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EB Games has the largest range of new and preowned games for Xbox, Playstation, PC, Wii and Nintendo. If you are trying to find out the balance on your EB Games gift cards or EB Games gift certificates then you have come to the right place.
After you find out the balance of your card you can either run out and pick up a new game or sell your gift card for cash. We do apologize but the PlayStation networks code redemption system is currently down for maintenance. There are three ways of finding out the balance of a EB Games or EB Edge gift card and after we explain them all we will also tell you how you can get cash for you EB Games gift card. Giftah the webs premier gift card marketplace allows you to sell your card directly or list it in an auction. Please note that the same methods apply for checking the balance of a Gamestop Edge gift card. Please note that Digital Downloadable content is not eligible for returns or credit as stated on our website. If you do choose to spend your EB Games gift card but the balance in not high enough try checking Giftah’s gift card marketplace for discount EB Games gift cards. You can respond to this email, or if you prefer to speak to someone directly, you can reach us 7 days a week 8am-8pm at 800-883-8895. When they finally came answered the phone almost an hour later no apologies for the long wait instead got an attitude like I should feel privileged that they picked up my phone call and no that person just put me on hold again.

I went to Walmart on Hubbard ave and spent nearly $500 on my 500gb ps3 bundle, an Xbox 360 headset and a game called Wolfenstein.
Fire the girl, fire the manager and retrain the poor young man who was intimidated by them and helpless to do the right thing. I read their refund policy, it said within 30 days it could be returned if the plastic bags weren't opened.
This store is selling fraudulent replacement plans and I doubt I am the first or last person that this will happen to if something is not done.
Nobody, including the district manager, would provide me with any information to contact anyone else in the company to file a complaint. She never had a bag and seems to have no care about the customers who come up to the counter. Customers shouldn't have to deal with that kind of treatment and loud talking and yelling from a friend of an employee. Once he put my games back, I was pissed enough to say, "Hey man, you're too distracted by this young woman to pay attention." I hope that one of his district managers looks up the video for November 16th and can see his poor performance in the store. I never thought twice to keep all of my receipts as I always kept the last one which stated how much I had deposited on my account.
When she asked the salesperson to print up the two receipts for some strange reason they couldn't find mine. She called the local Gamestop and they verified that both PS4 systems were reserved and that they both had about an equal amount on them.

The reason I say this is because they do not check them real good when somebody turns one in.
In my case a friend bought me a used one at GameStop for Xmas and 5 months later it died but she did pay the $30.00 year warranty so yesterday I got another one but I couldn't afford to get a warranty so I hope for the best.
Is it full of dust because some people don't realize if they're clogged it will overheat and either burn out or just won't work right.
The woman on the phone told me that they didn't have any more Black Friday PS3s in stock, but she would check the stock in the other stores in town.
Select as many stores as you'd like from the list below, and you'll receive an email when new inventory is available.
You can even customize email frequency and which sellers you want to see gift cards from to find the best deals. To save and update your settings, log in to your account or create a new one with the "Sign Up for Alerts" link above.

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