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In the employees provident fund, the employee deduct the fixed amount from his salary every month and contribute to provident fund and employer needs to do it the same. Employee provident fund organization website(EPFO) offers online services to the account holder.
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Your employer should give you the universal account number as soon as it gets from the EPFO. UAN or Universal Account number is an unique number given to every member of Employee Provident Fund Scheme. Unlike PF member ID, the UAN does not change with the change of job.
After choosing the state and region the two columns of PF numbers gets filled automatically. Filed Under: Employee Provident Fund About Chandrakant MishraI am the person behind this Blog. I am having problem with my uncle’s UAN number to get UAN number as after all info fill up birth date not match message is coming on EPF portal. Hello sir , I genrated my UAN number 2 months back , i saved it on my mobile but now i lost it! Hai sir, Request for UAN for this Member Id TELANGANA HYD 63141-000-0498 is already under process.(through ECR). Hi dear seniors my name is S M SHIVAKUMAR BUT in pf account has been open as shiv Kumar how to change ( S M SHIVAKUMAR ).
My PF Number is just a two digit number, how do I identify the State and region of Registration? Hell sir i have applied for pf withdrawal and i have submitted Pf withdrawal form (sent by Currier ) to my employer office which is located in Noida and confirmed that they have received. With the new EPF online facility, now you can check your EPF claim status online without any assistance. Then on the below center of your screen, you will have an option for “Click Here for the status”. In case you are not able to find the correct path then click on this link to reach the right place. If you are not able to find the correct one then you can go by the region name option to find out the EPF office name. Your employee provident fund account status with details like Claim ID and Status of the form will be shown to you. I have already claimed my husband PF as a claimant after his death, but still I am unable see my current status of the same. If you are working in a private sector then you must be covered under Employee Provident Fund (EPF). The Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has made provident fund account account details online wef. Select the EPFO office where your account is maintained and furnish your PF Account number.
Enter your Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Account Number, Name (As per in EPF Slip) and your mobile number.
Remember , if your establishment has no unit or other branch, there may not be extension number. On providing these details, your PF details would be delivered to your mobile through an SMS. Some companies run their own PF trusts – the companies deposit your PF money with these trusts for management instead of depositing it with the EPFO. Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has set up an online portal to generate e-passbook i.e online passbook of the EPF account for all its members who contribute under EPF every month.
After successful registration you can login to the EPFO member portal by entering the document number you selected at the time of registration like we entered “PAN Number” and your mobile number. V – Now you can download your EPF Passbook (ePassbook) by clicking on the Download E-Passbook link on the top of the page. VI – Now select the state where your establishment is covered like Delhi, Kolkata, Bihar, Haryana, Karnataka, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan etc.

