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This detailed owner's review of the MK II Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI (2005) looks at handling, mpg, day-to-day practicality, reliability and running costs - qualities that have made the Ford Focus TDCI the UK's most popular small diesel car. Big enough for a family of four, the second generation Focus hatchback is refined, cheap to buy, has excellent fuel economy and is rewarding to drive.
If you're looking to buy a used Ford Focus diesel, the buyer's guide below offers some useful advice from UK Ford dealers. The Mark 2 Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI diesel was UK launched in January 2005, so used car prices are reasonable. However, some of the used Ford Focus cars sold by Ford Direct are actually ex-hire cars or lease vehicles, so check the previous keeper on the vehicle documentation before you buy! Our tip is to shop around for the cheapest deals on a used Ford Focus TDCI and to buy a car which has a full dealer-stamped service history.
Some Mk II Ford Focus cars are supplied with a space saving spare tyre and some have a full size spare.
If you intend to buy a used Ford Focus, try to pick a car with the dark interior as this doesn't show the dirt. Driving position is good too, and the seats are very comfortable with excellent side and lumbar support. One of the car's worst points is the unpleasant combination of road and engine noise at motorway speeds. For example, if you display average fuel economy, then you can't see the outside air temperature or the odometer. In addition, any driver information warning displayed removes the ability to display any other data on the driver's computer screen.
When the radio is removed using the special radio removal keys, one finds that the wiring to connect the 3.5mm jack is actually already in place, but the AUX jack is not actually fitted inside the glovebox! Our Ford Focus diesel hatchback ('55 registration) has negligable internal trim rattles even after 8 years of ownership, even if the car's interior doesn't have a 'quality car' feel about it.
Tied in with a variable geometry turbocharger, the 1.6 DPF engine delivers a high power output of 109PS at 4000rpm and an equally healthy 240 - 260NM of torque at 1750rpm. The 1.6 TDCI Ford Focus has reasonable performance and class leading diesel engine refinement, pulling strongly from low revs probably helped by the torque curve peaking at just 1750rpm. One niggle though: It can be slow off the mark due to Turbo lag when pulling out at roundabouts, which can be frustrating and a little dangerous at times. The all-new French designed Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI engine is incredibly quiet too, even when starting it from cold.
To achieve greater engine efficiency the Diesel Common Rail Injection system runs at very high pressures of up to 1000 bar, using solenoids that release just the right amount of fuel to each cylinder at precise computer controlled timings.

First things first - the average mpg display in this car over-reads by anything up to 5mpg.
Fitting Michelin Energy low-rolling resistance tyres to our Focus significantly improved mpg to values above and beyond the manufacturer's specification! With steady speed UK A-road or motorway driving at a steady 60mph the Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI hatchback delivers over 70mpg (our best fuel economy is 79mpg on a 130 mile journey) - we suspect with a tail wind! All reviews of the Mk II Ford Focus show it to be one of the safest cars in its class with a 5 star EURO NCAP rating. In addition, the Focus body uses advanced techniques to increase rigidity, which not only pays off in refined handling and road holding, but also under crash situations. The main running costs of the Ford Focus TDCI diesel (in terms of cost of ownership) are likely to be due to the car's depreciation. There are many Internet reports of early Turbo failure on Focus 1.6 TDCI engines, so if you are thinking of buying a Ford Focus, get a mechanic to check the Turbo operation.
The Ford Focus TDCI is one of the best small diesel cars with few reliability problems to report. Ford's 1.6 TDCI diesel engine is refined and quiet, offering good performance and lots of mid range torque and acceleration. If you found our road test and car reviews of the Ford Focus TDCI useful, please link to us from your web site or blog! You have the right to cancel within seven days of purchase, or seven days of receipt of the goods (whichever is the longer). A fun police-car theme creates a whole new world of imagination and pretend-play with this Cozy Coupe riding toy.
14 working day service to UK Mainland Only, 21 working day service to Northern Ireland Only : Once your order has been placed and verified, you will be contacted by phone within 10 working days.
Always check this as it makes an important difference to the amount of luggage you'll be able to accommodate in the boot. Some models come with light carpet colours and these are prone to looking tatty very quickly, especially if you have a family.
The only thing that takes some getting used to is the position of the handbrake, which is the other side of the centre console, closer to the passenger seat! For example a warning about low washer fluid would stay on the screen until the reset button is pressed at the end of the indicator stalk.
This seems like penny-pinching madness by Ford given the fact the radio has an Auxiliary Input (Aux In) button fitted.
Common Rail Fuel Injection is used for improved fuel economy and power output and a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is fitted to meet Euro 4 emissions standards.

This translates to good mid range acceleration with enough power to pull up quite steep hills without the need to continually change down the gears.
Gone is the annoying diesel rattle of old direct injection diesels, as the clever Common Rail Fuel Injection System delivers small charges of vaporised fuel over a longer period to increase combustion efficiency and to significantly reduce engine noise, which was one of the problems of older, less refined diesel engines. Fuel economy is much worse in the winter months as the oil takes longer to warm up and air inlet temperatures are lower.
At 385 litres (volume) it's amongst the biggest boot in its class, with good depth and enough room for several large suitcases for weekends away.
Remember that a child car seat should never be placed in a front seat of the car as a passenger airbag is fitted.
Servicing intervals are 12,000 miles on most models and the tyres are around £70 each to buy.
More Ford Focus reviews from owners detailing actual MPG, reliability issues and problems can be found at What Car.
Even with expensive remedial work having been carried out, there are some reports of ongoing Ford Focus Turbo failure on the web. The fuel economy (mpg) of the Ford Focus diesel is amongst the best in its class, particularly on models fitted with the 1.6 TDCI (109PS DPF engine). Ford should consider fitting a DAB compatible radio or the MP3 compatible Sony CD player in all Focus models. Returns will be accepted only for 30 days from purchase date with a Little Tikes sales receipt.
However, with the rising costs of fuel and car tax duty in the UK, Ford Focus diesel residuals are likely to improve with time as the car becomes an increasingly attractive used car buy considering its good mpg and low running costs of around 45p per mile. We've covered over 70,000 miles in 8 years of ownership, with only the Alternator having failed.
It is spacious too, offering the practicality and space of much bigger family cars, with a good size boot capable of accommodating several large suitcases. To obtain further return information or to arrange to return your item please call 0800 521 588.
No returns will be accepted without a "Return Authorisation" number that can be obtained through our Consumer Service line (0800 521 558).
If you refuse a delivery of a shipment, you will be credited the purchase price less all return shipping charges.

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