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Ever had to scramble around last-minute to find a window net because you didn’t realize the one you were using expired 4 months ago?
Don’t let last-minute news that your safety equipment is expired leave you looking like this. Which brings up a good question – how long is your safety gear good for? We put together this blog article to help cover some of these basics.
As with any information, we highly recommend cross-referencing any info you get with your sanctioning body’s rules. A helmet is allowed to be used as long as its SA-rating is accepted by your sanctioning body.
Window nets usually have different expiration dates based on what organization you are racing under.
Whenever we get angry comments about tech inspectors and ruined weekends, the subject matter almost always has something to do with harnesses.
We have yet to hear of someone failing tech because their belts were a month expired within the same calendar year – but do you really want to become our latest statistic?
Most organizations will allow you to use harnesses until the end of the calendar year marked on the belt. Some harnesses, like these FIA rated Sparco harnesses, designate a clear-cut expiration year. HANS devices, like all SFI-rated products, have an SFI sticker designating date of manufacture. While roll-bar and roll-cage padding have yet to be fitted with dated tags, there have been some changes in what is accepted. If you are involved in a crash that isn’t just a light impact (ie, one in which  the car needs bodywork), it is important to make sure your safety equipment is still functioning correctly.
A good rule of thumb is that if you’re involved in any crash that has caused significant structural damage, it is absolutely necessary to have a qualified person inspect any and all items related to driver safety.
Listed here are four things that every parent should know about car seat safety that could save your child’s life. If you’re using the wrong type of seat, your child will not be protected when it really counts!
Air bags pose a tremendous risk of harm to your children because both car seats and infants are not equipped to handle the impact. The laws state that you can move your child to a forward-facing car seat as early as 12 months or 20 lbs. Children seated in forward-facing car seats are 5 times more likely to be severely injured in car crashes.
A rear-facing seat cradles the child’s head, neck and shoulders from the impact, preventing these injuries and keeping infants and toddlers safe. – Want to know where you can go for a FREE car seat check and safety course?
NHTSA – The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gives you tips to keep your family safe on the road. The Britax Hispanic Digital and Social Media Outreach is in partnership with Mami Innovative Media. Bugaboo car seat adaptor allows you to easily move your little one from stroller to car seat, and is approved to work with the Bugaboo Bee in conjunction with the Maxi-Cosi, Maxi-Cosi Mico, Maxi-Cosi Cabrio, Maxi-Cosi Prezi and Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix. Related Posts:UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller to Maxi-Cosi Infant Seat Adaptor UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller to Maxi-Cosi Infant Seat Adaptor Do you want to buy a car seat?

You’ve spent the week making sure you’ve got your fluids, pads, and tires good to go and you’re more then ready for the track weekend. You arrive with plenty of time to spare, and line up for grid. The following can be used as a general guideline of how long your racing safety equipment can be used for. We can easily make assumptions based on what we’ve seen and heard, but in the end your sanctioning body has the final say. Clubs will typically allow one year until they no longer allow members to use the SA2005 rating. If the crash was hard enough to require a wrecker, or did structural damage to the car, then all the car’s safety equipment should be thoroughly inspected by a qualified person. Just like helmets, harnesses were one of the first items to be affixed with expiration dates universally by sanctioning bodies. FIA harnesses expire 5 years after the date of manufacture and are affixed with a clear expiration date on an FIA-tag sewn to all belt ends. For instance, a belt tagged with an SFI build-date of March 2012 will be allowed through the end of 2014; likewise, a belt with an FIA expiration date of 2014 will be allowed through the end of 2014.
If you’ve got a moment to swing by our Sterling, VA showroom, our guys usually have enough experience to tell you if something needs replacement or not.
This UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller to Maxi-Cosi Infant…Quinny Zapp Xtra Stroller with Maxi-Cosi Mico AP Infant Car Seat Travel System Black Irony Quinny Zapp Xtra Stroller with Maxi-Cosi Mico AP Infant Car Seat Travel System Black Irony Includes transport strap with new carry handle.
Posted on September 18, 2013 by CSFTL  Did you know car seats have an expiration date? As the line shortens, you chat it up with your racing buds, keeping an eye on your car as it begins going through tech. The lesson to be learned is that the last thing you need on your hard earned weekend at the track is to have your harnesses, seats, or any other safety gear be out of date so you can’t pass tech.
The newly rated helmets usually come out at the year’s end, and groups typically give members a grace period of one year to get the new rating. For this example, the SA2005 helmets will no longer be allowed to be used after January 1st, 2017.
Although you may get away with shoddy roll-cage welds, or poorly affixed seats, you probably won’t get away with expired belts. SFI-certified harnesses are equipped with SFI-tags that are stamped with a month and year signifying their date of manufacture. As these inspections are typically completed by the manufacturer, be sure to contact them for more information.
And make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to be kept up to date on the newest safety products being released by clicking the button below.
Posted on February 25, 2014 by CSFTL 1 Comment This expired seat will not keep this adorable baby safe. This varies greatly across organizations, and even regions, so always apply The Golden Rule before heading to your event. Since there is no clear expiration date, sanctioning bodies typically allow SFI-certified belts for 2 years beyond the year stamped. Some forms of this padding are SFI-rated (the rating is printed directly into the padding material) – the requirement of SFI-rated padding is determined by your sanctioning body (The Golden Rule). Your helmet can impact parts of your roll-bar or roll-cage, causing damage to itself and the padding it hit. Attaches to the quinny buzz and quinny zapp for a…Maxi cosi Mico Infant Car Seat Maxi cosi Mico Infant Car Seat Do you want to buy a car seat?

