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Earlier this month we reported Japan would be getting Kirby-themed cafés, however at the time of writing no information aside from its existence was available.
For more on Kirby, check out our review of Kirby: Planet Robot, or watch its bizarre ending. Thanks for dropping by and welcome to our social media marketing guide, a complete guide to social media marketing, optimization, planning and growth. You may be a social media guru or perhaps you’re new to social media marketing, but winning on social media takes a lot of work. Today, social media platforms have become powerhouses and major influencers on how we conduct daily business.
In the beginning, there were social media platforms available, but the first powerhouse in this area was Facebook. At Hale Associations, we use SEO Profiler and Google Analytics to report how our social media marketing efforts help bring traffic to our landing pages. One of the greatest benefits of social media is the audiences that can be reached, the engagement and connections that can be made.
Before you begin your social media marketing campaign, you should take the time to make sure you have the appropriate content on your website.
When you have a solid foundation for your brand, the key is integrating social media into your full-scale marketing plans.
By including social media into your full-scale marketing and advertising, your brand should see growth throughout your company’s departments. On our social media platforms for Hale Associations, we invite users to comment by asking questions, a technique that we know works.
Once you start seeing your engagement increase, continue to build the bond between you and the consumer. Social Media Today’s Daniel Matthews gives you 7 Great Tips For Improved Customer Service. So, if you can add another line of communications and customer service to your audience, you do it! Top Spot Internet Marketing tells us that 40 percent of consumers in the path to purchase use social media during the decision to buy process.
If you have a social media marketing team for your business or a social media marketer, you need to empower them with the proper resources, tools and experience needed to help you properly market on social media platforms. There’s a wide range of social media software out there to help you with your efforts on social media. If you have staff that have social media accounts, you can utilize them for your own social media marketing efforts. Social media marketing should be a team effort, but budget and time limits may only allow you to have one person promoting on your social platforms.
You know the importance of engagement, I’ve brought it up multiple times in this social media marketing guide. Constant Contact shows us some of the most popular social media platforms and different types of content that are used to market on the specific social outlets. Your social media content will be the vital source for taking customers from your social media account to where ever you need to take them. Question And Answer – This type of social media content is designed to engage your audience and to build relationships with others.
Learn And Development – We all enjoy learning about new tools and resources that make life easier. Rasha Proctor explains how you can implement your social media marketing goals in this visual. Your business will have to figure out which social channels are worth investing on and which to avoid.
As for which social media platforms are the best to use to reach your target audience, that’s going to be dependant on your business.
Statista shows us that social media plays a vital role in Human Resources, especially in the B2B communities.
When you think of social media platforms, most think about open networks, but there is exceptions.
We know through case studies that social media signals for specific pages play a role in SEO and how a page ranks.
There’s a mass range of great content ideas that deserve a position in your content bank or your scheduled content.
To get your social media sharing campaigns jump started, you can use websites like Viral Content Buzz.
Viral Content Buzz is also a great place to meet influencers via social media. And this helps you build your network, resources and businesses. If you take the time to share the content of others, you will see some of them share your content.
Business 2 Community shows us that #Hashtags can be used for a variety of different purposes. If you have paid attention to the world we live in now, hashtags can be found nearly everywhere. Hashtags are used in social media marketing to define specific post and help users that search via the hashtag find relative topics they’ve searched for. Hashtags also help us find relevant content, we can use hashtags to find any type of content that we may need. When it comes to proper branding of your business, there’s a lot of different factors that have to be considered. Most companies start with branding rules, branding guidelines, what ever terminology you wish to use. So, how does consistent branding translate to social media marketing? On social media platforms, we share a variety of different content types. Bright Local gives us some great insight to how reviews play a role in customers trusting a business. Intelligent and unbiased guidance on the best window covering for your climate, your needs, your windows.
This article has details on drapes and curtains, but also shades and louvered ("venetian") blinds.
Fabric type and color can have a big impact on both visual and thermal performance for all of these window coverings.
Automation (motors, sensors, remote controls) can have a big impact on both performance and cost; for details, see our fact sheet on window covering automation.
Conventional interior window coverings such as curtains, drapes, roller blinds, and venetian blinds are used primarily to control light transmission into a home. Curtains and drapes are the simplest, most common window treatments and are most associated with interior aesthetics. Floor-length, thermally-lined drapes offer the best thermal performance of the conventional treatments, but this comes at the expense of adjustability, view, and daylighting. Roll-down shades (also called roller shades or roller blinds) fit inside the window casing next to the window sash and are available in a wide variety of fabrics and weaves.
