dtnsl, 4350, 4350n, 4350tn printers. This cartridge is a genuine Hewlett packard product covered by the manufacturers warranty, which gives you peace of mind that you are buying a quality product.

Be the First to Review this ProductCustomers would love to hear about your experience with this product. Any use of a brand name or model is made solely for purposes of demonstrating compatibility.
HP take certain precautions when designing printers to stop cartridges being installed in the wrong slot, but cartridges can still be installed either through the use of brute force or the presence of universal lids used by some  third part ink cartridge manufacturers.To ensure that both cartridges are in the correct place get your cartridges into the cartridge replacement position and examine the cartridge cradle and its surrounding area. Firstly remove the cartridges from the printer and turn the cartridge so you can see the side that faces into the printer vertically. With the cradle in the cartridge replacement position and the power off examine the similar looking contacts found in the cradle of the printer (you may need a torch). If however the problem persists after you have tried everything above it may be that there is a genuine problem with your printer and I would advise getting in touch with HP or a printer technician. When I insert a refilled cartridge (the same one previously used), I get a message saying a used or counterfit cartridge has been inserted. I refill the black ink cartridge because it was empty, but the printer tell me that it is still empty…could you tell me how can I reset the cartridge? As the ink quantities get reduced by Packard, now costing consumers around £500 per gallon, isn't it about time consumers stood up to the corporate greed machine?
I have tried everything- cleaning it, reinserting it, restarting it… What do I do next? If you have any issues with this product please contact us to discuss a refund or replacement.
You can add your review online now, call us, or use the LiveChat feature on our site to submit a review. Thankfully however this error message can usually be cleared with some basic troubleshooting. Hewlett Packard software has a habit of over estimating ink usage in all ink cartridges to prevent a cartridge from running out prematurely. You should see some indication as to which side each cartridge goes here and check your own cartridges accordingly. Ensure this copper looking strip and the gold contacts are not physically damaged, then wipe them down with a piece of non-fibrous piece of tissue like kitchen towel.

Once they are located, use the cleaning method mentioned above to ensure these contacts are also clean. If you have an old cartridge to hand that you know has been accepted by the printer previously or another new cartridge (preferably a genuine HP one) I would advising installing this to see if the message disappears. The only problem here is Hewlett Packard and their devious ways of disabling perfectly working ink cartridges – and they call this customer service? You will be able to print check stubs, print checks in quickbooks and any other check software. This HP 2055 MICR Toner delivers excellent print value.
As such we typically recommend continuing to use genuine HP cartridges and remanufactured cartridges regardless of the estimate until the ink quality begins to deteriorate due to the ink having run out. I would recommend wiping them down even if no dirt is visible and using alcohol based cleaning solution or cartridge flush for any stubborn marks that could be stopping the cartridge from being recognised. You will be able to print check stubs, print checks in quickbooks and any other check software. This HP 4250 MICR Toner delivers excellent print value. This HP P2055 MICR Toner, P2055 MICR Toner is a compatible black toner used in MICR check printing.
So please take a moment to check the message on your computer screen and ensure the software is not giving you the option to continue printing. Once you have the correct codes to hand simply examine the lid of your cartridges to make 100% sure they are the correct cartridge for your printer.
I am using cartridge refilled by a reputable company and have used their products many times before without a problem.
This Q5942A MICR Toner (HP 42A MICR Toner) is a compatible black toner used in MICR check printing.

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