The expiration date may be stamped in the plastic, on a sticker, or you may need to calculate the time based on the date of manufacture. Make sure to get them inspected by someone qualified if you have any doubts on your device’s safety. Car seats are primarily made from plastic which can weaken over time – think of the lawn chair you left sitting outside in the summer sun and is now brittle and flimsy. He may as well just have told you that your dog got hit by a car – you’re now in the most pitiful position of the weekend, helping your buds hit the track as you, dejected, nurse a beer and envy their fun. Remember that time you sat down in a plastic lawn chair that had been sitting outside for several summers, and crashed right through to the ground? Amazon Smile is a program that allows you to shop for all your Amazon needs while contributing to the cause! Just select CSFTL in the list of organizations (based out of Marion, IA).We appreciate your continued involvement and support, and look forward to expanding our services!DisclaimerAll CSFTL website contributors are Nationally Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians. However, our reviews and educational materials are OUR opinions and are not that of Safe Kids, NHTSA, or anyone other than us. We are not liable for anything anyone says or does as a result of reading our opinions on this site.
Some seats require you to calculate the expiration date by counting forward from the manufacture date. Peg Perego hails from Italy and is a familiar face in the world of infant seats, but the Primo Viaggio Convertible has only been around for about a year and a half now.
In this photo, the Primo Viaggio Convertible is adjusted to its highest rear facing position in a 2006 Volkswagen Jetta. The Primo Viaggio Convertible does sit fairly high up on the vehicle seat, but even when adjusted to the highest headrest position there is plenty of room for the child to easily climb in and out.
The manual states that the clips are for stability only and do NOT replace the seat belt’s locking mechanism.
The rear facing belt path has two openings that the seat belt must go through, and there is empty space in between. The manual directs you to lay the seat flat as shown to allow access to the opening of the second slot and assist in feeding the seat belt through. The process is quite awkward, and once buckled it doesn’t leave the installer a good angle to pull the seat belt tight. Wrap the included d-ring strap around the rail of the vehicle seat forward of the child seat, then attach the tether and pull snug.
There is a handy storage compartment to stow the excess tether strap webbing after everything is hooked up.
The insert boosts the child high enough that the crotch buckle can be used on the outermost position, which is nice because on the innermost position the buckle is somewhat swallowed by the non removable belly pad. The harness strap covers are optional, and they were a bit bulky on her so I left them off. The harness adjustment is very easy to tighten and loosen, and the infant insert and two positions for the crotch buckle gave great versatility to get a perfect fit on both kids. The high rear facing weight limit, generous rear facing height room, rear facing tethering capability, and oodles of easy to use features make this seat a keeper!Now comes the best part, the generous folks at Peg Perego provided this Crystal Red Primo Viaggio 5-70 for us to review, and they would like to give one away to one of our readers in your choice of color.

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