VII – Then enter you EPF account number, your full name (as per EPF records) and click on the ‘GET PIN’ button. VIII – Enter the PIN that you have received on your mobile phone in the “Enter Authorization PIN” text box and click on the GET DETAIL button. IX – You will be able to see your EPF details if that data is available to EPFO else a message will be displayed on your screen “ Your e-passbook not available”.
XI – Then a system generated message will ask you to visit your account after 3 days to get your EPF details. Although this facility is activated by EPFO but currently only those members can view there EPF passbook online for whom the employer has uploaded the Electronic Challan Cum Return for the wage month of May 2012 onwards. While trying to download e passbook after providing PF # and name, a java script error is coming up which is preventing from genrating the PIN. When you click on the date box a calender will be displayed which will help you select the date, month & years for the date of birth field. If you find problem entering data in date field change your web browser and then proceed with registration process. This facility is activated by EPFO but currently only those members can view there EPF passbook online for whom the employer has uploaded the Electronic Challan Cum Return for the wage month of May 2012 onwards. The Employees Provident Fund Organization has introduced the online service to know the epf claim status through online mode. Then the list of office name, region code, region name and office code will be generated and then you are required to click on the your actual company name where your epf account is maintaining., So this is the best way to find out the employers office and region. After this it will ask you your epf account number which you have to enter your account number and click to the submit button. All the details of your account like claim id and claim status will be visible on your screen.
If you have given your mobile number while filling the form then all the details and recent updates regarding your epf will be sent you through SMS,.
In this post, I will explain how can you get your EPF Universal Account Number (UAN) online and how to check or activate or register your UAN and how tocheck the UAN status online. Universal Account Number (UAN) is unique 12 digit “portable” number allotted by EPFO to its members. Also, you need to give a password as after the verification you would be automatically registered with the UAN member portal.
If you have any queries regarding check UAN status online or how to activate your EPF UAN or how to check the PF Balance online using UAN, feel free to comment below. The author is a Chartered Accountant and loves to write about Personal Finance, Wealth Management, Taxation etc. Disclaimer - The articles on this website is for informational and knowledge purposes and should not be treated as financial advice, Please consult your financial advisor before taking any investment decision. I have UAN no of previouse company, i left that company before one yago i got my UAN no but when i give the details of my current employer, then i will not get any detail from website, also my new not link with UAN no also. Also, If we apply for PF transfer,EPS amount will also get transferred to new account or how it will be done. Hi Paramesh, It may be possible that your employer has already put the request to setup UAN. SO need process how to track UAN number as after correct fill up of birth date birthdate did not match message coming. Example: If you are working in infosys then the registered office of the company is in Bangalore. Then click on the correct office name where your company maintains employee provident fund or EPF accounts. EPF is a scheme under which a fraction of your salary gets deducted every month to be invested under saving scheme.
If you work for such a company then also you can get your details online as EPFO has asked such private PF trusts to also post the account details online! Stay tuned to Fingyan by following Fingyan Official Facebook Page and sign up for our free newsletter.
Till now there is no direct way to check the account balance of EPF account, now this initiative by EPF department will help all its active members to get the status of there account anytime.

This link will take you to the member portal where you have to register yourself first by entering some basic data like your mobile number, Date of birth, email etc.
Enter the PIN code at the end of the registration page after “Enter Authorization PIN” and submit the page to complete the registration process. To get the details of your EPF account click on the link “Send request to get your e-passbook”.
And for example; if you are working in IBM South Delhi it means your registered office is in Delhi , so you will select Delhi state.
If any individual forgot their epf number then in that case they must check their salary slip or else inform your employer to get the number. COULD YOU PLEASE TELL ME ABOUT THE PENSION FUND, WHETHER IT IS AVAILABLE WHEN WE RESIGNING THE JOB FROM THE COMPANY BEFORE 10 YEARS ? Because, as I said I tranferred PF before 3yrs and I got only the PF amount transferred and not the EPS amount. After I left my job there I wasn’t employed in a conventional setup till as recent as june 2015.
If indeed it is possible, is there a way I can transfer the fund directly from my PF account to my NPS account? But before going to HR department, please do check the UAN status online from the EPFO portal.
All these digital initiative by the EPFO is making the whole operation of employees’ provident fund more efficient and user-friendly. I sent a mail to EPFO help desk reported the same and asked them about how union two UANs to one. Today, in this article we will show you how to check your EPF claim status online with step by step procedure .
If you don’t know your EPF account numbers then check your payslip or else contact your employer to get the Employee provident fund or EPF account number. The Employee Provident Fund Organization(EPFO) maintains provident fund on behalf of lakhs of employees working in both private and non-pensionable public sectors. To check EPF passbook online, EPF members first have to register yourself to the EPF member portal. And it is quite tough for the epf Organization to manage and, maintain their number of accounts manually. After entering your epf account number you are required to click on submit button to see your epf claim status. I tried getting the UAN number online through UAN portal but i am getting an error stating that my date of birth and my member name doesnt match.
The first two letters are for the state, such as MH for Maharashtra, DS for Delhi and UP for Uttar Pradesh. Job with CNBC Awaaz also helped me to explore the world of Investment, Saving, Insurance, and Tax.
They have not given the exact solution but shared that use the latest UAN and the old UAN will be managed by EPFO. Although we can get the value deducted under provident fund in our monthly salary slip but it can get quite difficult to know exactly how much money or balance you have saved in your Provident Fund or PF account.
Currently this facility is activated for Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Karnal and Bangalore only, but it is being rapidly extended to 120 more cities across India.
The number was correct and I tried it many times but haven’t received the PIN even once.
This facility gives fast and accurate information about the epf claim status and many more information regarding epf.

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