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Cost effective, we charge the same low fee on all payroll checks including tax refund checks. Once we have your information our state of the art system makes the processing of your check very easy and quick. With a proven record of preventing losses, our check cashing product offers retailers and banks full MSB compliance features as well as embedded Check 21 processing. Automatically verifies each transaction against our national database of bad check writers. The system analyzes the magnetic ink and flags checks with low MICR levels for possible fraud.
This service combines the nationwide Paycheck Secure network with multiple third-party databases to verify information on the maker (or check issuer) before you cash the check.
Review Center provides you with expert recommendations on checks without you having to make phone calls to investigate.
Submit your email to sign up for our e-newsletter and be notified of new services we can offer you. National Check Cashers has been cashing checks for the people in Central Ohio for over 20 years.
Check cashing card belonging to and signed by football legend and actor Charles ''Bubba'' Smith.

The Paycheck Secure system eliminates check fraud and speeds up check cashing transactions by using the latest in biometric fingerprint technology. Paycheck secure is in over 2,500 retail locations nationwide, has over 8 million enrolled customers and has processed over 105 million biometric financial transactions. With Paycheck Secure, you’ll have access to the negative data for over 8 million consumers in the Paycheck Secure network. Paycheck Secure offers the ability to view the information you need on the web, including system totals, customer information, transaction information and maker information.
Third-party databases look for any negative information reported on a particular maker (invalid account, NSF, account status, etc).
As part of the Patriot Act, money service businesses are now required to report transactions by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)’s list of Specially Designated Nationals (SDNs).
Customizable risk triggers automatically initiate Review Center requests when checks cannot be instantly approved.
With direct to bank integrations and processor relationships, deposit money directly to hundreds of banks.
Laminated white, blue and maroon card is signed by Smith to the bottom, and features Smith's photograph to the left of the signature. If the customer has passed a bad check at your store — or in any of the 2,500 locations in the Paycheck Secure network — the system will notify you before any money changes hands.

You’ll have the customer’s photo, fingerprints, contact information, photo ID, and full check cashing history right at your fingertips. The Paycheck Secure software analyzes maker history within the entire network (currently over 2,500 locations), for any negative information, including outstanding returns or bad account history. Our Government Compliance Package makes it easy by automatically checking this list for you. Transactions are cross referenced for negative information across multiple networks and trained check cashing experts stand by ready to complete the transaction review process in real-time.
Based on the returned data, Paycheck Secure will provide you with a recommendation to Accept, Accept with Warning, or Decline the check.
Electronically submit Currency Transactions Reports (CTRs) and Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) directly to the federal government. Integrate your preferred providers of Bill Pay, Money Transfer, International Calling, Money Orders, Prepaid Debit, Lending and more.
All electronic reports filed with the Government Compliance Package are archived in the Paycheck Secure system for auditing purposes for five years.

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