The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

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A write off is where a vehicle sustains damage sufficient for the vehicle to be written off the books of the insurance company These are categorised from Category A to Category D.  While the highest number of vehicles written off were blue-coloured (22%) this corresponded with the number of blue coloured cars in the fleet and so blue is not considered a higher risk colour.
We’re Hiring!Cartell is the Irish market leader providing automotive services and data to the motor trade. It's a good custom and still it's really common for someone to come up to me the next day asking if they can get back into yesterday's location because they're missing something.
Yeah, when you have kids, you pull an idiot check on every hotel room - after you get everyone packed in the car you go back and check under the beds and behind the curtains where stuff often gets left. Anyone who buys a car and suspects that it has had some major work to it that was not stated at the time of sale should get an HPI check, which should uncover any illegal activity. A full check will tell the buyer if the vehicle as been reported stolen, has outstanding debt attached to it, is an insurance write off or is cloned. Car dealers are not obliged to tell you that the car is a write-off, but this is another thing you can investigate with a car data check. So that you don’t get any nasty shocks always ask the right questions.  Sellers by law have to describe the used car accurately, so have a good look round the car before you buy and ask lots of questions. Just a few ideas for you to think about before you purchase a second hand car; it’s always advisable to get the car HPI checked so that you don’t get any nasty shocks or surprises. carried out a study of a random sample of 4,479 vehicles imported to Ireland from the UK between 2001 and 2005.

The Report found that the Revenue Commissioners, who receive millions of Euros in Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) annually, are the first to receive write off classification but there is no process in place to act on this data. Cartell is totally independent and wholly owned Irish company which was set up by Jeff and Nicola Aherne in 2006.
Thank you for the information.I will recommend to anyone to check with cartell first before purchasing a car. Following extensive research based on a sample of 5,430 write-offs taken from the Irish Motor Insurance Anti-Fraud and Theft Register (MIAFTR IRELAND), uncovered that 11% of the total number of vehicles written off were green-coloured. At the other end of the scale the colour white is the clear winner for safest vehicle colour.
As a growing company and due to internal promotion, we have identified an opening for a Field Sales Executive.
That can be embarrassing for the production and inconvenient as hell for the forgotten crew member. Despite having a fully automated on-line payment system, somehow managed to overcharge me by 6 cents. HPI check will look for any evidence of clocking, will make sure that it is the exact make and model that the paperwork claim it to be.
The study examined the number of vehicles registered for a particular year and the number of alerts imposed by UK insurers against that figure.

However, this data has not made its way from the UK log book to the Irish log book and the impact of this is that Irish drivers are now in the dark about the cars’ true history. In addition, with the write off percentages so high in Ireland, it would seem apparent that there are unscrupulous individuals operating and profiting from the lack of adequate procedures, with the ultimate loser being Irish drivers.
Car history checking is Cartell’s core business which has no distractions or conflicts of interest.
This was less than the corresponding number of green cars in the fleet making green the highest risk vehicle to drive. A very small number of white vehicles were recorded as written off (6%) in comparison with the fleet average for that colour. If the average percentage of write offs set out in our sample is applied to this figure, then we estimate that over the last 12 twelve years, 22,834 written off vehicles have been imported from the UK and have potentially been running on Irish roads”.
It is a tool to help Irish consumers purchase safer vehicles secure in the knowledge that it has been independently checked out. The research indicates that a driver of a green car is more than 40% more likely to have their vehicle written off than a driver of a white car.

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