Louvered blinds are specialized window blinds that enable a greater degree of light and view control than any other conventional interior window treatment. Louvered blinds are in many ways the opposite of conventional heavy, floor-length drapes; superior adjustability, view, glare control, and daylighting properties but very modest thermal performance.
In addition to horizontal blinds, vertical blinds are available and most commonly used on terrace or sliding-glass doors. Conventional shades, blinds, and drapes can be made more versatile with tracks, sensors, and small, quiet, motors. The insulating value of all three conventional interior window treatments is modest and they only provide this benefit when fully deployed. In cooling-dominated climates during warm months, curtains and drapes can block unwanted heat from the sun (solar heat gain) from coming directly into the space.
In cooling-dominated climates or the summer months of any climate, conventional window treatments can reduce solar heat gain by anywhere from 20% to 60%, depending on the color and openness of the fabric or material. Consider other window retrofits that deliver greater energy savings, or combine with another retrofit option for maximum benefit.
The tighter curtains and drapes fit to the window sill or floor, the better they will reduce heat loss (by creating a dead-air space). Conventional window treatments that lower the interior surface temperature of windows during cold conditions may increase condensation potential. Energy performance of curtains and drapes can be improved by using Velcro tabs to tightly hold edges to window or door jambs. The impact of shades, blinds, or curtains on reducing solar heat gain is not as significant if the windows are low-e and double-paned because the windows will capture much of the energy savings. The range of materials, cost, and performance properties for conventional window treatments yields nearly infinite combinations, yet each comes with some sacrifice in overall or specific performance.

Interior louvered shutters are yet another window covering, which adds privacy and both light and solar control. Climate is mild and more expensive but higher-performance window treatments cannot be justified. Best suited for the way in which patio doors and slider windows operate, vertical blinds provide much the same versatility as horizontal louvered blinds.
Mean radiant temperature (MRT) is roughly the average temperature of all the objects or surfaces in a space.
While some companies work social platforms with ease, I guarantee you some smart minds were behind their planning and approach. They use a creative method of funny pictures related to trucking that has their post reaching thousands. Be genuine and make the effort to grow both business and personal relationships via social media. When I first began my career online, I didn’t take the time to build authentic relationships. Your customers are online, they are on social media platforms and more people are connecting with their favorite brands.
If you have a store, make sure you have all your products listed first, privacy policy and return policy.
As seen above in this example by Make Extra Paper, there’s a wide range of marketing channels you can include social media marketing with. You want to make sure that your social media marketing efforts are in relation to the marketing and advertising that your brand does now.
This is another reason I suggest waiting until you have all your departments running and in order. In this example, Brand Watch gives us a look at some of the value SMM can add to your business.
Anytime you can create 64 comments on one post, you’re certainly doing something right. But with effort and persistence, you’ll find that building engagement and interaction on your social media platforms is vital to social media success.
Being a thought leader for your brand is highly valued as it can lead to customer growth, new partnerships and new opportunities.
You can use this as guide to see how your social media marketing efforts relate to the buying process. User metrics are critical to the growth and development of your business, social media or not. Employee engagement is one of the big factors, allowing your employees to interact with one another, as well as the business. There’s a number of benefits to planning your social media marketing in advance compared to posting freewill. This is relevant because you want to make meaningful relationships with leaders in your industry. This is a great resource for researchers, writers, marketers or anyone looking to capture breaking news. While this content may not be direct branding, anything you share will always carry the brand name. Use social media management software to ensure that your social media content is published at the same time and published on all your social platforms. Ask your retailer or product supplier for product-specific thermal and visual performance information based on fabric weave, weight, and type of material. They are fabric interior attachments that are either sized to fit the window (curtains) or to reach all the way to the floor (drapes). The least expensive and simplest are typically opaque and are usually installed to darken rooms and provide full privacy. The operability of conventional shades, curtains, and blinds is both an advantage and a drawback; they not only CAN be adjusted, but they MUST be adjusted to provide the most energy benefit. Heavier drapes and curtains provide slightly better performance than the shades and blinds.
Window coverings with light-colored backing can, in addition, reflect sunlight back out through the window, further reducing solar heat gain.
