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Posted at 6:48 pm June 26, 2015By John Huotari Leave a Comment Oak Ridge Police Department officers set up a perimeter around one building at Manhattan Apartments on North Purdue Avenue after a robbery was reported at the nearby Check Into Cash on South Illinois Avenue on Friday afternoon. The Oak Ridge Police Department on Friday afternoon was investigating a reported robbery at a check cashing and payday loan store on South Illinois Avenue, and officers set up a perimeter at a nearby apartment building.
Police set up a perimeter around a building at the nearby Manhattan Apartments on North Purdue Avenue, and several officers were carrying AR15 rifles as they appeared to conduct a search in and around the three-story building. Pictured above from left are ORPD Captain Robin Smith, Chief Jim Akagi, and School Resource Office Michael Swigert. A fire Saturday night destroyed an administrative office building at the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Engineering Laboratory in Norris. A house cleaning checklist is a nice way to manage the little messes that add up over time.

This site is protected by copyright under the Universal Copyright and Berne Conventions and trademark. However, since it is alternating current, the current reverses direction many times a second. This acts as a bottleneck, reducing the amount of power reaching the destination end of the cable. But it wasn’t immediately clear if they were looking for a suspect or something else.
From left are Michael Swigert, Robin Smith, Ray Steakley, Matthew Johnston, Chief Jim Akagi (with back to camera), Brandan Sharp, and William Weaver.
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