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The consumer Oculus Rift VR headset is now open for pre-orders - but what serious uses might it have in aerospace?
The Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, launched earlier this month may be the latest must-have consumer IT gadget – but this sort of wearable technology has a longer history than you might think in aviation and aerospace. But today, it is the consumer IT and electronics sector which dwarfs the specialist avionics industry which is driving change and allowing possibilities through augmented reality and 3D virtual reality.
Could the next generation of augmented reality wearables provide low-cost situational awareness for GA pilots? Finally, wearables may make long-haul flights more comfortable and allow passengers to seal themselves off, using virtual reality to watch films, check out their destination or play games. Virtual reality, of course,comes from the video gaming industry and has been promised before – but never lived up to expectations.
Airbus has been pioneering augmented reality goggles to help install seating tracks on A330s in the factory. A ground-breaking UK study will use wearable 'eye-tracking' technology in imporove helicopter safety.
Yet this wearable tech could just be the tip of the iceberg for the human-machine interface and aerospace.
In short - wearables promise to connect us to the sky in ways we can only begin to imagine. Shoppers choose NJ Town Guide as a source for discounts and coupons to many shops and businesses.

Indeed, the humble wristwatch was partly invented in the first place because pilots needed to know the time, and couldn’t take their hands off the controls to fiddle with a standard pocketwatch. The first helmet-mounted displays evolved in the 1970s and 80s, and were used by attack helicopter and fighter pilots to provide pilots with enhanced situational awareness so they could keep their eyes outside the cockpit.
While Google Glass has not taken off in the same way yet as the smart phone, it did make some think about innovative ways to use these low-cost AR wearables in aviation. Qantas, for example has already issued VR headsets for their first-class passengers on selected A380 routes. Today, however, consumer IT produces ever more high-resolution displays (for smart phones) smaller chips and at far lower cost. Indeed the global offshore helicopter body, HeliOffshore, is to use a eye-tracking research, along with an Airbus Helicopters H225 simulator to enhance pilot performance and safety in the cockpit.
Watchmaker Louis Cartier reputedly made the first pilots’ wristwatch for the pilot Alberto Santos-Dumont in 1904. These HMDs, now in wide military use today, projected useful information, such as speed, altitude and targeting data. Meanwhile, in 2014, Virgin Atlantic conducted a successful trial with Google Glass – with check-in staff using the eyewear to improve customer service. Low-cost VR means that suppliers around the world can explore and collaborate on the same CAD model – solving problems even though they might be thousands of miles apart. This may start off as a gimmick or as a consumer device to 'relax' passengers scared of flying – but could also one day have applications in allowing the disabled to experience the joy of flight.

The Oculus, and other consumer VR systems like the HTC Vive could open up new, lower-cost simulation and training concepts – for example in training helicopter pilots, where depth perception and cueing at low-level are important. However, thanks to consumer technology and building on experience from military systems, some companies, such as Thales and Elbit Systems, are now pitching lower-cost versions at the commercial market – to give airline pilots increased situational awareness. Or it could allow airline pilots to practise unfamiliar airports in the comfort of their hotel room. Honeywell, too has been trialling 'mind-control' neural sensing HMIs - both in a 737 simulator, and according to a report In Aviation International News, in a King Air in 2015. These dispense with the helmet – but still would allow pilots to focus on the world outside the flight deck, while delivering essential information to them.
Indeed, Airbus is already pioneering this technology by using AR goggles to help workers fit seating tracks precisely on A330 during assembly. Ten test flights were conducted, with flashing lights on a control grid in the cockopit demonstrating the capability to translate pilot's thoughts in recognising the patterns into control inputs.

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