The temperature contribution of each individual surface is weighted by its area, spatial relationship, and temperature difference from the skin temperature of a person in the space.
There’s a lot that goes into the planning, approach and tactics of successful campaigns.
However, over the past 5 years, we’ve seen a spike in social media traffic and activity. With the opportunity to share content to potentially thousands, you have a responsibility to uphold the brand you work for or your own brand. Be genuine about connecting with others, responding to comments and building your social platforms. You should want some type of foundation for your brand before you begin your social media efforts. While I’m trying to refrain from getting into social media ROI until later, the value of social media can translate to a number of different things, impacting different areas of your business. You should put the highest value on your customers an you should care about their happiness.
Take the time to bookmark this guide so your team can learn the correct way to promote your business on social media.
Having your staff available to interact with customers and providing customer support is a beneficial advantage. If you do have a team available, ask your staff if they are available to spend an hour or two a week promoting the business via social media.
This will allow you to track the results of your marketing campaigns, no matter what channel you choose to promote on. Don’t get this confused with the process of build your social media foundation, it takes a little time to see results. While being able to visit social profiles can give you a glimpse of the personality of new recruits, it also allows you to connect with them personally. Social media accounts used for organizations are perfect for the Human Resource department. Rather, you should concentrate on building a genuine relationship with them first before you ever consider asking them for anything. Some are just way too busy, others may have social media managers operating the channels, others may have most of their social media marketing effort automated.
By doing so, we stand a good chance of being found when others search for these keywords via social search engines. One simple but important brand rule would likely be color schemes and font in marketing, perhaps also including the logo. Social media integration is crucial to any brand, the message should be similar, the target audience should be similar.
They are popular for their low cost, high level of user control, privacy, aesthetics, and comfort. Usually installed for privacy, curtains and drapes also offer some energy and comfort benefits.
Roller shades offer modest energy benefits by providing a small amount of insulation (less than fabric curtains), trapping air, and blocking sunlight.
Horizontal slats or louvers are typically connected with cloth tape or cord running through a slot near the end of each slat; these are commonly called venetian blinds.
Normally, the added thermal insulation effect of these window coverings is not greater than R-1.
The effectiveness of window coverings in blocking solar heat gain depends on the thermal performance of the windows; curtains and drapes have greater impact if the windows have standard clear glass. An MRT that is warmer than the skin temperature of a person will cause the person to feel warmer, and an MRT that is colder than the skin temperature of a person in the room will cause that person to feel colder. It’s no secret that social media has become a major influencer for thousands of businesses all around the world.
Through social media, we’re able to connect and have conversations with other users from around the world. Learning how to use social media to market your business is the key and this SMM guide covers everything you need to know.
Others soon followed as social media gained momentum, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Flickr, Instagram, Vines and so on.
While we’ve seen incredible growth in social media over the last few years, the growth is only the beginning. A lot of people get caught up in growing your followers, some even consider paying for them. It was a big mistake on my part, especially those of us that are in SEO, SEM, SMM, online marketing, PR and so on. For one, when you first begin engaging others, customers are not going to have deep meaningful relationships with you or the brand. While you may have multiple users promoting your business, it’s important to note that keeping a similar tone in your branding efforts is important.

If you have to, you could take the time and promote on various social platforms until you have enough data to test which sites are working and which are not. By providing this high level of customer support, you help your customers feel that you care about their needs. Most of these platforms have great social tools that not only help HR, but help the whole business. If you fail to deliver the right target audience for your business, you’re going to fail.
When you gain enough points, you can submit your own social media campaigns and the results are quick. Use an appropriate hashtag, find your connections , connect with them and begin building your relationships. Hashtags are found throughout social media communities, you can how find them being used on all the major social channels of the world. These rules keep your brand consistent on a global level, that’s the point of having them. Their primary drawbacks are that they must be deployed to save energy, they block outdoor views when deployed, and they save only a modest amount of energy.
The connectors allow the venetian blind to be raised so that the slats stack tightly together at the top of the window. Pleated shades are simpler and more economical versions of cellular shades with an extensive range of fabric selections. When interior blinds, curtains or drapes are closed in cold weather, they provide a warmer surface between the home occupant and the window glass, so an occupant’s skin radiates less heat and therefore he or she is less likely to feel cold than when windows are uncovered. With newer “low-solar gain” low-emissivity coatings, there is less solar gain reaching the interior side of the window for the window coverings to block.
Our social media marketing guide covers a wealth of experience that you’ll be able to implement into your own strategies and planning. You have to consider how you’ll engage with others, how you will respond to comments, both positive and negative.
Once you grasp the unbelievable stats associated with social media, it becomes crystal clear that social media marketing is a huge opportunity for all businesses. What good does 10,000 followers do you if they don’t interact and engage on your page? I was a few years in before I made a genuine effort and when I think about it today, I can’t believe I was so one-sided.
Even if you’re simply testing social media marketing, make sure your brand has a solid foundation before you take that next step. It gives you the chance to show your level of expertise because this is what many look for, so become an influential expert in your industry. When you first begin building your social platforms, take the time to invite your contacts to interact with your page. This is why the social accounts you decide to promote on will need to be updated daily to give you the maximum reach.
Personally, I love marketing tools and resources that I can use myself to build engagement, leads, conversions and sales. Being able to control and monitor your businesses’ inside social media efforts from one dashboard is a big benefit. The great thing about VCB is the fact that it has dozens of topics, so it appeals to all markets. If you want to be a thought leader in the industry and want to have success via social media, make an effort to connect with those in your industry. The best advice I can give you, please don’t ask for something in your opening message.
Just like users know to use Google, the same can be said about social media search engines. Some examples include earning trust, a great reputation, a leader in the industry or excellent customer service. It doesn’t matter if these instructions or guidelines are for social media marketing or content marketing, the brand should carry the same principles throughout all levels of the company. While the best practice would be to use the same content on all channels, not all companies follow this route. Another control allows the slats on the fully or partially extended blind to be tilted so that more or less light comes through. Sheer shades offer a wide range of aesthetics with a focus on softened view and glare control. Windows, particularly low-performance single-glazed and simple double-glazed products, are cold to the touch in winter, or, in technical terms, they have a low mean radiant temperature (MRT, see page 1).
Countless companies are growing on social media, not only in terms of followers and fans, but also in sales.
Once smaller social platforms are also gaining traction and this just means more opportunity for us all. It’s a very simple rule to follow, if you make that effort, your social platforms will grow with targeted traffic, not just any users from paying for followers.
There’s so many values when it comes to social media and every company, small business and everyone in between should be invested in social media. You will be able to connect with new users that find your brand worthy through social outlets. If potential customers visit a website or social platform that has no engagement, they’re likely to go elsewhere.
And the more genuine and authentic you are, the better results you likely see from your efforts.
Customers appreciate a brand that takes the time to help them, answer questions, list to their concerns. This also depends on what you’re trying to accomplish on social media because this varies. Having your team employed with the experience and knowledge to effectively promote your business on social media is priceless.
On top of that, the customers you target are going to be the same as the accounts you connect with. Companies are always reviewed in these areas and if you miss on your branding, it can put a kink in your customer buying process.
But if you do, the goal is to make sure you’re following branding rules and staying consistent across all social platforms. The slats can be tilted almost vertically to block most of the sunlight or left fully open (slats parallel to the floor) to allow maximum light transmission. Social media brings an opportunity for us all and it’s up to you to develop a social media marketing plan that will accomplish your goals.
You need customers to do it and that’s the reason we call for a full marketing plan in all departments to build a customer base.
Not every customer will reach out to you, but when they do, you have to be there to provide great customer service. While the end goal will always be sales, it doesn’t mean that leads are not worth their weight in gold.
By recruting new job prospects online, you’ll be able to connect with applicants in a personal manner. If you constantly push your services and products when building your social pages, you’ll fail. If you choose to cross promote or work with other social influencers, it can benefit both parties. Some venetian blinds can be tilted to direct more light onto the ceiling, extending daylight penetration into a room. By the end of this social media marketing guide, you’ll have the knowledge to be successful with your social media marketing campaigns.
However, if you’re in this situation, you should put focus on building your website first.
Think about what we’ve been stressing the whole time, build engagement, build interaction, build connections. And if the skills require online experience, you can get a great glimpse at potential candidates. The reason I suggest this is because there’s a trust factor to the online buying experience. Think about it, If all of your content is pushing services or products on your followers, likely they want respond. If you don’t have that trust, it can turn away potential buyers that would have purchased if the brand was more credible. Rather, it’s important that you solidify your brand through a company website or blog first before you attempt social media.

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